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QuickBooks POS Error 193


QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error – 193 Primary Key For Dept Keywords Is Not Unique

QuickBooks POS error 193 is a common issue that arises when mailbag is processed or its type of Store Exchange Error. This is the error that is connected with the difficulties you may face. QuickBooks POS is a solution to help organizations perform operations like tracking inventory, management of sales, and improvement of customer relation.

Hence, any disturbance or error in the POS affects the whole organizational structure and functions, which makes it vital for users to know the method to fix the error or users can contact our MyOnePro QuickBooks USA Support experts can handle & resolve issue related to POS .

Causes & Reason Store Exchange Error Code 193 QB POS

The causes of QuickBooks POS error 193 are as follows:

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 193 Fixing

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 193 Fixing

  • Presence of duplicate names or codes of department
  • Merged or deleted customers’ names
  • Corrupt or damaged .QBT files
  • Corrupt or Damaged Customer List at remote store from where the transmission of the mailbox was occurring

QuickBooks Error Code 193 Warning Message

When users try to send a mailbag to a remote store from Headquarters, error 193 occurs. The error may result in the display of either of the two below-mentioned error messages:

  • Primary key for dept keywords is not unique
  • Primary key for table “Customer Rewards” is not unique
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How to Fix Error QB Pos 193 Error?

Method 1

  1. Reportstab available on QB POS needs to be opened
  2. User has to access Customer Listand report has to be run.
  3. Select first customer
  4. Double-click the customer selected
  5. Go to View List There will be first customer details visible.
  6. A recent Customer Listgets displayed
  7. Select all of them, together with CTRL + A
  8. I want To has to be chosen. Thenthe customer needs to choose Delete the Customer(s) option
  9. Browse to File This is in Headquarters server
  10. Choose Utilities
  11. Click Resend
  12. Mailbag will be received at the secluded store

Method 2
In case, Method 1 doesn’t work, you can opt for this solution. This tip to resolve the issue is generally opted for when you get an error. This can be at the receiving end of the remote store. In this case:

  1. Senda mailbag to Headquarters
  2. Receive it
  3. Browse to Customers menu from the remote or secluded store
  4. Choose Customer List
  5. Click I want toand press Delete for each customer at a time. For all customers, you need to repeat the same process one by one.
  6. Your main customer records are secured in Headquarters and they can be sent from there
  7. In case you have a number of customers on the list to select, you can:
    1. For Version 10 & 2013
      1. The 1st customer has to be chosen from the list
      2. Press Shift
  • Select till the last item in the list
  1. For Version 9
    1. Press CTRL + Ato select all customers on the list
  2. Go to Filemenu of the Headquarters server
  3. Choose Utilities
  4. Press Resend
  5. You will receive the mailbag to secluded store

Technical Support Error Code 193 Troubleshooting QB Pos 18.0, 13.0,12.0

The method of resolution of the error depends on the Windows version it is being used in. In case the problem persists, you can call our MyOnePro QuickBooks Support Number for immediate assistance. We offer proficient QuickBooks 24/7 support services to help our customers as and when they require.Dial Toll Free Number
+1-516-494-3146 or You can Chat With our helpdesk .

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