QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild

Solve Error Rebuilding Data Backup QuickBooks

QuickBooks Backup Failed Rebuild Data

If you are attempting to use a rebuilt data tool while backing up a company file in QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild, several errors may arise on the screen. “Verify” and “Rebuilt features” are basically used to fix fatal errors or backup issues. When verifying and rebuilding data, it fixes the most data and data integrity issues within a company file. This blog will discuss how to fix the backup error with the rebuild tool and other methods. Check out QuickBooks Rebuild And Verify full details how it works and fix the data damage and data corruption.

Types Of Rebuild Error Codes

QuickBooks Rebuild Error 179 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 322 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 19
QuickBooks Rebuild Error 350 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 136 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 111
QuickBooks Rebuild Error 248 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 186 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 202
QuickBooks Rebuild Error 213 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 190 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 292
QuickBooks Rebuild Error 61 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 196 QuickBooks Rebuild Error 323

What Is a QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild?

This error occurs when the accounting software fails to back up the company files. Users try to back up the company files (.QBW) [ QuickBooks Backup File Extension ] data via the backup procedure available in QuickBooks. There might be many reasons for the backup error, like damaged ND files, QBW file corruption. Let’s explore the below article to know the reasons and solution behind it.

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When And Why QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild Occurs?

Here are significant causes of QuickBooks Backup Not Working:

  • Setting up an incorrect backup path leads to freezing the active window
  • Unavailability of the storage device storing backup related file
  • The external storage device in which the backup is made fails to connect to the system
  • Corrupted company file causing data backup failure
  • If limited storage is available on the memory for storing backup file

How To Fix QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild?

Here is the list of data damage backup errors on your QuickBooks Backup Error Rebuild desktop company file:

Method 1- Use the rebuild data tool to Repair the company file:

The rebuild data tool is one of the built-in utilities to resolve minor data errors in the company file automatically. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, locate the file option
  • Click Utilities and choose Rebuild data
  • It will prompt the QuickBooks information window
  • Click on the OK button. Now follow the onscreen instructions to save a backup:

This tool fixes the file. It might take a few minutes. QuickBooks might be stuck; however, if you move the mouse, then the tool starts working.

  • Wait for the process to complete, then click OK
  • Locate the File option
  • Now click Utilities and choose Verify Data
  • It fixes the data issues in the file
  • In case QuickBooks unable to fix the issues, choose the OK button
  • If QuickBooks discover an issue with the company file, click on Rebuild Now.
  • If you’re still facing data problems after rebuilding the company file, then try again.

You can also go for QuickBooks File Recovery services if a company file is damaged.

Method 2- Fix Company file with QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

Here are the steps:

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub:
  • The QB tool hub assists in resolving common QuickBooks Errors
  • Close the QuickBooks
  • Download the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub and then save the files on the desired location
  • Choose the Home option.
  • It is displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Click on About to see the version
  • Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen to install
  • Wait for some time till the installation completes, double-click on the icon on the Windows desktop
  • It will open the tool Hub
  • Run the Quick fix; here are the steps:
  • Choose the Company file issues on the Tool Hub window
  • Click on the Quick Fix My File button
  • Hit the OK button; once it completes, start running the QuickBooks
  • After this, execute QuickBooks file Doctor. Here are the steps:
  • Choose Company File issues from the tool hub
  • Click on Run QuickBooks file doctor; it might take some time to open
  • Once prompted, choose the company file listed in the drop-down menu. If you are unable to view the file, then choose Browse and Search to discover the file
  • Choose to Check your file and then click Continue
  • Write QuickBooks admin password
  • After this, click on the Next button
  • The scanning might take some time
  • Once the scan completes, open QuickBooks, and the company file

Find out common issues, fixing guide of QuickBooks File Doctor Errors.

Repair Damaged Company File Rebuilding QuickBooks Data

Method 3- Repair the company file error using rebuilding the data:

You can manually fix the error through the Verify result window. Here are the manual steps to fix data errors:

  • Locate file option
  • Click on Utilities
  • Choose Verify Data
  • Wait till the tool check the data issues
  • It will display Verify result screen; choose to Expand All to view the errors

Resolve Chaining error when running rebuilt utility:

The Target chaining errors encountered in the QBWIN.log files in the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise after the company file rebuild. Here are the below errors:

  • c (4620) : CHECKPOINT: 1104: Thu Jul 14 15:36:39 Target Chaining: Target ###### in transaction ######, points to ‘next’ target ###### which is NOT in that transaction
  • c (4747) : CHECKPOINT: 3544: Fri Jul 01 11:25:45 Target Chaining: Next target pointer error in transaction #####

Reasons behind the chaining errors:

These errors were found in the company file when the last modified column is found instead of the affected transactions’ actual date. This happens when executing Transaction detail reports of Audit trail reports. The primary reason is insufficient RAM allocation while Verify/ Rebuild.

Fixing the QuickBooks Error If the Company File is Less than 2GB:

Follow the steps:

  • Firstly Run the rebuild button
  • Locate the QuickBooks File button, choose Utilities and then click on Rebuild Data
  • Hit OK and now wait few minutes for the rebuild tool to complete
  • Click Verify to make sure there are no other additional issues
  • Click on the QuickBooks File option, choose Utilities and then click Verify Data
  • Hit OK and now wait for some time to complete the verify button

Help Desk for QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise Backup Error

If none of the above methods helps in resolving the QuickBooks backup error, you can connect with QuickBooks professional team. Seeking expert assistance will save your valuable time and effort when backing up QuickBooks company files and failing to do it correctly. Simply call QuickBooks USA Support, tell the exact error you are facing, and get the best assistance accordingly. The excellent team is sitting there for you to ease all the accounting troubles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the purpose of rebuilt features in QuickBooks?

To fix the below errors: 

1. Fatal errors
2. Report Discrepancies with negative values
3. Unable to view all accounts in the balance sheet
4. Missing names in the list
5. Errors in transactions
6. Data-verification to make company file error-free

How to reset updates for rectifying QuickBooks backup error?

Here are the steps: 

1. Open your QuickBooks
2. Hit the Help option
3. Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop button
4. Locate Update Now option
5. Place a mark on the Reset Update button
6. Hit Get Updates
7. Choose OK to proceed, and when the QB asking for permission to allow install 9. 8. Updates hit the OK button.
9. Click Update QuickBooks window
10. After this restart the QuickBooks Desktop

How to verify the company file data errors using the verify tool in QB for Mac?

Here are the steps to start scanning the company file for data damage: 

1. Click on the File option
2. Choose Utilities
3. Hit Verify Data, and then choose OK to close all the active windows

How to build company file data in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps: 

1. Click on the File button, then choose Utilities
2. Choose Rebuild Data, then click OK to close all windows
3. It will display a window asking you to allow creating a backup before company file rebuild
4. Click on the OK button. If you do not need to do a backup, then click Cancel to proceed with rebuilding
5. If you have not set up any backup preferences, then QuickBooks will start asking you to update them
6. You need to choose Backup Preferences, and edit as required, then click on the OK button
7. Once the backup complete, then click on Show in Finder to discover the backup or click OK
8. After completing the rebuild window, choose OK button