QuickBooks File Manager

QuickBooks File Manager Setup and Settings

The QuickBooks file manager is one of the powerful standalone apps for Accountant & QuickBooks enterprise edition. It contains company files with user names and passwords. This app lets you import QuickBooks-related files and also upgrade from one QB version to another. You can use the QuickBooks file manager by clicking on an icon from the menu in the QuickBooks Accountant Edition. MyOnePro gives you not only comprehensive information on QuickBooks file manager but also explained related terminologies.

What Is A File Manager In QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks file manager tool is used to manage password-related tasks on the important files in the accounting system. You can do this with the help of the password vault component of the file manager tool. It allows visualizing the hard drive virtual view, categorizing the group client’s files according to the type and location. Moreover, you can use the backup of the file manager to restore the login and passwords on multiple systems.

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How To Download QuickBooks File Manager?

  • Locate the Download and Update window
  • Hit the Download link for the required version of QuickBooks
  • Click Download button
  • It will start downloading the QuickBooks Desktop

Install QuickBooks File Manager Step By Step

How does QuickBooks file Manager Installation help and what is it working?

  • Click on the QuickBooks download file
  • It will start the installation procedure
  • The tool wills help in managing client companies and folders in a user-friendly directory
  • It is used to group all the company files for a particular client into the specific format
  • It easily remembers the file’s username and password and also simplifies the launch of the file using file Manager.
  • It saves the login details of the clients in the list. It in turn helps you to open the file in the list without viewing the login data.
  • Easy to categorize clients’ group
  • Also, upgrade the QuickBooks files of the client to the advanced version in a batch.

QuickBooks File Manager Setup Guide & Help

Before using the file manager in QuickBooks here are the things you need to know:

  • The file manager password vault of QuickBooks is used to handle all the complex passwords that several files need.
  • If the files list with the login and passwords is required on multiple systems then you can use the backup feature and easily restore them on the systems.

How To Use QuickBooks File Manager?

There are three methods to start file manager in QuickBooks that are below:

Method 1-Locate the QuickBooks Accountant option:
Choose QuickBooks file Manager

Method 2- Open the QB desktop

Hit on the icon named QuickBooks file Manager

Method 3-Give a click on the menu named Windows Start

  • Choose Programs button
  • Hit on the QuickBooks tab
  • Click File Manager

Import QuickBooks file:

  • Open the QuickBooks File Manager
  • Locate the drop-down named Clients
  • Select Add Clients via
  • Click on Wizard named Update client list
  • In case you have already managed the company files & folders into the desirable format then use the “From Client folder names to import files.
  • But If you have not yet organized the files & folders and need the File manager to do this for you then import using QuickBooks file names. It will provide the file’s the same name as those named on the PC /network.
  • Use the Windows file explorer to drag the files and then drop them into the file manager.

How To Access The Company File With QuickBooks File Manager?

  • Locate the file and double click on it
  • Click on the drop-down named Files
  • Choose the “Open in QuickBooks” option
  • Now hit on Files button
  • Click Restore to QBW/Convert to QBA

How To Manage And Merge Client Folders In QuickBooks?

  • You can see the grouped clients into the desired groups
  • The QB File manager start grouping the files automatically in drop-down named Groups
  • Start managing the group by clicking on the Groups button
  • Click on Add/Edit groups /Delete current once you have chosen a group
  • Find the search clients according to the specified term with the option named search
  • Start merging client folders by choosing both folders
  • Now give a right-click on it
  • Select Merge desired clients
  • Click on the Manage the folders named client
  • Hit the drop-down named Files
  • Once chosen a client using the client list, the data will populate in the section named Files
  • After you open a file using the File Manager option
  • Click on the information option in the right corner of the Files tab

Access The Password Vault Of QuickBooks File Manager

  • The password vault contains the user name with a password for the company file
  • Start managing the saved password by clicking on the Password Vault
  • Click on the Password Vault
  • Choose login named change password
  • You need to create a user name with a password before embedding client files in Password Vault to keep it secured.

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  1. Can I Batch Upgrade In QuickBooks ?

    1. Locate Batch button
    2. Click Client
    3. Hit on selected files named Upgrade
    4. You can see all unsuccessful upgrades on the page by choosing the list named unsuccessful upgrades.

    You can also go through all steps for How To Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop step by step.

  2. Do I Backup The QuickBooks File Manager ?

    File Manager lets you create a backup system to save the directories and settings. It will help in handling the data loss situation. You can even restore the advanced backup file. Also you can take QuickBooks Backup In Flash Drive easily

  3. How Would I Access The QB File Manager Tool ?

    Give a click on the file manager icon from the desktop or hit on the Accountant button

  4. What If I Need Login And Passwords On The Multiple Systems In QuickBooks?

    In this case, the file manager backup is applicable to restore the systems.

  5. Can I Handle The Complex File Password With File Manager QuickBooks ?

    Of course, use the password vault to manage the file’s complex passwords

  6. What If You Are Unable To Discover The Shortcut Icon Of The QuickBooks File Manager?

    Click on the Start button
    Choose Programs
    Find the File Manager

  7. How Does File Manager Simplify My File Management In QuickBooks?

    The file managers contain powerful options including batch upgrade, File Manager Backup, Password Vault, etc. The file manager acts as a powerful tool for the QuickBooks enterprise to streamline tasks and secure customer data.


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