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How To Condense QuickBooks Desktop Data File

QuickBooks accounting software is integrated with advanced features and tools that helps in the flawless business management. The features and tools are designed according to the requirements of the different business sectors. Likewise the software also encounters errors. There are some unfriendly times when QuickBooks program encounters a system error while attempting to archive your data file. When this error occurs QuickBooks Condense Repair is supposed to be done to fix the error. This error displays an error message:

“QuickBooks Condense Repair”. QuickBooks faced a system error when trying to archive your data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file.

What Is Quickbooks Condense
What Is Quickbooks Condense

The errors occurring during verify or rebuild indicates QuickBooks data errors. The nature of the error determines the source transactions that needs to be repaired. Once the damaged or corrupted transactions are repaired and on running the verify utility message is displayed- “QuickBooks identified no problems with your data file”. The error message indicates signifies that the data file is error free. QuickBooks data files comprising negative inventory or negative quantity on hand will not condense. You need to first repair the negative inventory in your data file before condensing the file.

QuickBooks Condensing Data Error Codes

  • QuickBooks application faced an error & fail to condense successfully. Your company file has been restored to its initial state.
  • QuickBooks program has encountered a system error while trying to archive your data file. “QuickBooks will not condense your data file. The Error is: Unspecified error (error 80004005) Please try the operation again.”
  • Fails to run the QuickBooks Clean Up Company Data Utility
  • QuickBooks Condense service freezes

QuickBooks Condense Service Restricts to following Transactions

  • The payroll transactions in case the condense date is prior 12/31/2017.
  • Payroll transactions if an employee’s W2 is not reviewed.
  • Incorrect linking of the Invoices, Payments, Credit memos and Refund Checks.
  • The payments are recorded to undeposited funds that were not deposited to a bank account.
  • Improper linking of the Bills, Bill Credits and Bill Payment Checks .
  • Estimates linked to invoices. Estimates are non-posting and fail to condense into journal entries which are posting. Just delete these transactions.
  • Sales tax unpaid in the ‘Pay Sales Tax’ screen. Payment of sales tax leaves invoices open. Replace checks with sales tax payments. Assure the same dates and amounts as on the checks. You need to reconcile the sales tax payments.
  • Linked transactions to a non-condensable transaction. Pretend that you enter an invoice for 12/15/2015, then enter a payment on 1/15/2016 and then run the condense service option through 12/31/2015. The payment is not condensed as it is outside the condense period and the invoice is not condensed as it is linked to a transaction that is not condensed.

How to Resolve this Condensing Error QuickBooks Pro, Premier , Enterprise

In case you are not successful to resolve the error with the basic resolution steps, there are chances that your data file must be corrupted and you may probably need the QuickBooks Data Recovery Service to be implemented to resolve the issue.

In case the error still persists you can call QuickBooks Support Number. They can be approachable via email, phone and live chat. The team includes competent QuickBooks professionals who provides immediate resolution. Or else you can connect with other reliable QuickBooks consulting agencies like QuickBooks 247. With the efficient support team it offers prompt and responsive support for QB issues.

Call to the toll free number Phone Number+1-516-494-3146 and garner excellent services.


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