QuickBooks Set Up Bonus Payroll Item


How To Set Up Bonus Payroll Item In QuickBooks

To run with QuickBooks accounting software, users must know all about its new and advanced features to make your all work tasks easy and simple. With this time-saving accounting software, you can reduce all efforts and track all accounts processes of your organization at any time anywhere. QuickBooks provides many options to pay a bonus to your employees with a “set up a bonus payroll item in QuickBooks” new approach. In this MyOnePro guide, you get complete knowledge about this new approach and complete guidance that make set up the bonus payroll item in QB software and pay via direct deposit In QuickBooks or via PayChecks.

Steps For Setting Up QuickBooks Bonus Payroll Item

User-accessible to setting up a bonus Payroll item QuickBooks Desktop

To set up a bonus payroll item in QuickBooks, users need to perform these following steps:
Browse All Payroll Item

  • First of all, go to the QuickBooks Desktop menu which is given at the top
  • Then choose “List” from the drop-down options and mark your next click on the “Payroll item list”
  • After that, user need to choose the “customer set up” and go forward with NEXT click
  • Then choose the Wage and click on NEXT
  • To further proceed the process, again click on Bonus and then NEXT
  • Then, enter the name as per requirement and click on NEXT
  • Then select the expenses account you want to tack the item click on Finish.

Also MyOnePro brings complete steps for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 With Payroll setup and settings .

Steps For Creating Bonus Paychecks QuickBooks Payroll

To create the Bonus Paychecks in the QuickBooks Payroll, here you can go with several options and
choose which fits good as per your bonus circumstances and business essentials. Add Bonus In Salary

  • You can Pay a bonus on regular check
  • You can pay a cash bonus or gift certificates
  • You can pay a bonus on the separate paycheck

Once you choose any method of paying the bonus, make sure that you consider all the taxability issues of the bonus. The net pay of the employees with a bonus check takes sudden change on disbursal of taxes whether you pay the bonus on a regular paycheck on a separate check. You can also create Paycheck in simple steps if you are using QuickBooks Pro Payroll software , learn how .

How the user can create a bonus check in QuickBooks?

Create Paycheck
To create a bonus check in QuickBooks, users need to follow these instructions step-by-step

  • Firstly, choose the unscheduled payroll from the drop-down preferences of list
  • Then mark on the ”Employee name” for which you want to create a bonus check
  • Go to the paycheck window and click on the item name column to get drop-down menu list
  • Choose the item as you want from the available options on the list.

Help When Unable To Create Bonus In Intuit QB Payroll

While setting up the bonus payroll item in QuickBooks, if you still face any issue, just dial Toll-Free +1800.301.4813 . QuickBooks Support team are always available to provide all necessary information and guidance to resolve your all issue regarding QuickBooks, QuickBooks payroll or any other error issue. For more inquiries, drop your all queries at this email address and send to MyOnePro QuickBooks USA Support team; or do Live Chat with QuickBooks knowledgeable experts. The link of Live Chat is available at the right corner of the website.


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