QuickBooks Balance Not Matching Bank Balance

Bank Balance QuickBooks Doesn’t Match Actual Balance

In QuickBooks, if the bank register balance in QuickBooks Balance Not Matching Bank Balance, no need to worry. It can be due to many reasons and factors, The below information helps you to understand the information and causes. Always before performing any steps if you have any doubts you can contact QuickBooks USA Support team of MyOnePro for assistance.

Reason QB Register Bank Balance Different From Bank Balance

Causes of the balance not matches:
You have to learn all steps to Create Balance Sheet QuickBooks carefully because if you miss some column to add you will face some hard issue later, which also impact on tax calculation or even in some case Unable to Reconcile QuickBooks issue will come at Year end.

Below reasons are the main reasons which result from the balance not matching

MyOnePro describe all steps users have to perform How To Setup Beginning Balance in QuickBooks with some insights when a little mistake is caused behind QuickBooks Beginning Balance Wrong issue and problem.

How To Resolve QB Register Balance Mismatch Issue & Problem

Outstanding transactions

The amount which is deducted from, or added to your QuickBooks bank accounts register. If you write a check, deposit QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks registered balance will surely differ from the bank balance, if the transaction has not been cleared or mentioned in the bank.

Recommended fix or action

Doing Customization in your QuickBooks bank register to sort it by date and match the recent transaction with the bank account. It is important to check the mismatch cause

To check Not reconciled or cleared transaction, and to compare them to the bank balance. If you reconcile regularly you can also reconcile status

New Transaction for the connected account

The transaction which shows in the For Review tab can the reason due to which balance not match if the QuickBooks is connected to the bank. These transactions have been downloaded into the QuickBooks but not added to the bank register.

The only transaction in the register affects the QuickBooks Online bank balance.

Do you want to learn How To Import Bank Transactions CSV to QuickBooks then you can get full details and guide by team of MyOnePro.

Recommended fix or Action

Matching or adding downloaded transaction should match the QuickBooks balance and bank balance match with each other

Duplicate Transactions

These may be duplicated transactions if these transactions are incorrectly added to the register instead of being matched to an earlier mentioned transaction which may affect the balance.


customize the register to make it sort by the amount in place of date, to easily find and remove duplicate transaction. It will make it easier to compare the transaction with the same amount and locate the duplicate transaction. You can undo actions you have accepted wrongly, add it and match it again.

Deleted or Edited Transactions

A mismatch between the bank balance and balance in QuickBooks can be happened by editing the transactions or deleting the same which are already in your register


To see what affects your transactions you can check your audit details to verify the details of edited or deleted transactions

Credit card account

Credit card liability accounts are having the opposite accounting effect on the books and bank accounts too. The bank balance column for these types of accounts are normally negative


Check the balance column is correct.

Assistance Fix Differences Between Bank Balance And QuickBooks Balance

QuickBooks Support Number team is available 24*7 to assist you with the resolutions. QuickBooks technical experts are professional, polite, and are quick problem solver so that they can resolve all your queries in minimum time to save your time. You can also email at MyOneProand soon one QuickBooks technical expert contact you with the solution.


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