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QuickBooks Set Up Process for Two or More Users

Setting up QuickBooks for your home or business you can set up a multi-user host installation so that two or more people have access to the same company file within the QuickBooks application. The multi-user set up is helpful if you share the program on the same computer with another employee who also needs access to business accounts. For such a set up you need to create a user name and password for the second user to allow access. Insert the QuickBooks installation CD into the CD-ROM drive on the computer where you want to set up multiple users.

QuickBooks Installation Process for Multiple System

Installation of QuickBooks for multiple employees in your company require simultaneous access to QuickBooks, you can install QuickBooks on multiple computers for multiple users. According to Intuit, you may install a single-user license version of QuickBooks on a computer and on a portable device only if there is one user for both devices. To install QuickBooks on additional computers for additional users, you have to buy additional licenses. A single license contains both the versions com. For more than five licenses, you must use QuickBooks Enterprise, which comes with 10 user licenses and allows up to 15 user licenses. Remember that you cannot install QuickBooks on a shared computer and use the program across multiple computers. You must install the software on each computer. This is how you set up and install Quick books for multiple users and multiple systems.

During the entire set up and installation process of QuickBooks in the system you may encounter certain issues. The issues may be simple also critical. It is always advisable to contact the QuickBooks customer support team that helps to resolve issues and help smooth flow to your business. The common problems that you may face are as follows:

Error 1603 – it is an installation error that occur when you try to install a Windows Installer package on your Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system. You will receive the following error message: “A fatal error occurred during installation.” You may receive this error if your “SYSTEM” account doesn’t have “Full Control” permissions on the path where you wish to install the package. You can troubleshoot this error by granting “Full Control” permissions to your “SYSTEM” account. Full information QuickBooks Error 1603 mentioned here .

Error 1316 – This irritating message you get sometimes when re-installing or trying to delete software from your computer. This problem can be solved easily, fortunately, and you’ll be back to using your software in no time.

Problem in using the QuickBooks Remote Access may lie in the initial set up of the service.

The above issues can be resolved easily by contacting the customer support of QuickBooks and Intuit. Alternatively, you can also call support agencies like QuickBooks247. QuickBooks247 provides you prompt and quick support to your installation and set up issues handled by the excellent Intuit certified Pro advisors. In a very short time you will be accessing your accounting software hassle-free.


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