QuickBooks Server Hosting

Server hosting lets you execute QuickBooks Desktop securely, anywhere, and anytime over the internet. You can easily store data files, documents that are simple to access. So organizations use QuickBooks Server hosting so that their authenticated employee can simply access files and data located in it. QuickBooks Hosting is also named as Hosted QuickBooks or Cloud QuickBooks. This permits the installation of QuickBooks on Network server which is then hosted through the web to allow access via any web-browser accessing from anywhere. This allows employees to access data without the need for local system installation. This topic will cover information related to QuickBooks Server hosting.MyOnePro also provide cloud hosting for all QuickBooks desktop edition even you can host QuickBooks MAC version , Claim your 15 days free trial now !

What Is QuickBooks Hosting?

The objective of QuickBooks hosting is to facilitate the users with robustness and accessibility of QuickBooks desktop online from a cloud server. In QuickBooks cloud server data is securely stored you can operate it through unique credentials and login in remotely and access content from anywhere identical to a local desktop.

Benefits of QuickBooks Server hosting in a small organization:

  • Diminish cost :Servers decrease IT cost through overriding on-premise devices with cloud hosting. It contains dedicated customer support which reduces IT expenses.
  • Location flexibility : Don’t be appended to a work zone, you can work from any place. QuickBooks Server hosting lets you sign in and get all data to access remotely.
  • Great performance : Server hosting acts as a dedicated server to improve performance & data security. It provides a reliable experience.
  • Simple upgrades : Purchase additional user licenses more easily, easy to update . You can also get free QuickBooks Upgrade Support anytime .
  • Platform compatible :QuickBooks server hosting is compatible with both Mac and Windows platform

Types Of Hosting QuickBooks

Modes of QuickBooks Hosting:

Hosting of QuickBooks Desktop software can be fulfilled in the below-mentioned modes:

  • Dedicated Hosting: 

Several users are linked directly to the QuickBooks installed on the server

  • Peer-to-Peer Hosting:

This mode of hosting is generally accommodated for on-premise hosting in which one user is hosting the software and its data. It is responsible for accessing data to other connected users across the internet

  • Alternate Hosting: 

In this mode, the prime user is linked to hosting server across the internet and the other users are associated with a prime user for accessing data across the local network.

Configure Cloud Hosting QuickBooks

Working of QuickBooks Server hosting:

The QuickBooks Server Hosting permit end-users to provide copies of their licenses of software installed on the server.

The software can be accessed remotely through secured connection and web browser

The QuickBooks users are having access to the server across the web with different configurations:

  • Acceptable security steps are deployed for maintaining the security of application
  • Association between end-user resources and the server is skillful through Remote Desktop Protocol which can be composed to sign in as the preferable user
  • The server must be customized to be compatible with any devices working on different platforms
  • All modifications on hosted QuickBooks are automatically saved and get displayed to all authorized users.

Host QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise On Cloud Server

Compatible QuickBooks version for QuickBooks Hosting:

Many foremost hosting service providers are permitted to host entire versions available in QuickBooks Desktop like QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise, Accountant, and premier. There are many country-specific versions and editions launched from QuickBooks 2005 to 2020 supports with server setup of hosting service providers. Even you can get best Cloud Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise edition with multi user .

How to choose QuickBooks server hosting provider?

There are many service providers delivering server hosting for a different version of QuickBooks application, you need to find the trustworthy expertise service provider with knowledge of accounting applications. The QuickBooks developer Intuit has highly recommended verified hosting providers to ensure the safety of user’s data.

To maintain data security you need to follow the certain factors before purchasing hosting for your QuickBooks that are given below:

  • Security practices & features
  • Intuit Authorization
  • Scalability
  • Data and password storage policies
  • Plans & Price
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Support Policies
  • Customer reviews & testimonials
  • Add-ons & Plugin compatibility
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions

Why Host QB Desktop On Cloud Server

Perks of QuickBooks Hosting:

QuickBooks Desktop is a widely used accounting application. However, it contains some limitations which restrict accountants and company to get the maximum potential. Following are the limitations found in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Absence of Remote access
  • Limited user Access
  • Contents saved in a local device
  • Absence of real-time team meetings
  • Inconvenient file sharing
  • Less accurate update automation
  • No data entry automation

The above-mentioned limitations can be mitigated through QuickBooks server hosting with cloud technology. You can get more benefits of cloud technology. Some of them are below:

  • Monitoring Real-time modification
  • Multiple user access
  • Simplify file sharing with unlimited users
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility with resources
  • Decrease IT expenses
  • Add-ons for seamless integration
  • Data loss recovery through backup
  • Password protection connection

Support QB Desktop Hosting Setup & Settings

That’s all about QuickBooks Server hosting. In case you feel any doubts before selecting hosting service provider or need relevant advice reach out to the QuickBooks Technical Support . The professionals are available 24*7 to provide you the best assistance. Other options of chat or do send an email regarding a query on QuickBooks domain or any other functional issue.


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