QuickBooks ACH (NACHA) File Creator

How To Create NACHA File QuickBooks For ACH ?

The QuickBooks gets integrated directly with Direct Deposit and you can avail of this option in Banking Menu in QuickBooks. This can be used for creating Direct Deposits for Vendors and Employees. You can also create Payment Checks, Checks and Paychecks.

It uses QuickBooks Data to create NACHA File that you can easily submit to your bank. These are very significantly formatted text file that comprises Direct Deposit Data. No bank will refuse to accept the files directly. MyOnePro had posted earlier all about QuickBooks NACHA file .

Generate NACHA File QB Desktop

How does it work?

The Direct Deposit File Creator merges bank routing and QuickBooks’ Checks. It also merges Records of the Vendors along with the Employees’ Account Number. Then, it creates the NACHA File using the data that comprises Direct Deposit Orders. Get more details connect to QuickBooks USA Support team of MyOnePro .

You can print and have a look at the summary report indicating total order and the number of orders that cover NACHA File.

Advantages Of Using NACHA File QuickBooks

How does it benefit you?

If you use Direct Deposit File Creator, it will benefit you in various ways.

  • For each paycheck, you can create Direct Deposit Orders for maximum 7 bank account.
  • You can make Direct Deposit Orders as per your requirements (for all different bank accounts comparable to only 2 orders that you use with the help of QuickBooks DD Services.
  • For each bank, you can create more 2 or more orders. (14 orders that you can create for 7 bank account.)

Create Checks and Paychecks “Reminder,” where net pay is greater than Direct Deposits

For Net Pay greater than the Checks, you can easily print reminder check. You can include more or more DD Orders for paychecks and checks where Net Pay is still more than the total pay.

Instance: You can set up DD Order of $200 to the saving account of the employee and the rest of the Paycheck can be printed as Live Check.

You can use 2-7 DD Orders to create Checks. Here, up to Six can be used as a fixed amount and the additional one is the Sweep Item so that you can capture the remaining Net Pay.

Percentage and Fixed Amount can also be mixed using multiple DD Orders and the amount can be collectively added up to the net pay so that no reminder paper check is left for printing. Now, the $50 deduction for retirement, for Saving $500 and the rest will be sent to the checking account of the employees.

Bill payment, Regular Check and Paycheck Direct Deposit Order in one go.

You don’t need to use two different services or interfaces in different steps to get your orders submitted. All can be attempted at once.

The Bank Account Number (Configuration Data) is stored and all the information is gathering from the QuickBooks so that you don’t need any re-entry of the data.

Through the instruction, all the steps of setting up the Direct Deposit Order item along with Bank Account of Vendor and Employee will be clear to you.

Error Creating NACHA File QuickBooks Payroll

MyOnePro provides all information after inspecting and analyzing all steps in standard format. Chances to fail after following all steps is less, but in case you need further assistance call QuickBooks Support Number to discuss freely whatever come in your mind. Even MyOneProToll-Free +1 800 301 4813


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