How to Create Work Order in QuickBooks: Desktop & Online

create work order in quickbooks

When you’re working, it is very important to finish the work with a good quality and on time. Now in order to streamline this concept, QuickBooks Work Orders help in arranging invoices in the easiest way possible. Now depending upon the team, resources or the cost, organizations can quickly switch to any mode to make it look like the business is profitable. However, if you are new to this feature and want to upgrade any skill, your workers can easily create a Work Order in QuickBooks. With the help of this blog, we help you to create work order in QuickBooks.

What Is The Work Order for QuickBooks?

The Work Order serves as a crucial document, ensuring the timely completion of assigned tasks. It acts as a stabilizing force within any business organization, providing a detailed record of every step leading to the successful execution of a job. The work order offers vital information, such as the individuals involved in the assignment, as well as the cost of tools, materials, and resources required. It allows for the clear outlining of policies, terms of payments, taxes, and other relevant monetary deposits. Additionally, the work order provides accurate data for processing customer or client orders, ensuring efficient and transparent management of the entire process.

What are the Requirements to Create a Work Order for QuickBooks?

Work Order for QuickBooks

There are a number of advantages for your business if you decide to create work orders in QuickBooks Online. Let’s examine a handful of them.

  • You can estimate the date that the job will be completed by using this option.
  • Which team members are capable of completing this task or project with commitment and profit?
  • The availability of resources, tools, and materials along with any additional costs or their total cost.
  • When a customer places an order, how will they receive the response?
  • Lastly, add any more data or policy requirements that may be necessary.

How to Create a Work Order in QuickBooks?

The features of sales order in QuickBooks Desktop align similarly to the Work Order. QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise both offer a feature that links customer details, employee information, job details, line items, and job costs. To access this feature, follow these steps for a QuickBooks Desktop sales order:

Create a Work Order in QuickBooks
  • From the QB desktop’s top screen, select the “Edit” button.
  • Select “Preferences.”
  • From the menu on the left, choose “Sales and Customers,” then “Company Preferences.”
  • Click “Ok” after checking the “Enable Sales Order” box.
  • In this manner, the “Sales Order” can be successfully created.
  • Use a work order such as this to amend the sales order.
  • Select the “Formatting” tab from the “Create Sales Order Window” menu.
  • Choose “Manage Templates” under “Formatting.”
  • Click “Custom Sales Order,” then “Copy.”
  • In the “Template Name Field,” type the name of the template (such as QuickBooks Work Order).
  • Select “Additional Customization” to make sure every setting is correct.
  • Click on “Header” to make it “Work Order.”
  • Check two boxes next to “Ship Date” to add a field labeled “Scheduling Jobs.”
  • Change the name to reflect the needs of your company (e.g. Schedule date/Job Deadline).
  • Click “Columns” to print the work order.
  • Uncheck the box next to “Rate and Amount” if you do not want the rate and charge to print on the printout.
  • Additionally, you can change or add any information to make it appropriate for an invoice.
  • Make additional modifications in accordance with industry standards.
  • Select “Custom Work Order” from the “Template Drop-Down” Menu on the “Home Screen.”
  • Lastly, your QuickBooks Work Order can be created, opened, viewed, edited, and printed.

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How to Create Work Orders in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Online does not come with a Work Order Feature. However, like the desktop version, there is no need to go for the sales order. One can easily switch to an estimate for work order in QuickBooks Online. Follow this simple process given below:


Quickbooks Estimates

If you are using an outdated or basic version of QuickBooks Online, you can see if the job has been accepted, closed, rejected, or is still waiting. Follow the instructions.

  • When you have logged into QB Online, go to the “Home Page.”
  • To choose “Customers,” click “Create.”
  • To generate estimates automatically, select the “Estimate” option.

Delayed Charge

You can make the transactions without adding them to the “general ledger” by using the delayed charge option. Use these phases to implement the modifications.

  • Click the “Plus (+)” symbol and choose “Delayed Charge.”
  • After entering the information, choose “Close and Save.”

How to Create a Work Order in QuickBooks Online?

To Create a Delayed Charge:

  1. Press the “+ New” icon.
  2. Under the “Customers” tab, click “Delayed Charge.”
  3. Enter the job information.
  4. Hit “Save and Close.”

Understanding Limitations

QuickBooks lacks work order support and thus cannot track work orders. If you choose to modify the sales order form into a work order as a workaround, you can track the revised form with your sales orders. However, this modified form won’t have a separate category.

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By integrating with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions, Creating Work Order in QuickBooks boosts the profitability of your business operations. It facilitates efficient coordination with existing and new customers, enabling timely order receipt and shipment. Upon timely or early job completion, users can print the work order and develop a strategic plan for future objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Create Quickbooks Online Work Order?

Certainly! Creating a work order in QuickBooks Online is possible. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Begin on the “Homepage” of QuickBooks Online.
2. Click on the “Create” button, followed by selecting “Customers.”
3. Choose “Estimate” to automatically generate an estimate.

Is QuickBooks Work Order Important to Create?

Creating a work order is undoubtedly important for businesses. It aids in completing assignments or tasks punctually while maintaining a high level of proficiency.

Which is better: QuickBooks Work Order Online or desktop?

Let’s simplify the comparison: QuickBooks Online caters to companies that value real-time collaboration and enhanced accessibility to their accounting data. It offers a cloud-based solution, making it easily accessible from anywhere and providing seamless collaboration capabilities.
On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop is better suited for businesses that prefer the traditional approach of implementing locally installed software. This option gives them more precise control over their data and provides increased stability. By installing the software on their own computers, they have a greater level of customization and autonomy.

Does QuickBooks Enterprise have work orders?

With the Premier or Enterprise version of QuickBooks, you can seamlessly transform sales orders into work orders. This method allows you to create work orders using the same familiar process as creating sales orders, streamlining your workflow.

How do I create an order for a new QuickBooks product or payroll service?

1. Click “+” and select New
2. Select Purchase Order
3. From the Vendor dropdown, select the vendor
4. Review the Mailing Address
5. If shipping products directly to a customer, select the Ship To dropdown and then Ship Via.
6. Enter the Purchase Order date

How to create a change order in quickbooks online?

change order in quickbooks

Within the change order window, edit your details.

1. Now click add to the add the displayed text on the estimate. 
2. You can edit if you feel the information is not how you want it to be exactly. 
3. Then Press save and close.