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QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade

QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade

Features like streamlined bank feeds, customer groups, automated statements, reminders and receipt management, and many others make QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade worth your investment. With the release of this new version of QuickBooks, many users have decided to finally upgrade their accounting software. MyOnePro going to explore all process so you can learn how to upgrade QuickBooks 2018 to QuickBooks 2021.

Note: Since you’re upgrading from QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade, we’re assuming that you purchased a one time QuickBooks license rather than a subscription for QuickBooks Desktop. However, we’ve still provided the steps for upgrading if you have a subscription of the same. After QuickBooks 2018 Discontinuation user should have to upgrade to the latest edition on urgent basis.

Why Upgrade QuickBooks 2018 to QuickBooks 2021?

The accounting software, QuickBooks, includes new and improved features to increase the functionality of the program and its convenience. Now users also go for QuickBooks 2019 Desktop 2022 Upgrade because QB 2019 edition has expired and now users will issue faces while working with QuickBooks Desktop 2019 edition.

The Highlights of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 are the features listed below:

  • Automated categorization or batch-editing of bank transactions on the basis of accounts, payees, and classifications make it easy to import bank data faster.
  • You can generate customer groups based on the types of customers you have. Create customer groups from your customer profiles and quickly send out marketing material to the right people.
  • It makes it easier for QBs to improve their customer communications.
  • Generating invoices from your transactions is easy with QuickBooks Desktop Mobile.
  • If you want to give your payment receipts a more professional look, you can now include logos and customize the format.
  • Customers can now get paid faster by receiving a statement by email, which is convenient and easy.
  • There’s no need to manually send statements to your clients. We make it easy for them to settle their outstanding accounts by reminding them when we receive a payment made by someone else on their behalf.

MyOnePro Explained all the process for QuickBooks U.S. 2021 Download, as well as QuickBooks Canada 2021 Download so you can use and follow the instruction for server and workstation.

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Process QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade Edition

To Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Help
  2. Click on Upgrade QuickBooks.
  3. Click on Upgrade now and Select the Version to which you want to upgrade your software.
  4. Select Upgrade Now.
  5. Mark ‘Keep old version on my computer’ if you’re planning to use the current version installed on your system.
  6. Click on Let’s Go.
  7. Once the installation files are downloaded, the upgrade process will begin. Install and Register the product.

QuickBooks has an inbuilt upgrade tool that can extract the activation details from the current edition of the software and use it to activate the new one. However, if the upgrade tool fails to activate your new version of QuickBooks, you’ll have to manually enter the product and license numbers.

If you can’t find your license and product numbers, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Log into your registered email ID.
  2. Find the Email from Intuit about product purchase.
  3. Copy the Product and License Numbers and use them to activate QuickBooks 2021.

Important Note: You need to purchase a new copy of QuickBooks 2021 if you purchased a one time license for QuickBooks 2018.

Steps for Users who Purchased a One Time License

Users who purchased a single time license for QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade should follow the steps provided in this section. Also, you will have to purchase a new license for the 2021 edition of this accounting software. Without a new license number, you won’t be able to activate the accounting software.

Steps for Users who Purchased a Subscription of QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop Subscription users are entitled to new versions of the accounting software. Once the software is upgraded, it is automatically activated because of the subscription service.

To upgrade QuickBooks 2018 to QuickBooks 2021, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Help
  2. Select Upgrade
  3. Click on Upgrade Now.
  4. Mark ‘Keep old version on my computer’ if you wish to use the current version even after the upgrade.
  5. Click on Let’s Go.
  6. Once the upgrade is finished, click on Open QuickBooks.

Upgrading the software can take considerable time. The time will increase if you have a slow internet connection. Users can also download the setup for the latest version of QuickBooks 2021 and install it to upgrade the accounting software. However, your preferences won’t be imported in the new version.

Some users have reported that they don’t receive any prompts for upgrading the software. To enable such prompts, follow the steps provided below:

  1. From the Edit menu, click on Preferences.
  2. Go to the General tab and click on My Preferences.
  3. Mark the ‘Bring back all one time messages’
  4. Click on Ok.
  5. Relaunch

Now you’ll receive all the prompts related to new updates and upgrades made available by Intuit.

Get a Free User Guide “Why to Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022”

Headache Huh, Looking to Upgrade from Your Current Version of QuickBooks?. But frustrated which version will be best suited according to your need. Don’t worry, Get a comprehensive list of reasons, why you should upgrade to the QuickBooks 2022 version.

Get these 20 tips on why to Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.

    Convert QuickBooks 2018 Company File To QuickBooks 2021 Company File

    Once you’ve upgraded the accounting software, you need to upgrade QuickBooks 2018 data to QuickBooks 2021 Data. This may sound complex, but luckily, Intuit has simplified the process for its users. You can do easily with QuickBooks Rebuild Data and verify tool .

    Verify And Rebuild

    It is always a good idea to run the rebuild tool to ensure that there are no errors in your company file and data. When upgrading the company file, this becomes essential.

    To Verify Data in your company file, follow the steps provided below:

    1. From the File menu, click on Utilities.
    2. Select Verify Data.

    If getting any issue you can check QuickBooks Company File Error troubleshooting guide .

