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QuickBooks List Entries Damage

Fix Damaged QuickBooks List Entries

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that is build with strong features that helps in simplifying the complex business accounting. The advanced features and tools integrated in the software makes it most preferred among the small and medium size businesses. As software and errors go hand in hand, QuickBooks also faces problems while functioning that become serious errors if not resolved in the right time. Damage of the QuickBooks List Entries is one of the common issues that QB users encounter.

Damaged Quickbooks List Entries Fixing

Damaged Quickbooks List Entries Fixing

QuickBooks application is date-driven and list-oriented. The lists are the integral part of QuickBooks after date range, while creating transactions and running reports. The entries play a major role in the lists. Any particular item on your list is an entry and an account is a kind of entry on your Chart of Accounts. When the list entries gets damaged the data is affected and it cannot be fixed by the “Rebuild Utility” [QuickBooks rebuild data].

Reasons for the List Damages in QuickBooks

🚧 If your report or list is incomplete, you might face a list damage.

Note: Steps taken to fix the a damaged entry affects all transactions and reports that use the damaged entry, comprising reconciled and closed transactions and also the previous financial statements.

There might also be data loss from the damaged entry if it is not added to a new one such as: name, contacts, phones, e-mail, custom fields, etc. Merging the old entries to the new ones is very important to have the same name as the new entry. The process to merge both the items involves a lot of time when you are handling larger data files specially. The merging process takes hours to turn to the new one.

QuickBooks List Entries are company data file and each list includes maximum number of entries. There are scenarios when these list entries get damaged due to above mentioned reason. You can approach QuickBooks US support team to fix the damaged list entries.

Steps to Merge the Lists

Step 1: Locate the Information about the Initial Entry

💠 Go to menu -> select the Lists -> choose the appropriate List.
💠 Find the old entry that you want to merge -> select the entry.
💠 Click the old entry -> select Edit.
💠 Record the old entry information (of items, record Type, Cost, COGS Account, Sales Price, Description, Income Account, Item Name, and On Hand).
💠 Click Cancel to exit.

Step 2: Create a New List Item

🔀 Go to the list -> select New.
🔀 Enter the type of entry. (the entry must be similar to the old entry).
🔀 Mention the name of the old entry -> add one character after the name.
🔀 Copy the data from the old entry. (Do not enter the quantity on hand for an item)
🔀 Click OK to save and then close the account.

Step 3: Match the Old Entry to the New entry by Renaming it

🔰 Click the old entry -> select Edit.
🔰 Rename the old entry and add the extra character so that the two names of the entries are identical. Use Copy & Paste to copy the name from the new entry to the old entry.
🔰 Click OK to save and close the account.
🔰 Click Yes when the system prompts:”This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them?”
🔰 That’s all. The list damage is fixed.

Help Support Quickbooks List entries Problems & Errors

Still you face the damage lists error you can contact to QuickBooks Technical support Number. You can choose phone, email or live chat option to connect with the support team. The team is round the clock available for according resolution for your QuickBooks issues.

You can also choose to connect with reliable third party QB consulting agencies. MyOnePro is one such reliable agency that hires top QB professionals who are experienced and trained in resolving the issues.
You can call to the toll free number +1-516-494-3146 and garner QuickBooks assistance services.

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  1. is there a way to make more than one item inactive at once in the item list using I believe it’s QuickBooks Desktop 2019, we have a list of about 400 items we would like to mark as inactive

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