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How to Attach File in QuickBooks?

Last modified on May 2nd, 2023 at 5:11 am

Quickbooks® File Attachment

Intuit® , manufacturer of small business accounting software like QuickBooks, keeps on releasing small updates during the year which when updated with the software, ensures better comfort and convenience to the user. One such updated feature was called “Document Attachment” which as the name suggests allows users to attach files and documents to your QuickBooks Online software. With this update in your software you get the freedom of sending any document in your email to your customers. You can attach contracts, expense and payment receipts for billing, proofs of completed jobs and timesheets etc which helps in optimizing your time even more.

The main aim behind this feature is to attach a document to a sales form and send it to your customers and clients.
You see this option while creating a new sales receipt, invoice or an estimate in the lower right corner named as ‘Attachment Feature’.

How this Feature Works?

When click on the Attachment feature tab, you see two options:

Quickbooks File Attachment Demo

Quickbooks File Attachment Demo

• Add File tab
• Drag File
With first option, all you have to do is click on Add file tab which will open a Window of files stored on your computer system. Once you locate the file, just click on it and your file will be added.

In the Drag file option, you locate the file first and perform a right-click after which you can drag the file on the landing pad. This option is much more preferred than the Add File one as it is easier and saves time.
Once the documents are attached you can view them in the list below and as per your need either delete them by click on ‘X’ button or attach them to the email by checking the box adjacent to the file.

Some points to keep in mind, while performing this function are:

 How to Attach File Quickbooks

How to Attach File Quickbooks

• Size limit for each and every document is 25 MB.
• You can attach multiple files as per your need.
• As there is no scanner option available with the feature you will have to manually scan the documents before attaching them.
• Another way of attaching the file to the email is by click on the document. This also opens the document so you can review the content.
• As of now, Intuit has not charged any amount for this feature, so for now it is freely available.

If you are using the Canadian or UK edition you might get the different options to upload the file but the process is same . Moreover you can get the all details in the Qucikbooks Knowledge base . In case need help call the Quickbooks Help Desk Phone to talk with the QB Technicians .

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