    Once the data is verified, you’ll receive messages on the basis of issues find. Here are the three messages with which you’ll be prompted:

    • ‘QuickBooks detected no problems with your data’
    • A Specific Error Message: In this case, you’ll have to resolve the QuickBooks Error.
    • ‘Your data has lost integrity’: You need to rebuild the data to resolve the issue.

    To Rebuild a company file, follow the steps provided below:

    1. From the Files menu, select Utilities.
    2. Click on Rebuild Data.
    3. In the prompt for backing up company data, Hit Ok.
      1. Click on Browse and select the location to which you want to save the backup file.
      2. Enter a File Name for the backup file.
      3. Click on Save.
    4. Once you get the confirmation message that Rebuild has Completed, click on Ok.

    You can verify the data once more to check for any additional errors. Also, you need to create a backup of QuickBooks company file before running the rebuild tool. The rebuild tool deletes transactions and then records them again. In this process, if anything goes wrong, you’ll have the option to revert back to a previous version of the company file and restore the accounting data.

    Upgrade QuickBooks Company File To 2021

    Before you begin, log all users out of the company file. In this process, you simply need to open up the company file in the new version of QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade. This will automatically upgrade the company file. You don’t have to download any additional software to complete this action.

    To upgrade QuickBooks company file from 2018 to 2021, follow the steps provided below:

    1. Launch QuickBooks 2021.
    2. Click on Open or Restore Company File. Same option is available through the file menu.
    3. Click on Open a Company File. Hit Next.
    4. Browse and select the company file which you wish to upgrade.
    5. Click on Open.
    6. Sign into the Company File.
    7. Click on Update Now.
    8. Hit Done.

    We recommend that you create a backup of your company file before upgrading it. Once a company file is upgraded, it cannot be downgraded. This can present problems for some users who still wish to use an older version of the software.

    QuickBooks 2018 Discontinued

    The most important reason to upgrade QuickBooks 2018 To 2021 Upgrade is that Intuit will discontinue services for QuickBooks 2018. What this means is that QuickBooks 2018 users will no longer receive important security updates and will not be able to access add-on services including Payroll live after May 31, 2021.

    Although security updates may not be important for some users, access to add-on services may be vital. If you use any add-on service provided by Intuit for QuickBooks, then you should consider upgrading to the latest version of the accounting software.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Will I be able to use QuickBooks 2018 after it is discontinued by Intuit?

      Yes. You’ll be able to use the software on your system. However, you’ll not receive important security updates from Intuit. Also, add-ons provided by Intuit won’t work with the software. If you want security updates and integration with add-ons provided by Intuit, then you should upgrade to QuickBooks 2021.

    2. Is it necessary to create a backup copy of the company file?

      If you’re rebuilding the data in the company file, then you’ll have to backup the company file. However, if you skip this step, then you don’t necessarily need to create a backup. Still, we highly recommend that you create a backup before upgrading the company file.

    3. Should I update or upgrade QuickBooks 2018?

      That will depend on your choice. If you want the latest version of QuickBooks, then you should upgrade the software. However, if you want to continue using QuickBooks 2018, then you should only install the updates provided by Intuit.

    4. How Do I upgrade from 2018 to 2022 in QuickBooks?

      Set up automatic updates:
      1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
      2. Go to the Update Now tab.
      3. Select Get Updates to start the download.
      4. When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.
      5. When prompted, accept the option to install the new release.

    5. Is QuickBooks Desktop Being Phased Out 2022?

      You won’t have access to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services, Live Support, Online Backup, Online Banking, and other services through QuickBooks Desktop 2019 software after May 31, 2022. This also means that you won’t receive critical security updates starting June 1, 2022.

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    6. My payroll direct deposit money did not transfer today. All payroll is listed as “processed” My payroll was sent to my business bank on 4/28/21. IT WAS NOT PROCESSED. The bank stated that Quickbooks payroll has a current issue affected several businesses. Is this true?? yes I have been using qbooks for 4 years, this has NEVER happened with my payroll, NEVER ,There is a known issue with payroll today. No one will answer this line. Are you aware?

    7. Is there a timeframe to fixing the payroll issue? If not – we need to make arrangements to start wiring funds to our Employees!!!, Message states that Quickbooks is closed for a company wide meeting? whats the status – do you know,Quickbooks is CLOSED for a company wide meeting,can you find out any information

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    13. My company uses quickbooks premier 2018. We currently have the set up where 2 users access at all times. I’m wondering if there is a way to add 1 more user to what we have without having to update everything to a newer version. I also have a disc that has 2013 QB on it. Would it be easier to download from that then update to 2018 and connect to the existing company?

    14. just want a desktop update to 2020 from my 2018 and I do not want on-line version. 2022 ,ust need the link to desktop upgrade please. The website is not user friendly

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    16. can I upgrade my 2018 Quickbooks Pro to 2021 deskstop version so I do not have to pay the subscription version they are not peddling?, What is the cost. No payroll., And this will be the desktop version and not the subscription version?,I need to talk to the CPA who has asked me to research this. What is the ballpark cost of your assistance?,I will go speak with the CPA.,This is for private accounting., How about just home accounting and budgeting.

    17. WE HAVE QB 2018 SO U MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HELP. ACCOUNTING SPENT ALL DAY ON A DIFFICULT RECONCILIATION AND BEFORE FINISHING RECEIVED AN ABORT ERROR. IS ALL THE INFORMATIN LOST? No it is in the accounting manager’s office. she logged back in but all changes were gone. should I move to her desk?

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