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Quickbooks Reconciliation Problems

How to Fix Bank Reconciliation Issue in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one such feature and benefit driven software that it has yet to disappoint any of its user. The software consists of user friendly interface which combined with powerful features accords users with just perfect combination of professional mixed with user friendly. The ever responsive customer support team comprising of highly efficient and courteous group of professionals is another benefit gained by users from QuickBooks software. They deal with all sorts of QuickBooks queries in just a matter of minute and guarantee speedy resolution for the issues. Before moving ahead check whether or not QuickBooks balance sheet successfully created by you .

Quickbooks Reconciliation Troubleshooting

One common query faced by most of the customer care executives is issue in bank reconciliation with QuickBooks. QuickBooks Balance Not Matching Bank Balance is also big causes behind reconciliation errors QB . They have provided one example of query followed by its solution enumerated below:

Query: A user accorded us with following information:

• Was using QuickBooks desktop version for 3 years.
• Later on bought the online version of QuickBooks and tried to convert and upgrade all the data of the previous desktop version to current one.
• Found many issues with Desktop version of QuickBooks.
• Had not performed any reconciliation activity on desktop version for 3 years as in the starting itself we found many discrepancies with the feature.
• Despite no activities, bank reconciliation showed many reconciled items, which we assumed happened due to upload of data from desktop version.
• Due to many errors created by previous employees, we are still trying to clear up the ruckus. As we have not performed bank reconciliation for many years, we are facing issues.
• We need help to clear up the mess. Please recommend a feasible solution.

How to Fix Quickbooks Reconciliation Error

The solution offered by our executive was as follows:

The user was recommended to contact their accountant for best and easy solution. However, our executive also provided a solution that the easiest and least messy resolution would be to unreconcile and start fresh. The method to unreconcile is following:

1. Open your QuickBooks software and go to Gear icon. After clicking on the icon select Chart of Accounts option.
2. Under this option click on Account Name and then select View Register.
3. Click on Customize option in the top left corner and further sort by Reconcile Status and next show Reconciled.
4. Now click on OK.
5. Highlight the option by clicking on the transaction.
6. Click on the top line of the transaction in the field between the Deposit and Payment amount option.
7. You can continually click in this field till you have reached the desired status for the transaction.
8. Now click on Save.

After unreconcile is finished, you can again start reconciliation process from fresh bank balance. Hopefully this will resolve your issue of bank reconciliation. However, if the issue still persists you can contact QuickBooks customer care support. To avoid long queue resulting in delay in finding perfect resolution you can contact QuickBooks support agencies like QuickBooks247 which offer expert help from Intuit certified ProAdvisors reachable at toll free number ☎ +1-516-494-3146

10 thoughts on “Quickbooks Reconciliation Problems”

  1. I have a Bank Feeds Error notification. I use Quickbooks enterprise ,,The error reads: Non-printable Characters in Quickbooks Names. I’ve searched through all the lists and haven’t found any special characters.

  2. I have deactivated our old bank account in QB online, however it keeps popping up as the go to for payroll direct deposit and tax payments. If we forget to change it to our main (only linked bank account) I have to journal the transactions from the inactive account to the active one which creates extra work., plus it is slightly askew when reconciling because I have to reconcile the journal rather than the actual transaction.

  3. was going to reconcile, but i noticed that the beginning balance was different than what I ended last year ,so, I figured out there was an accidental deposit that was deleted, I could not figure out, so I had this flash dfrive, that I used a couple months ago, I end up restoring to a couple months ago, but now I dont have my actual information, like the payroll that I just completed today,all of the recent data is gone,what could I do to go back to my previous data using quickbooks pro 2016

  4. i just started working for a company and was given a huge task to fix entries. I do not know what is accurate in QB but i am to reconcile. I know my way around QB a bit but am not familiar at all with all they are asking AP – Please ensure all is accurate AR – Please ensure accurate – send me list of main clients (Estimate over what may be remaining to bill over the next 3 months) – I will review Invoices in the system When Billing Capture All costs associated with the job. HST Payable Account – that is where the HST paid should be cleared from. Want to make sure we capture all HST ITCs e.g Leases Bank Rec – Will get started on it when I take it away from Accounting – Looks like only October is outstanding Source Deductions Clearing/File/Remit – Maybe Tracy knows this? Not sure where Payroll CPP, EI, and Federal Tax clear from. Need to figure this out ASAP What over monthly fees do we have other than 2 softwares, and accounting.

  5. I am trying to find out how to undo a reconcilation, It was done by a previous bookkeeper and done incorrectly using QB Accountant

  6. I am trying to reconcile my ADP transactions with my employees. Basically I would like to split a banking transaction into two payees, but it does not look like that is possible.

  7. I am trying to undo a reconcile., I was a penny off an determined I entered the wrong ending balance after I reconciled with a penny off.

  8. I need to unreconcile the entire year of 2021 for my american express account. it is so far off and all my transactions are input so I just want to start over. i think in my starting and stopping something got mixed up

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