QuickBooks POS Error Library Not Registered

Error Library Not Registered QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Gone are the days when organizations had to struggle to manage huge data and make big calculations. All thanks to the QuickBooks POS system as it has made every activity easy and smooth. However, no software that you use comes without an issue and so does the QB POS. There are several technical issues that may interrupt the working but then they can be easily dealt with. QuickBooks POS error Library Not Registered is one of the common errors that users may frequently come across.

With MyOnePro, it becomes easier for you to deal with the errors that arise while using QuickBooks POS system. It offers experts to suggest effective measures to take care of the issues.

 Library Not Registered QBPOS Error

When Library Not Registered Error Occurs QBPOS

So far as the reason behind the software error is concerned, the root cause is the problem with the system file that is present in the OS directory. The interruption affects the overall working of the software, thereby restricting it to function well. There may also be other reasons that lead to the issue, which can be discussed by consulting the QuickBooks USA Support team of MyOnePro provides.

How To Fix QB Point of Sale Library Unregistered Issue

The error is one but the scenarios may be different. Hence, there are two options to deal with the issue based on the environment causing it. The first instance is when you’re already working on the software. The second scenario, on the other hand, is when you are attempting to print tags from QuickBooks POS. If it’s the first instance that’s creating the problem, go for Option 1 and if it’s the second instance that is restricting you from working QB POS then choose Option 2.
Option 1: Go for a Scan

  1. Sign in to your PC as an Administrator
  2. Open CMD on the system
  3. Next step is to run the scan
  5. Click Enter
  6. Make sure no other program is running when you are enabling the scan
  7. Restart your PC after the scanning is complete
  8. Check if QB POS works properly

Option 2: Reinstall the software

  1. Take a backup of the data files that are stored in the software
  2. Uninstall QB POS from the system
  3. Once the software is uninstalled, reinstall it
  4. Open POS
  5. Restore the backup that you have already taken
  6. Print your documents

Though the steps to be followed to resolve the error are easy and simple, you may get stuck in some steps. That’s when you need to consult MyOnePro individuals who gain expertise in handling the QuickBooks Error. As you make your issue clear to them, they will make sure you get rid of it at the earliest.

Troubleshooting Library Registration Error Intuit QBPOS V18,V13, V12

Moreover, besides discussing the technical issue, you can also connect with its QuickBooks technical experts to be aware of the software basics as an amateur user. They are available to help and assist you 24*7. You just need to call on QuickBooks POS Contact Number team on toll free +1-516-494-3146 or you can avail the help from QuickBooks Live Chat team .


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