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QuickBooks Accountant Copy


What is the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks?

An accountant can use the Accountant’s Copy to make important changes to transactions on or before the dividing date. (*Dividing date is the date that separates the part of your company you will be able to work on from the part your accountant will work on.) This QuickBooks feature allows accountants and their clients to work on the client’s company file at the same time.

Once the editing is done the accountant can send these changes back to the client, who can import them in the current company file. While you are working in an Accountant’s Copy, the QuickBooks application title bar shows “Accountant’s Copy” next to the company filename. Make a note while you are working in the Accountant’s Copy, you can view certain fields are disabled. This restricts you from making further changes that cannot be sent back to your client. If the restrictions on using Accountant’s Copy won’t accommodate your situation, you may want to convert it to a regular company file.

How To Create Accountant Copy In QB

Functions of an Accountant

Adding, editing, and deleting of most types of transactions dated on or before the dividing date.
Put on new transactions dated after the dividing date.
Addition and editing of the chart of accounts.
Edit account and tax information for existing items.
Add new customers, vendors, employees, and items.
Create, adjust, and print 941, 940, and W-2 forms.
Print 1099 and 1096 forms in the historical period.
Temporarily change preferences.
Generate new reports.
Create adjusting entries.

How to Create an Accountant’s Copy for clients in QuickBooks

Creating QuickBooks Accountant Copy , Follow These Steps
Select File menu -> click Accountant’s Copy -> click client activities -> click create Accountant’s Copy -> click Next.
Provide the dividing date. Click Next.
Rename the filename that QuickBooks suggests for the Accountant’s Copy. The file must have a .QBX extension and change the location for the file. (Optional). Click Save.
Title bar of QuickBooks displays “Accountant’s Changes Pending.”
Give the .QBX file to your accountant.
Continue working with your company data.

Help & Technical Support for Intuit QB Accountant Copy

Information brings by the QuickBooks Support Phone Number which delicately work for USA , CA Customer facing issues , problem while using Intuit QB .As a business owner you know how QuickBooks data & file important for you ,although creating Accountant Copy in QuickBooks is not crucial task , each and every one can make by using the simple steps . But improper format of data which is used to import or export from Accountant Copy to QuickBooks and vice versa not only corrupt your accounting software but you can loose a significant data in amount . Have a look a scenario when your system having Windows version and your company accountant using the MAC version so making the changes in data and than trying to export on your original QuickBooks may damage the complete accounting system . You can also get help if you want to Convert QuickBooks Accountant Copy To QuickBooks Company File .
We are Intuit Certified Proadvisor who can able to assist & help you in this matter , for help just dial our toll free number ☎ +1-516-494-3146.

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  1. I have a client who has quickbook and I am doing his accounting. I do not own quickbook and wish to use my program. Cleint sent About this Accountant’s Copy Transfer File , But I can not open ,how do I install I do not want to purschase ,Was told by cleint I did not have to purchase when I have my own program, So which one do I I use just to get the files, what is the cheapest to get so I just can open the file,no I don’t but if I need to purchase just to get the download on his documenmt, I need to get the file, so which one to I purchase, Just to get the documents,ok is there a 30 dY TRIAL,I can do excell please,So just to get the file I have to pay monthly 62.42 for 6 months, whisch is 749, All I need is to get files that is the cost ? I dont nto need support from there on

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  5. I installed an update to QB because it forced me to. and now I cannot export changes in the accountants copy to the client. how can this be resolved

  6. I have a client that sent their information with a dividing date of 8/31/21. Before we could update their QB, they made another accountants copy through 12/31/21. Is there anything that can be done to not have to recreate the entire year?

  7. Isaved my company file as an accountants copy to my flash drive, i made sure it was listed in the files on the drive i am trying to open it and it is not listed on the flash drive files using pro plus 2022

  8. I am trying to further condense my qb company file in order to be able to send to the accountant, my question is if I go in and condense the date setting a date back three years will it change any balances currently?

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