Print Gift Card in QuickBooks POS

How to Print your Own Gift Cards from POS?

QuickBooks POS endorses its users with Gift Card features. You just need to purchase the Gift Card directly but it has certain limitations and can be unfriendly to your pocket.

Here is the solution that you can go for: Use your own gift card and print it professionally.

Follow these very easy steps to run your Gift Card as Certificate in QuickBooks POS.

First, you need to ensure that the Gift Certificate Function is successfully Turned-On in your QuickBooks POS and then only you can sell it. Additionally for connect directly to QuickBooks POS Support Number for more information , if can’t enable this feature .

Enable Gift Voucher Option QBPOS

Printing Gift Code QBPOS
Printing Gift Code QBPOS

To turn your Gift Certificate on:

  • Double-click on the QuickBooks POS. A window will open.
  • On the top left corner of the screen, click on the File
  • Now, go to the Preferences and then the
  • In the Sales Section in the Left, click on the Receipt Tendering.
  • Now, in the Payment Method, check whether the Gift Certificate Checkbox is selected or not.
    • If not, click on the check box to select it.
  • Select the Save

How To Sell Gift Code QB Point Of Sale

To sell a gift certificate: Also in case need some more customization QuickBooks USA Support team will help you like adding logo and some extra information on gift voucher .

  • Click on the Make a Sale in the Home Screen.
  • Various payment options are available in the bottom section of the Out of which, click on the Gift and then click on the Gift Certificate
  • Now, click on the checkbox Sell/Purchase Certificate.
  • Now, enter Gift Certificate Number and (No need to manually type the Gift Certificate Number, you can swipe the card or scan through Barcode)
  • Now, select the Save The Gift Certificate will now be visible. The amount in the Make a Sale screen is the same amount as the Selling Amount. The Gift Certificate Amount holds no tax.
  • Now, in the box at the top-right corner: Add a Customer.
  • Now, click on the Payment Method in the Gift Certificate (The Item purchased by the Customer). Now, follow all the on-screen instruction in the Payment Method.
  • Once the payment is accepted, click on Save and Print.
  • In the Print Screen, select the Print a Gift Receipt checkbox.
  • Select the

The experts of MyOnePro team had posted earlier Why User Unable to Print From QuickBooks, the most common reason and easy troubleshooting guide.

When Redeem Pre-Generated Gift Certificate QuickBooks POS

Now, redeem the Gift Certificate.

  • In the Home Screen, click on the Make a Sale.
  • Now, click on the button: Select Item to select the Quick Pick and item List Groups.
  • To make the purchase, Select Customer (This is an optional step).
  • You will see various payment methods at the bottom of the monitor. Click on Gift and then Gift Certificate.

By now, you can fully redeem your Gift Certificate. The Gift Certificate Report should also run and then check how many Gift Certificates are left.

  • Click on the Report Menu and then click on Payment
  • In the Menu of the List, Check the Gift Certificate Number and then check the Credit balance in the Gift Certificate Number.
  • Now, Close the Report.
  • Now, go to the Make a Sale Window, enter the Sold Items or Remaining Gift Certificate (Select the amount which is lower in number).
  • Now, Swipe the Card/Scan the Barcode or Enter the Gift Certificate and then click on Save.

Resolve Issue QBPOS Gift Certificate Printing

Also there be a chance of QuickBooks Error Code if some settings goes wrong, To know more, connect MyOnePro technical support team team via QuickBooks Chat or Toll-Free Number +1 800 301 4813


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