QuickBooks Messaging Has Stopped Working

Fix Stopped QuickBooks Messaging Issue

When running the QuickBooks application to send messages, users might suffer from annoying errors which interrupt the work. QuickBooks Messaging has stopped working is one of these errors. It mainly encounters the failures of the minimum system requirements or when resources are not enough to run smoothly. There are many other causes behind the arrival of the messaging issue in QuickBooks. To rectify the QuickBooks messaging error in one go; you need to discover the major reasons. Here in the below post, you will learn how to get rid of the “QuickBooks messaging stop works error”. Also MyOnePro complete check list which helps the user when QuickBooks Stopped Working problem comes.

QuickBooks Messaging Services Stop Abruptly

The QuickBooks Messenger referred to the messaging tool, set in the multi-user mode, which lets users chat through the same company file. It is one of the efficient features available in QuickBooks to streamline the organization’s major communication tasks. However, sometimes it pauses with a popup message saying QuickBooks messaging has stopped working. Due to the minimum system requirement and many others, let’s explore the below article to know in-depth about the causes and solutions of the same.

Causes Behind QB Messaging Won’t Open Issue

The QuickBooks message failure error is due to the following causes:

  • Fewer system resources availability
  • Incorrect installation of the QuickBooks program due to the internet connection errors
  • Corrupted QBWUSER.INI file
  • Damaged QuickBooks company file
  • The character limit of QB company file name exceeds

The different ways user can follow to fix QuickBooks Keeps Crashing issue as well as QuickBooks Keeps Aborting problem.

How To Resolve Messaging QuickBooks Stopped Working Error? 

If your QuickBooks interrupts the messages, then you require fixing it to prevent more errors. Here are the below steps you need to follow carefully to resolve the QB messaging has stopped working issue in QuickBooks:

Method 1- Use QBInstall Tool to fix the issue:

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Intuit official website
  • Search QuickBooks diagnostic utility
  • Click on it and start downloading and installation of the tool on the system
  • After this, open the tool to use it to resolve the error
  • Make sure you have closed all the background applications running in the system
  • Click on the run QBInstall tool
  • Let the tool begin discovering the issue and also start fixing the QuickBooks messaging is not working error.
  • Wait for some time till the process completes
  • After this, restart the system to apply the modification you have done

More check out complete process Reinstall QuickBooks Using Clean Install Tool in easy steps.

Method 2: Disable Anti-Virus application On Your Computer:

  • Initially, make sure you have terminated all the programs running in the background
  • Restart the system
  • Now open your QuickBooks
  • Disable the antivirus application to prevent it from blocking with the QuickBooks application

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    Method 3- Use clean install tool to reinstall QuickBooks POS:

    Clean reinstallation is generally used to fix the installation problems or the running issues of QuickBooks. Hence to resolve the QB messaging has stopped working error, use the clean install tool to reinstall QuickBooks Point of sale. Before proceeding, make sure you have your License and product number handy with your created backup and have Windows administrator credentials. For clean reinstallation of QB point sale includes below steps:

    • Uninstall QB point of sale
    • Renaming the folders of Point of sales
    • Reinstallation of the QuickBooks Point of Sale
    • Restore the company file

    Method 4: Set Up A New Windows Administrator:

    Users require administrator-level rights to make all the major changes in the QuickBooks application. To fix the messaging error, you require setting up a new user with administrative credentials. Hence login to the QuickBooks with admin mode to fix the issue.

    Method 5- Try accessing file from a new folder location:

    Here are the steps:

    • Initially, you need to hit Windows+E buttons together from your Keyboard
    • It will display a new Window
    • Discover the data file with the .qbw extension
    • Once you discover the file, you need to perform right-click on it
    • Select copy button
    • After this, go to C:Drive
    • Now make a new folder
    • Give a name to the new folder as QBTEST
    • Open the newly created folder and paste the copied file in it
    • You need to hold the CTRL key to open the QuickBooks software
    • Select Restore an Existing company or open
    • At last, you need to open the QBTEST folder and check if the error persists.

    Support QB Messaging Not Working Problem Error

    Here the article about QuickBooks messaging is not working completes! Hopefully, the mentioned steps in the write-up will allow you to eliminate the QuickBooks messaging is not working issue. Meanwhile, if you face any other technical glitches or need to explore, feel free to connect QuickBooks Support USA team. The professional team will help you in providing relevant help to resolve the issues. Use a live chat option to get instant answers during solution implementation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What should I do if QuickBooks messaging has stopped working after the Windows 10 update ?

      Here are the steps: 
      1. Click on the Control Panel option
      2. Choose Windows Firewall
      3. Click Advanced Settings, and then you need to choose outbound rules
      4. Hit New Rule option; select the checkbox which says Program
      5. Click on the Next button
      8. Give a checkmark to the This Program path button
      9. Copy the QuickBooks location
      10. Select Block the connection
      11. Hit on the Public, Private, and Domain checkbox
      12. Rename it
      13. After this hit finish button
      Also get full details why QuickBooks Stopped Working After Windows 10 update and what users can do fix the issue.

    2. How can I give a different name to the INI file while fixing QuickBooks stopped working error ?

      Here are the steps: 
      1. Open file explorer with Windows+E button
      2. Below the Organize button on the top left of the screen
      3. Choose Folder and search options
      4. Click on the View tab
      5. Hit Hidden Files and folder on the Advanced settings
      6. Click show hidden files and folders
      7. Select OK button
      8. Click on the My Computer
      9. Choose C: Drive and find the QuickBooks folders and give a right-click on the QBWUSER.INI file.
      10. Hit Rename/Delete button

    3. What are the symptoms of the QuickBooks message stopped working error ?

      1. Active windows freezes
      2. QuickBooks unable to open the messaging page
      3. Sometime QuickBooks pause working
      4. Slow response to the input commands

    4. How can I use the QuickBooks Messenger option ?

      1. Open your QuickBooks
      2. Click on the Company menu
      3. Choose chat with a coworker tab to launch the QuickBooks messenger
      4. Below the Actions dropdown, hit on the close company file for the users
      5. Choose the user you need to close
      6. Give a click to the close company file
      7. Choose Yes to confirm it. The users need to follow the below instructions:
      8. Open the QuickBooks in multi-user mode
      9. Click sign in as Admin mode
      10. Below the file menu
      11. Click utilities button
      12. Hit on Disable QuickBooks Messenger
      13. Re-login to activate the change


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