QBPOS 18 Upgrade Issues

Problem & Issue While Upgrading to QuickBooks POS 2018

QBPOS 18, the latest QBPOS 18 Upgrade Issues Point of Sale software, has come up with the most recent and more advanced features that were unavailable in the previous versions. Therefore, more organizations are upgrading their software to enjoy even better transactional processing of data.

While upgrading, however, they have come across certain technical issues, which you must be aware of prior to going for a software upgrade for your business.

MyOnePro appears to be of great help in helping you handle the issues as it offers technical experts to resolve the problems. You can contact them at any time of the day for Upgrading to QuickBooks 2018 .

Why QuickBooks Point Of Sale Upgrade Is Required?

The latest versions of any software are the advanced form of their previous ones. The same is applicable to the QuickBooks Point of Sale. The QBPOS 18 offers the following advantages to users:

  • It allows you to merge vendors. You can, therefore, merge up to four vendors at a time while in the previous version you could only merge two vendors at a time.
  • Order Fulfilment feature is improved. The flow of work with the enhancement of feature has become better. In fact, this is one of the significant features that drive users to upgrade the previous version of their software.
  • QuickBooks Payment option in the latest version reduces the time taken and effort put in the processing of the data.

Types of Issue Comes While Upgrading QB Point Of Sale 18.0

While upgrading the software, however, users may come across certain technical problems, the cause of which could be any of the following:

  • System requirements are not met
  • Steps adopted to upgrade is inappropriate
  • Not enough RAM

Besides these, the causes may be many that you can only explore by contacting QuickBooks USA Support technical team of experts. Though the reason could be any, it may have a severe impact on your organization, which may also include losing customer data.

Troubleshooting Installing & Upgrade Error QuickBooks POS Desktop 18

When you want your software to be upgraded properly, it is important to ensure the steps followed for the upgrading of the system is appropriate. The wrong upgrade process is a big reason behind QBPOS 18 upgrade issues. The proper steps are listed below:

  1. Make sure the system requirements are met
  2. Ensure settling pending credit/debit card transactions. To do this:
    1. Go to Helpmenu
    2. Launch QuickBooks Point of Sale Debug mode
    3. Run Verify Utilityfrom the above menu
    4. Click Debug
    5. Choose Verify Data
  3. Take a backup of the current company file. You don’t need to uninstall the previous version of the software. The latest version will take care of all these functions.
  4. Update the firewall software of your system to the latest one
  5. Install the QBPOS 18 on the server. For this, you can:
    1. Download the latest exe
    2. Double-click it
    3. Input your license number and product number
    4. For installation type, choose Server Workstation
    5. Choose the number of PCs to be used
      1. If you will use it as a single user, choose Only this Computer
      2. If multiple PCs will be used:
        1. Choose Multiple Users
        2. Select two or More Computers
        3. Click Server
      3. Click Install
      4. Restart your PC, if prompted
    6. Now launch the POS Desktop feature of the new version. To achieve this:
      1. You will get a system prompt to convert the previous version to the new one
      2. Click Yes
      3. Enter the name for your company file. You can provide either the same name or different from that of the previous version
      4. You will receive a display window
      5. Select to Saveyour data
      6. Go for the suggested location for the file or browse to other location to save
      7. Click OK
    7. Make sure to install the upgrade to each QBPOS workstation
      1. Close the POS software and get out of the server workstation where you installed the latest version just now
      2. Follow the same process of installation by selecting Client Workstation in the installation type option
      3. Restart the PC
      4. Select your company after launching the POS
      5. Click OK
      6. When you get a prompt, enter the workstation number along with the username and password
      7. You may be asked to enter the merger license with the server workstation
    8. You can also merge the licenses if you wish. To do so, you can:
      1. Choose merge Nowwhen prompted
      2. From the prompts on the screen, follow the instructions and complete the process

Get Support for QB POS 18.0 Upgrades

If the error still persists, connect with our MyOnePro QuickBooks 24/7 Support . The experts will help you get rid of the issue. Feel free to contact them on QuickBooks Chat Support.


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