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QuickBooks Backup Error 1117

QB Desktop Backup Error Code 1117

QuickBooks is mainly used to manage your company files and transaction records so it is obvious that you would like to keep a backup of these files to save them from any problems. However, at times, when you try to create a backup of your QuickBooks, you may come across certain error messages such as “System Error 1117”. In this post, we are going to talk about what this error means and how it can be resolved.


What Causes The QuickBooks Backup Error 1117?

There can be numerous reasons why you receive the Error 1117 while trying to back up your files. Some of the reasons that could cause that error are:

  • Backup location is no longer accessible
  • The name of the file size exceeds the limitation of 65 characters.
  • Damage in the company file or QuickBooks Corrupted issue .
  • Missing or damaged Network Data file used by the QuickBooks to access company files over the network.

How To Fix QB Desktop Error Code 1117 ?

How can you resolve a QuickBooks Backup Error 1117?

To resolve the QuickBooks Desktop Error 1117, there are multiple techniques you can follow. Below, we have discussed a few of those methods that you can try to fix this issue.

Option #1: Rename the file and erase any special character(s) from the file name. To do so, you have to:

  • Right click the file name, and then choose the Renameoption
  • Next, give the file a new name and make sure that you avoid using any special characters in the company file name.
  • Finally, press Enterand you should be able to back up the file now.

Option #2: Repair the company file

As mentioned above, there could be many reasons why you are unable to back up a company file. One of those reasons could be that the company file got affected. To fix this, it is best suggested to use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool and troubleshoot any data damage.

Option #3: Verify true backup file

  • One of the most important things to remember to ensure that you have the right backup file is to ensure that it isn’t less than 6 MB.
  • To ensure that, you have to cross check or verify the size of the file after you are done with the backup process.
  • Next, right-click on “File” and then press “Properties” to check the size of the file.
  • If the size shows that it is less than 6 MB, this implies that it is not the right backup file. In this scenario, you are required to create a new backup.

Option #4: Use the same or a newer version of the QuickBooks software

When restoring the backup file. To confirm the version of the software you are using, especially while restoring the backup file, you can simply make use of the QuickBooks File Manager.

Option #5: Do not overwrite an existing file

  • When you are creating a backup, you must ensure that the file is saved in a location that can be easily accessed when you need to.
  • If, by mistake, you are trying to save the file with a name that already exists in that folder, you will see a prompt on your screen that says “The file name exists, Would you like to overwrite this file?”
  • Click “No” and change the name of the new file so it doesn’t overwrite the existing one.

Option #6: Run the Verify/Rebuild Utility Tool:

Resolve any data issues within the company file using the QuickBooks Verify/Rebuild Utility Tool. Follow the steps below to perform these steps:

  • To manually repair QuickBooks, go to the “QuickBooks File” menu, and select “Utilities and Rebuild data”.
  • Next, to verify, go to the “QuickBooks file” menu option again and move to the “Utilities and Verify data” option.

Option #7: Create a backup for the Company File on an external hard drive or flash drive

At this point, if you are still encountering the QuickBooks Backup Error 1117, you have to create a backup of the company file on a local hard drive partition on your system as well as on an external drive. To do so, you have to

  • Go to the “File” menu and select “Save Copy or backup”
  • Now, choose the backup copy and click “Next”
  • Select the “Local Backup” option and press “Next”
  • Press “Save it now” when you see the prompt and select “Next”
  • Next, click “Browse” to find the location on the local drive where you would like save the local backup and then press “Save”
  • Once done, minimize QuickBooks desktop and locate the backup that you saved on the local drive
  • Now, right-click on “File” and press “Copy”
  • Open the “Windows Explorer Window”
  • Double-click the external drive icon to open it
  • Finally, right-click on the empty space inside the window and press “Paste”

Find the guide which helps you to understand QuickBooks Won’t Back Up Company File or QuickBooks Backup Not Working Issue.

Option #8: Set up QuickBooks desktop to use the new company file name. To do so, you have to:

  • Go to QuickBooks file menu and press on “open” or “restore an existing company” file
  • Press “open a company file” and then click on “Next”
  • Select the name of the new company file and press “Open”

Technical Support QB Error Warning 1117

How to get support & help if the issue is still not resolved?

The QuickBooks Error 1117 could cause a major problem if it is not resolved on time. This is why it is highly suggested that you try to fix it as soon as you come across that error. If you have already tried all of the above options and are still facing the same problem, you have to seek professional assistance by getting in touch with our 24/7 USA QuickBooks Support staff via phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How To Confirm The QuickBooks Version Using The QuickBooks File Manager?

    Open QuickBooks and press either F2 or Ctrl + 1. The software will display the “Product Information” window. The first line of the Product Information window has the QuickBooks product version followed by the release number.

  2. How To Manually Repair QuickBooks?

    To Repair QuickBooks Company Filecreate backup of the company file, reboot the computer, and then follow the below mentioned steps:
    1. Open the “Windows Start” menu and click “Control Panel”
    2. Choose “Programs and Features” and click “Uninstall or change a program”
    3. Select QuickBooks from the list of the programs and click “Uninstall/Change”
    4. Click “Continue” and then press “Next”
    5. Now, press “Repair” and select “Next”
    6. Next, choose “Finish”
    7. Finally, update the QB software to the latest version

  3. How To Manually Update QB Software To The Latest Version?

    Before updating the software to the latest version, verify which version you are using by opening QuickBooks and pressing F2 to Ctrl + 1. To manually update to the latest version, you must:

    1. Go to download page of Intuit website
    2. From the product dropdown, choose the QuickBooks product you want
    3. Now, from the version dropdown, select the correct year
    4. Press “get the latest update” and hit “Save” or “Save File” to get the update
    5. After you are done downloading the update, double-click on it to update your QuickBooks
    6. Lastly, restart your computer to make sure that all the changes are effective

    Also, you can do the following task when QuickBooks Update Files Missing Error occurred.

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