Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion

Tips for Quick Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion

Intuit is one the most talked software manufacturing company that has accorded business owners with financial solutions that has totally revolutionized the way a business handles their finances. Its software are designed intricately consisting of combination of powerful features with intuitive and user friendly interface. The three most powerful accounting software tools are Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax has been accepted by audience graciously and with immense appreciation.

The interesting aspect of these three software is that you can interlink them with each other and sync them to transfer data from one document to another. Although transferring of data is quite an easy task, there are some points that need to be kept in mind to avoid unnecessary issues. In case you are preparing to convert data from Quicken to QuickBooks, following points should be taken care of:

Steps for Converting Quicken to QuickBooks
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Steps for Converting Quicken to QuickBooks

QuickBooks and Quicken, both should belong to same version, that is, if the Quicken is of newer version and QuickBooks is of previous year, then the conversion cannot take place.
In case you wish to convert Quicken data in with QuickBooks online version, then you first have to convert Quicken file into QuickBooks desktop file and then convert that file over to QuickBooks online format.
Quicken Windows version of year 1998 and later can easily be converted to QuickBooks file format. For versions before 1998, you might face difficulties.
For Quicken Windows version 4 or earlier, conversion directly to QuickBooks is not possible.
In case you are using Rental Property Manager Version of Quicken, then you need to first convert the file into normal Quicken file format, only after this conversion initiate the conversion to QuickBooks file format.
Converting Quicken Mac to QuickBooks Mac is also very easy.
Before starting the conversion process ensure that you have latest versions of QuickBooks and Quicken to avoid unnecessary hurdle and problems.

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Support for Quicken to QuickBooks Migration

These tips and tricks will ensure swift conversion of files without adding any extra headache and hassle. If you still face issues with the same, you could contact the customer support team of QuickBooks and relay the problem in full detail. If you are unable to get in touch with them then the best possible alternative is to contact other support agencies like Support for Quickbooks . This agency offers support and resolution from Intuit certified ProAdvisors reachable through toll free number ☎ +1-516-494-3146

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