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Access QuickBooks POS on iPad


While using any software, we look for how accessible it is from other devices that we normally use. The case is no different for QuickBooks POS. Users want to have the software accessible from remote locations via different devices. Most of them have questions like how to access QuickBooks POS on the iPad. If this is the question that has kept you from including the software in your organization, you must relax. You can definitely access QuickBooks POS on your iPad.

With the QuickBooks Help from MyOnePro QuickBooks experts, you can understand the working and accessibility of the software on your device even better. The experts will definitely guide you the best.


Steps For QuickBooks POS Accessibility on iPad

As soon as you find the need to access QuickBooks even when you are not present within your business premises, you can make relevant software settings so that you can enjoy the access on your iPad.

There are various ways in which you can guarantee the access of your software through the device, some of which are as follows:

  • By using a remote access tool
  • By using a QB hosting company that will host your QB POS installation. This will let you access the software from your web browser
  • By using QB Online
  • By deploying remote access products such as QuickBooks Connect

A few of them have been discussed below for your better understanding.

QuickBooks Connect

If you’re using QB Windows version, you will have QuickBooks Connect already included in it. The QB Connect subscription enables you to enter transactions using an iPad or any other device that you’re currently using.

The Connect feature then syncs required data with the QuickBooks file. With the help of this feature, you can manage customer information by adding, viewing or editing the details wherever necessary. In addition, you can also manage sales of the products and services.

QuickBooks POS Online On Ipad

You get a mobile version of QB Online for iPad. You can use Safari, which is a known iPad browser, to log in to the company file and enjoy the access. When you get the QB Online to access QB POS using iPad, the features you are exposed to include:

  • You can view accounts receivable as well as accounts payable
  • You are allowed to add or modify and view customer, employee, and vendor details
  • You can also keep a check on the bank account and credit card balances
  • You are allowed to view Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss reports, and other transactional documents
  • The most important benefit of QB Online access to QB POS is that you can create invoices on the go and thereby email the same to respective clients and customers

QuickBooks Desktop Access for QB Point Of Sale Software

One of the most frequent questions that users ask is that if QuickBooks is not installed, will they still be able to access different QuickBooks version via their iPad. You can log in to the system from your iPad remotely and access the software. After logging in, you can enjoy easy navigation and work with QuickBooks POS from wherever you want.

QuickBooks is a popular non-desktop accounting app. It can use a touchscreen or keyboard to enter information on your tablet or phone. Even though it’s not the best option for getting work done on a laptop, it can be helpful for quick tasks like balancing an account or sending invoices via email.

There are Several Ways you Can Achieve This:

  • QuickBooks Mobile
  • Logmein or GoToMyPC
  • Citrix
  • Remote Desktop

We’ll introduce you to each option in one minute, but there’s an option that seems obvious that doesn’t work. That would be accessing QuickBooks Online Edition through the iPad’s browser. QuickBooks Online Edition is the version of QuickBooks that can be accessed through a PC or Mac browser. Surprisingly enough, QuickBooks Online Edition is not compatible with the iPad’s browser.

QuickBooks Mobile

QBOE is a cloud-based app which supports Quickbooks. If you are already a user, it’s all you need. It will go grab your data from the QBOE data store in the cloud.

If you use QuickBooks with Windows, you will need an additional service called “QuickBooks Connect”. The service is offered by Intuit for $9.95 per month per user. It grabs the QuickBooks data from your desktop and moves it into the cloud so that you can access it remotely through a browser or QuickBooks mobile.

If you’re using QuickBooks Connect, you can’t use the software with a Mac.

The features in QuickBooks Mobile are very limited currently. If you are a QuickBooks for Windows user, make sure that your PC or Mac is plugged in to the Wi-Fi so you can have the latest data in the cloud.

LogMeIn or GoToMyPC

You have multiple options for remote access on your computer. The best option is to use an app to allow you to connect to your computer from different devices and a subscription service that is worth the cost because you will be able to use the software without buying the hardware.

The downside of the iPad is that it doesn’t have as much screen real estate as a desktop, so things might look small on your tablet. However, both apps allow you to zoom in on parts of the screen according to what you are trying to do. Using the iPad can be complicated when you need to search for something very specific because you need to keep moving around.

You can access apps on your computer from your iPad, not just Quickbooks. You can start the browser from your desktop or laptop and log into your QBOE account from there. It’s a two-hop process that allows you to go from your iPad to your PC or laptop.


If you have your QuickBooks program on your PC or Mac and are accessing it from a browser with the Citrix plug-in, you can open the same application on your iPad. Just download a free app called “Receiver for Qbox”.It’s easy to use on the go with QuickBooks because it presents the same issue as with LogMeIn and GoToMyPC from the start. It requires a bit of your IT administrator’s help, but it works well when you’re out of the office.

Remote Desktop

If your QuickBooks application is hosted on a 3rd party server and you access it through a Remote Desktop application, then you can install a remote desktop app onto your iPad. The simplicity of the process depends on the type of connection that the development has set up. The iPad app marketplace is fluid and changing quickly, which makes recommending one very difficult. You should check out these prices before getting any suggestions for apps.

Resolve Can’t Open QuickBooks Point Of Sale On Ipad

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