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How to Rename QuickBooks Company File?

Rename Your QuickBooks company file

QuickBooks software is designed and marketed by Intuit, in order to help small and medium sized businesses in handling their finances and accounting tasks in a correct and profitable manner. The software basically tackles all your financial tasks in a seamless manner without making same mistakes made while manually working on the same. The software is quite easy to understand and work with and does not require any technical knowledge from your end. Even novice and rarely using computer users can easily manage QuickBooks. However, at times you might need a little guidance to perform certain tasks of the software. One such task is changing the name of the company file.

Renaming of Intuit QB Company File

Process for Renaming QB Company File

Process for Renaming QB Company File

Renaming your company file in the software is not as easy as renaming of document on your computer system is. You have to follow certain steps and instruction to completely change the name without harming the software that might cause certain problems to crop up.

There are many situations in which you might be required to change the name of your company file, such as:

The name of your company is changing and you wish to change it to avoid any confusion in future.
While creating the QuickBooks file you made some errors such as spelling mistake, wrong name etc.
While resolving certain error of QuickBooks you created a new file and wish for it to have the same name as the previous one.

To rename the file follow the enumerated instructions carefully:
First go to the software and open your company file.
To open the Product information window press on F2.
In this window hover the cursor over the file name and note the full name of the file and location of the file.
Close the software.
As per the Operating System used by you, navigate to the location of the file by:
Windows 7 and Vista: On the start button right click your mouse and select the option of Open Windows Explorer.

For Windows 8: Right click the start button and click on File Explorer.
Type in the full name of the file in the space provided.
Once you locate the file, right click on it and select the option of Rename.
Type in the new name of the file in the space provided.
When prompted by the system to verify the change provide confirmation and click on Yes.

This will change the name of the company file. In case you find issue in using the file after changing the name, then you should immediately get in touch with QuickBooks Support team and inform them about the problem in full detail. If you face delay in getting the required help, you can try other alternatives like support agencies that provide similar support. One such agency is called Quickbooks247, that house Intuit certified ProAdvisors and can be easily reached through toll free number ☎ +1-516-494-3146.

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