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QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060


Socket Error 10060 QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS socket error 10060 is a technical problem faced by QuickBooks users. It is a connection timeout error that occurs while processing a payment using debit or credit cards. Also get full details about QuickBooks POS Socket Error causes and solutions .

When the debit or credit cards are swiped in the system, it authenticates the details relating to the card and its holder. For this, the connection needs to be active and proper. If the connection doesn’t work well, the user gets this error. QuickBooks POS error 10061 and QuickBooks POS error 11001 also signify the same error. In case you can’t understand the technical aspects of waning message, then call QuickBooks Point Of Sale Support and get consultancy from experts. .

Troubleshoot QB Socket Error 10060

Troubleshoot QB Socket Error 10060

Causes & Impact 10060 Error QB POS Software

The reasons that may lead to the POS socket error 10060 include:

  • Internet connection issue
  • Socket connection issue
  • Network connection blocked by security software
  • EFT server problem

Contacting our MyOneProteam of experts can help you understand the reason and assist you with instructions to resolve any type QuickBooks Error Code .

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How to fix Intuit QuickBooks POS Error 10060?

Solution 1: If your socket is not connected

  1. Check if the socket is connected
  2. Tighten socket if its loose
  3. Connect if not at all connected
  4. See if it works

Solution 2: If the network connection is intervened by security software

  1. Disable all security softwarewhatever is there in your PC, including Windows firewall
  2. Process the transaction once again
  3. If no error occurs, the issue is resolved

Solution 3: If one or more workstation is being used, use the PC where the credit card is being processed.

  1. Go to Edit menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Choose Company
  4. Click Communication Setup
  5. Check if Use this computer for all credit card and debit transactionsoption is selected. If not, choose Change to this Computer
  6. Click Save
  7. Exit the window, reopen POS
  8. Go to Toolsmenu
  9. Choose User Information
  10. See if WS-EFTserver is there under Workstation. If yes, process the card

Solution 4: Create a new data file

  1. Go to File menu
  2. Select Company Data
  3. Click New
  4. Type Testin the available field and give a unique name to the new data file
  5. Navigate to Edit menu
  6. Select Preferences
  7. Choose Company
  8. Click Merchant Serviceand enter the details asked
  9. Click Save
  10. Go to Toolsmenu
  11. Choose User Information. If you find EFT is running, the issue is with the original file. In this case, only MyOneProtechnical team of experts can help and offer proper assistance. Connect with them.
  12. Open POS and process the card again

Troubleshooting QB Point Of Sale Socket Error 10060 On Windows 10, 8,7, Vista

When you discuss the issue with MyOnePro , helping the user to resolve critical issue via Toll Free QuickBooks Support Phone Number , never forget to mention the version of Windows that you use. Many times, it is the outdated version or latest version’s incompatibility that leads to certain technical issues.

For further queries and doubts related to the software, you can unhesitatingly contact our experienced experts via QuickBooks Live Chat Support or Via Toll Free Number +1-516-494-3146.

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