QuickBooks For Contractors

QuickBooks have editions that are industry-specific that helps you to work in that edition with all the things that are specific according to your industry.

How amazing it is right? Yes, it is here you know which edition it is and what you get in it.

If you are new to QuickBooks or an existing user but you want to know about the QuickBooks For Contractors best for contractors then here we go with all the details. Check What new features added in QuickBooks Contractor 2021 edition by Intuit .

QuickBooks Enterprise is best for the contractors as it provides you all the things according to your industry whether it is specific reports, tools, features, and many other things. You have to continue reading this article to get to know about the QuickBooks edition’s features and fields you get in it for reports and other things also.

How To Choose QuickBooks For Construction Company Or Business ?

Things you must know to do your project in budget and kept it on the track

  • You have to stay connected with the job sites. It means you can give access to up to 30 members of the team. You are the one who can have full control over it. The cloud hosting helps you to be in touch while moving from one place to another.
  • All reports are at your finger-tips using advanced reporting. In this, you have to find the report bundle for contractors and get customized reports for you.
  • Financial management is done in which you can make an initial estimate and then take this project to the professional level and also manage the cost of the entire project.
  • Data capacity at another level in which you can manage to work with 2 company files at the same time.
  • You should keep all the profit in one place. Use the customizable reports to have more visibility on cash flow and the cost of the jobs. It helps you stay up to date with all the profits while doing changes in projects.
  • To provide the best support the team can easily sync the data of your account via CRM connector to provide you all the answers on time.
  • You get full support from the QuickBooks expert team all the time whenever required that is 24/7 hours. If you are a non-technical person then don’t worry you can easily use the software.

QuickBooks Contractor Cloud is ideal solution if construction work is going on multiple location, switch to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting to manage accounting elsewhere part of the world.

Key reports to manage your things at every phase

  1. Expenses Not Assigned to Jobs
  2. Cost-to-Complete
  3. Billed/Unbilled Hours by Person and Job
  4. Job Costs by Job
  5. Unpaid Bills by Job
  6. Job Status
  7. Open Purchase Orders by Vendor

QuickBooks For Contractors Special Features

Apart from key reports, there are some special features for the construction industry that are as follows:-

  1. Advanced Job Costing Tools
  2. Customized Chart of Accounts
  3. Change Order Functionality
  4. Disallow Negative Inventory Qualities
  5. Estimates
  6. Flexible billing rates
  7. Scheduling
  8. The Job Costing Center
  9. TSheets Elite
  10. Work Orders

Intuit Added New Features In QuickBooks For Construction Companies

Many features that got improved and some are new in QuickBooks Contractors Edition

All these improved and new things are mentioned below that you can notice in QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 editions

New things:-

  • You get the new search option on the screen for payment- This new feature helps you in searching the one transaction among 100’s. You can also apply some filters to it for searching like date, amount due, payment, and quantity that saves a lot of time.
  • CRM Connector- It helps you in providing the information source by synchronizing your QuickBooks account to the salesforce data. It is done between the sales and support so that all solutions can be provided easily. The orders processed faster using this CRM Connector.
  • Specific reports for you- The reports you get are specific according to the contractor’s industry. The fields in all the reports are related to the construction industry only. So all the reports like taxes, payments, expenses, profits, and more can be done easily and save a lot of time.

Improved things:-

  • The accountant tools are also beneficial that you get in the QuickBooks enterprise 2020. The features are improved so it works better than before. The tools that are available are managing lists, write off the bad-debt on invoices, the list can be reviewed also.
  • The payments are improved and can be recorded using the e-invoicing and also send the invoice using e-invoicing. You can send the payment link along with the invoice so that customers can easily do the payment. When the customer completes the payment then it automatically added to your account records.

QuickBooks Contractor Accounting Software Setup & Settings Help

QuickBooks enterprise 2020 is the best for Contractors and after you get to know all the things about it you also get to know why it is best. As it has many features and customized specific reports for contractors. Get in touch with QuickBooks Support Contact Number for following issue assistance

  • QuickBooks Contractor Payments
  • QuickBooks Contractor Direct Deposit
  • QuickBooks Contractor Reports
  • QuickBooks Contractor Add Ons
  • QuickBooks Contractor Expense Account
  • QuickBooks Contractor Chart Of Accounts
  • QuickBooks Builders Contractors
  • QuickBooks Contractor Progress Billing
  • QuickBooks Contractor Cloud
  • QuickBooks Contractor Classes
  • QuickBooks Contractor Change Order
  • QuickBooks Contractor For Mac
  • QuickBooks General Contractor Item List
  • QuickBooks Contractor Item List
  • QuickBooks Contractor Invoicing
  • QuickBooks Contractor Installation [QuickBooks Installation Support ]
  • QuickBooks Contractor Job Costing
  • QuickBooks Premier Contractor Journal Entry
  • QuickBooks Contractor Payroll

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