QuickBooks Blocked By Administrator

One of the common error encounters while operating with QuickBooks is the Windows Administrator Permission problem. This is experienced while attempting to open the company file via QuickBooks. It might be due to ongoing background application liable for initializing one of the QuickBooks .exe document would be neglecting to do as such. So authentication privileges are responsible for this error. This topic will help you to provide relevant information on how to troubleshoot QuickBooks blocked by administrator issue. Before proceeding to apply these fixing process , you should have in depth knowledge of Windows OS and Networking , moreover QuickBooks Support Number works 24×7 to assist you in case you are looking for experts help .

Unblock Windows Admin Lock QuickBooks Desktop

How to fix window administrator required error?

This error is caused when a user tries to open QuickBooks Desktop POS. The below-mentioned factors involved in the cause of this error message:

  • You attempt to login QuickBooks through another mode rather than Windows Administrator
  • Corrupted Windows user
  • Inaccurate installation of point of sale

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How To Fix Administrator Block QuickBooks Desktop

Troubleshooting steps to resolve QuickBooks Blocked By Administrator:

Solution 1-Execute QuickBooks Point of Sale through Administrator:

  • Reboot your system to ensure entire active applications are closed
  • You need to locate and right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop POS option on Desktop and then choose Run as Administrator.

Solution 2- Perform QBPOS Database Manager:

  • Locate your keyboard and then hit on Windows+R to display the run command
  • Enter services.msc and then click on Ok
  • Select QBPOS Database Manager along with version and after this click on Properties
  • Change the startup type named Automatic
  • Now restart the service.

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Solution 3-Modify user account control settings:

UAC enhance user security. The main objective of User Account Control is to protect the system from sudden operating system attacks, crashes and exposure. An administrator is permitted to execute applications, processes, and components. Moreover, it can modify the privilege for particular administrative system processes and application functions. More details about QuickBooks UAC Settings by MyOnePro team .

Switching off of UAC is needed during troubleshooting QuickBooks Desktop errors so it is suggested to switch it off to prevent the security hazards on your system

UAC Settings To Open QB Software

Following are the steps to modify UAC settings on Windows 7,8,8.1,10:

  • Locate keyboard and display Run window through pressing Windows+R
  • Enter Control Panel and then click on OK
  • Choose User Accounts and then click on User Accounts
  • Click on Change user account control settings and proceed with yes
  • Move the slider and change the setting to Never Notify and then click on OK to switch off UAC
  • If you set Always Notify and then click on OK then UAC is turned On (if you need to turn On then click on Yes)
  • Restart the system

You should be cautious about UAC settings otherwise QuickBooks Has Stopped Working issue will come.

Solution 4-Make a new Windows Administrator:

To embed windows users and to provide them permissions to perform modifications is important so that QuickBooks Desktop execute properly.

For multi-user mode, there is a need to log in as administrator mode. When you sign-in with admin rights you can easily modify the settings like folder permissions, firewall settings and Database server Manager Admin rights.

Following are the steps to create a Windows user through admin mode:

  • Locate start option
  • Choose All programs
  • Search for Windows Small Business Server
  • Choose Windows SBS Console
  • Choose Users and Groups and then click on Add a new user account option
  • Enter the user information and then follow the instruction on wizard named Add a new user
  • Provide the new user administrator rights
  • Click on finish once you are done
  • Give access to specific QuickBooks programs
  • Follow the steps to provide programs admin rights
  • Locate QuickBooks Desktop
  • Discover the start menu and open Control Panel
  • Choose User Accounts
  • Locate QBDataServiceUserXX with a preferred version
  • Click on change the account type and then hit on Administrator
  • Choose Change Account Type
  • Click on Apply to save modification you have done.

Solution 5- Execute a clean reinstall:

Clean reinstallation is essential to resolve issues encounter due to inaccurate installation. Following are the steps to run a clean reinstall:

  • Create a backup
  • Collect license and product key of the software
  • Firstly uninstall QuickBooks POS
  • Give new names to POS related folders
  • Reinstall POS
  • Company files restoring

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Technical Support Unblock QB Pro, Premier , Enterprise

It is hoped that you can discover this article as useful and much handy to fix QuickBooks Blocked By Administrator error. In any case, you feel any doubts about the above solutions or you feel you are not proficient to handle any QuickBooks Error. You can go with another option of chatting with one of the experts or send an email for further assistance


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