QuickBooks Blocked By Windows Firewall

All the organizations whether it is medium-small need any accounting software which helps everyone to assist not only in the latest tools but also provides a trustable and advanced platform. Intuit has been developed designed by Intuit. All the updations developed by the Intuit targeted towards the small and medium-sized businesses. Today below topic covers the names of the issues “QuickBooks Blocked By Windows Firewall”. Let’s start the journey.

Why Windows Firewall Issue Come During QuickBooks Install, Update, Upgrade

What is the reason for the firewall blocking QuickBooks?

Most of user facing firewall blocking issue while going for QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Installation .
Below are the reasons for the blocking of QuickBooks through the firewall. Users should need to know things.

  • Closed Parts – Sometimes when the ports which are used by the application to access the internet are not forwarded by the computer, and this creates the error. The specific ports used by the application need to be forwarded by the user to work properly. QuickBooks doesn’t have a wide range of ports and hence it uses the specific ports varies upon the version of the QuickBooks
  • Blocked in firewall – Sometimes application is blocked by the windows firewall, sometimes third-party antivirus programs also block the same.

After understanding the basic reasons for the issues you can easily troubleshoot the steps as mentioned below this QuickBooks Error .

How To Fix Microsoft Windows Firewall Block Error ?

Solutions Mentioned below

Solution 1 – Configuring the Firewall Ports

The firewall must be configured to allow the application to access the internet. You can automatically configure those ports but anyway if you don’t want to do, follow the below steps:

  1. Now first open the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” > > click on “Port Monitor”
  2. Note down the “port number ” mentioned for the application
  3. Open the settings by pressing the “Windows +I” > > click on “Update and security”
  4. Now select the “Windows Security” from the left pane and click”Firewall and Network Security” option
  5. Choose the “advanced settings “
  6. Now a new window will appear, here click the inbound rules options and select “New rules “
  7. chose port and click Next
  8. Click on TCP and select the “Specified Local Ports”
  9. Now different ports are depending upon the version you are using
  • For 2019 QuickBooks Server Manager mention; 8019
  • For 2018 QuickBooks Server Manager mention; 8019, 56728, 55378-55382
  • For 2017 QuickBooks Server Manager mention; 8019, 56727, 55373- 55377
  • For 2016 QuickBooks Server Manager mention; 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
  1. Click Next and > > select Allow the connection
  2. Now select Next and select the 3 options comes to the right side
  3. Click on Next and mention a new name for the new rule
  4. Select Next after mentioning the name and click Finish
  5. Now repeat the above process for outbound Rule and once all is done check if the errors still exist or not

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Note : If you are using QuickBooks Hosting to access QB software then ask the cloud administrator to open port .

  • Learn about QuickBooks Blocked By Administrator problem when user try to login or open QB software .

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