How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1335?

Fix QuickBooks Error 1335

What is QuickBooks Error 1335?

A QuickBooks Error Code 1335 indicates that the cabinet file ( needed for the ongoing installation has been corrupted or damaged. Additionally, the cabinet file (2) is not usable for this installation. It is indeed a Microsoft Windows error that occurs when you update QuickBooks or repair its installation. A Microsoft Windows error may occur when updating or repairing a QuickBooks installation:

Error 1335: The cabinet file [] required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used.
Error 1335: This installation requires the cabinet file [2].

When Does QuickBooks Error 1335 Appear?

QuickBooks Error code 1335 signifies that the cabinet file [] required for this installation is corrupt and also the cabinet file [2] required for this installation cannot be used. This is one of the Microsoft Windows errors that occurs while updating QuickBooks or repairing a QuickBooks installation.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1335?

Solution 1: QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool Resolution

To resolve QuickBooks error 1335 follow the simple steps:

• First download and run QBInstallTool.exe file
• Then download the QuickBooksInstallDiagnosticTool.exe file (19.2 MB) which will attempt to rectify this critical QuickBooks issue.
• Then save the file to your desktop.
• To run the tool double click on the file.
• Then you need to select the first option – I am having problems installing QuickBooks and then click OK.

Solution 2: Manual Resolution Steps

If you continue to receive the error after using the QBInstallTool.exe file, go to Solution 2.

Manual resolution to this issue is also possible. If you fail to run the tool successfully you can manually fix the QuickBooks issue by following the following steps mentioned below:

  1. Carry out a hard drive installation of QuickBooks to copy the installation folders from your QuickBooks CD to your hard drive and easily install QuickBooks from your hard drive using the copied files. Still, there is continuous receipt of errors from the CD on a second computer, the CD may run down.
  2. Download QuickBooks and then follow the instructions to Install QuickBooks from a downloaded file.
  3. After that also you continue to receive errors clear the temporary folder and try installing again.
  • Windows 7 or Vista: c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\
  • Windows XP: c:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp

Solution 3: More Possible Causes and Solutions

  1. Sometimes scratches and dust on CD can cause problems in reading. Clean the CD gently and try the installation process again.
  2. The installation issues usually pop up due to insufficient installation memory settings on your computer. You need to check the System Requirements of your system for your QuickBooks software installation and refer to the Microsoft knowledgebase for details on changing these settings:
  3. Antivirus software can also disrupt the installation. You have to temporarily disable antivirus software while installing QuickBooks. Ensure to re-enable the software after installation.

If all the above solutions fail to resolve the issue you can read the read discussions and post messages and questions relating to your issue on the free QuickBooks Community site by Intuit or you can connect with the QuickBooks technical support for guidance and error fixation.

Still Unable to Fix QuickBooks Error 1335?

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