QuickBooks Printable Checks

Printable Checks For QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks contains a lot of rich features that provide competence to create and send customized invoices to clients, come loaded with a simple option to print checks and pay bills. The software is capable of printing single or multiple checks.

It makes your bookkeeping a lot easier and makes your bank reconciliation easier as well. If you follow this practice, all the checks will be in QuickBooks and rather than searching for the handwritten checks and searching for handwritten checks and looking for the details. There is a lot less chance for fraud if you print check this way.

Printing Checks From QuickBooks

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How to set a QuickBooks Check to be printed and pay bills with a printed check:

  • Open the Create menu and select Check
  • Fill on the information that needs like the Payee from the drop down or enter the new name
  • Choose the Bank account from which you are spending and can also check the balance remaining on that account
  • Select the payment date, there is also an option to Print Later with a check mark
  • Unselect this box and put the check no. above ( if you are using a pre-printed check, the check number is not needed)
  • Down below in the Account Details you can mention the reason for printing in the dropdown and also a detailed description
  • Then select the To Be Printed button
  • Press Save & Close – This will record the check in QuickBooks

Now To Print The Check In QuickBooks Desktop

Click on the Create window again, and choose Print Checks

  • Here you will see all the checks to be printed where you will see the latest print you have created

QuickBooks will select all checks in the queue for printing, so if you want to print a specific one, deselect the boxes and chose the right one

  • To print all of them, Click on Preview and Print to open the print window

Print Voucher Checks Without The Voucher Portion

If you have voucher checks but you only need to print the check portion, change the check type to Standard and print a single check at a time:

  • From the left menu Select Expenses >> Select Print checks
  • Go to Alignment and Setup > Choose Standard checks
  • Go to the first page Print field >> Select 1 from the drop-down list
  • Select the one that needs to be printed
  • Select Print

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Printing Your Signature On A Check

  • Click File >> Printer Setup
  • Click Checks/Paycheck
  • Click on the Signature box on the right
  • When Select Signature window appears, Click File >> locate the graphics file and load it on QB
  • Select the checkbox Print Signature Image

At times, while printing bulk checks, some of the checks from the middle may be missing some lines. Printer shut down in the middle of check printing, cut-off checks from above or the bottom, missing vendor address.

Support For QB Check Printing Issues

Are you facing a printer driver issue which is a common issue and a clean install doesn’t help?

If you have any issues writing a check in QuickBooks, you can contact MyOnePro for help. QuickBooks Support Number available round the clock for any issues or query related to QuickBooks. We can help you run payroll correctly, set up direct deposit, and sort out any issues while running the payroll report.

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