QuickBooks IIF Files Import Error Troubleshooting

QuickBooks IIF File Import Error

QuickBooks software was designed by Intuit in order to provide small and medium sized businesses an opportunity to manage their finance and accounting part of business without any hassle and problem free. QuickBooks software accords users with as easy way out from manually recording all financial transactions, filling up forms and performing other accounting tasks. As there is limited manual input, the mistake in calculation and other related areas becomes negligible.

What is Quickbooks IIF file

QuickBooks IIF Files Import issues & Errors

Apart from regular financial work, QuickBooks also performs tasks like filling up forms, filing for tax etc. One such task is importing of information and files. Although the task of importing itself is quite easy and hassle free, it does cause issues at times. TO avoid this issue of importing there are certain points that needs to be kept in mind for successful import process. These points are as follows:
Easiest format for importing is IIF, that is, Intuit Interchange Format.
Ensure that while importing IIF file to utilities, it does not consists of lists, transactions or a combination of both.
It is better that you use default accounts of QuickBooks option in your QuickBooks download report settings.
In case of error, the advantage you garner with QuickBooks is that, while displaying the error message, it also informs which transaction resulted in error.
If you avoid the error message and still continue with import process, you will encounter following cases:

If you continue with the process without resolving the error, then all the transactions except the error one will get imported.
In case you cancel the import process, then the transactions already imported will be successful and the ones after the error will not get imported, resulting in process being stopped in the middle.

Fix IIF File Not Importing Into QuickBooks Desktop Pro,Premier , Enterprise

The above points should be kept in mind while importing for success of the process without causing unnecessary hassle for the user. If you still end up in trouble you should immediately get in touch with the QuickBooks customer support team and inform them of the issue without leaving any detail out. If you encounter delay in getting the required help, you can try other support alternatives like support agencies that provide similar support. One such agency is called QuickBooksSupport , that house Intuit certified ProAdvisors and can be easily reached through toll free number

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