Quickbooks Login Error

How to Rectify Login Issues with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks software is engineered by Intuit for small and medium sized businesses that are looking for a way to cut down on their cost. With QuickBooks these owners do not need a big team for managing the accounting and financial side of the business. Its powerful features combined with innovative design give it a fresh look which is both user-friendly and professional.

With QuickBooks you can leave the worry of annoying tedious accounting tasks that not only takes hours to finish but also take a lot more human resource. However, despite offering so many strong features, QuickBooks at times do end up causing issues due to problems like corrupted registry, damaged files etc. One such issue is with login. Sometimes while trying to login with username and password, you might encounter following error message:

“Error: The attempt to log in with the user name “xxx” failed when opening a company data file”

This error message indicates that you will not be able to access QuickBooks till the time you do not resolve the issue correctly. This means that your work process is interrupted for unforeseen time period. In this case you should immediately get in touch with QuickBooks customer support team and inform them about the issue in detail.

Fix or Resolve Quickbooks Login Issue

To understand the error in more depth, you should first be clear about the reason for this problem. It could be due to:

• Another user, who has access to the software, is already using QuickBooks through remote access but has forgotten to log out from the previous QuickBooks session.
User name that you are using is already being used from different workplace.
• It could be network issue.
Once you know what the reason behind the error is, it is quite easy to rectify it. You can try to do it on your own by using the following instructions:

1. Firstly close all the QuickBooks sessions:
1. Go To Task manager by clicking simultaneously on Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
2. Select the tab called Processes.
3. You can alphabetize all the open process by selecting Image Name tab.
4. Select all the processes beginning with “qb” and right click the mouse to end these sessions.
2. Try to login again into the software. If still unsuccessful try to restart the server that contains the company’s data file.
3. Try to open QuickBooks on a workstation. Now again login to the company data file. You could also try login via another user name.
4. Another trick that you can use is to restore the previous session on your QuickBooks from the backup created.

If all of the above steps do not work, you should call the QuickBooks customer service team and get technical help from them. To avoid long waiting time period, you can try to get experienced support from Intuit certified ProAdvisors working for QuickBooks247. This company guarantees feasible solution in as little time as possible. For help call on their toll free number ☎ +1-516-494-3146

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