QuickBooks Unable To Save As Pdf

Fixing Issues while Saving as PDF in QuickBooks

Intuit has designed QuickBooks accounting solution with a number of innovative tools and upgraded features. It is user-friendly software which reduces your workload. Still, it is software which is built using certain codes and algorithms, under certain circumstances it is bound to show some technical issues or abnormality. One such technical error is “Unable to save your file as PDF in QuickBooks”.

Troubleshooting QB PDF Errors

Troubleshooting QB PDF Errors

In some cases user facing issues during printing and mailing PDF files, also a few cases QuickBooks Unable to send Email due to PDF issue which need to resolve on priority basis.

Saving File as PDF in QuickBook:

While working in your QuickBooks software, there are certain occasions where you need to save your file/form as a PFA file and you are unable to do so. You receive the following error:
“Error: QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file.”

To rectify this PDF file error, you just have to follow the solution mentioned below. This error is quite similar to the errors you face while emailing forms or printing transactions from your QuickBooks Desktop accounting solution.Further detail you can get in touch with experts to call QuickBooks Technical Support Number .

Solution : How to Fix PDF Problem QuickBooks

To resolve this QuickBooks Error, Intuit experts have recommended solutions. But, before applying those solutions, you will have to update your QuickBooks to latest version and restart your system.

Solution I: Download and run QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool

  • Open your web-browser and search for QuickBooks repair tool i.e. QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool.
  • Download and run QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool in your system.
  • As the process is completed, you should try to save your file as .pdf file. Try with the file that had previously generated the error.
  • If this error still persists, then you should restart your system and then try the same procedure.
  • If you want to Save as PDF or have Email issues, confirm that you can print your XPS Document Writer. QuickBooks generally uses XPS Document Writer (it is Microsoft Windows Product) to save your file/form as PDF.
  • Go to Notepad from start menu.
  • Type something.
  • Click on File > Print.
  • Select XPS Document Writer and press Print option.
  • A dialog box will appear in your screen (Save as dialog box), select Desktop as locations for your file.
  • Browse to desktop in your computer system and check whether you can view your XPS document you have printed from notepad.

Note: If you are trying to test your printing issues, try using your actual printer for printing rather than XPS Document Writer. It is to check that you can print your document successfully

Solution II: Check that the reconcile window appears off the screen

  • If QuickBooks software appears to lockup after you have selected reconcile from Banking menu but your PDF functions are working that time and the reconcile window may get displayed on the screen.
  • Go to Window menu and browse list to check that the reconcile window is listed.
  • Select Close All option and start reconcile again.

Technical Support For PDF Error Troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop

The solution above will rectify your QuickBooks Error. If you still have some issues, then try to contact MyOnePro. They are an alternative agency who provides QuickBooks support worldwide. To get in touch with them, you just have to call on their toll-free support number +1-516-494-3146.


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