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What Is QuickBooks Payroll ABA File

Do you know you can use QuickBooks to pay your Employees and Suppliers electronically? ABA (Australian Bankers’ Association) can help you in generating this. It uses an electronic file to contain the data and then it gets uploaded directly to the banking system via online mode. It has never been easy to pay to suppliers and bulk payments in QuickBooks Online.

Usually, there is a 9-digit number assigned to your bank. This 9-digit code helps you in identifying you bank on which the files are uploaded electronically. ABA file format is used to prepare electronic payment files.

ABA File in QuickBooks Payroll
ABA File in QuickBooks Payroll

How to Setup Or Create ABA Files In QuickBooks

Here is how you can set this up right. Upload this to your bank for your payments.

Step 1: To process the payment, you need to set up the bank account

  1. Go to the settings –> Gear Icon. Select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click on the Bank Account (Here, you need to make payment form)
  3. Now, select Down arrow (at right-hand side) to select the Edit option.
  4. A pop-up will appear on your monitor. The message on the pop-up “I Create Batch Payments for this Account.” Select the Box next to it.

You will see New Fields, here you need to enter Account Number, BSB and Bank Code. You also need to enter your bank “Direct Entry User ID,” depends on the bank you are dealing in.

One thing that you need to do is there are some banks that need to have an auto-balancing batch of the transaction within the file. If it is so, go to the bottom box. If you don’t get the information that you require, connect with the bank to get the required number. Or even a QuickBooks US Support team will help to connect with right person from the bank.

Step 2: Get payment through ABA to set up supplier

Select the supplier to whom you want to pay via ABA file. (this file is set up for all the suppliers separately) and then click on Edit in your supplier.

You will see a pop-up window which will include details of the suppliers. You will see an option at the down-right corner of the screen “I Create Batch Payment to Pay this Supplier.” Click on the box. Now, enter BSB, Account Number, Account Name and Payment Details in the form of Text. Now, select Save.

Step 3: To Prepare the ABA electronic file

Now that your setup has been completed for supplier and the bank, here is how you have to pay the bill batch. To pay such bills:

  1. In the top middle part of the screen, click on the Quick Create Button. Now, go to the Supplier’s, select pay bills.
  2. Now, on the top-left corner, select the Bank Account for the payment through ABA file once you click on up/down arrow.

Point to be Noted: While doing this, the save button will change to Create Batch Payment Button in the down-right corner of your screen.

ABA File Errors & Issue Troubleshooting

Get in touch with MyOnePro team on QuickBooks Chat in case having issues or any QuickBooks error message displayed on the screen while creating an ABA File in QB. In many cases due to insufficient permission “Unable to Create ABA Files In QuickBooks “.At MyOnePro we have skilled Proadvisor who are not only providing QuickBooks Support since last five years, but also able to fix technical issue & guide you how to work smoothly with your Books while using QB.
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