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How does Company Snapshot Work?
QuickBooks Company Snapshot report accords you a complete details gives you a great overview of the cash flow in and out of your business, also the capability to analyze your business to others in your industry. To access the company snapshot report:

⭕ Go to the Reports tab
⭕ Select Company Snapshot
⭕ install the Adobe Flash Player plug-in (this will require you to close all browser windows) and then try to access the report again.

In case user want to add specific information in QB Company Snapshot and unable to do contact QuickBooks US Support .
When the report opens you will see four sections:

🔵 In the top-left box you will see a graphical representation of the five Income accounts with the most income for the selected period. All other accounts are lumped into a category “Other”.
🔵 The top-right box will show a pie graph of the five Expense accounts with the greatest expenses for the selected period. All other expenses are listed under the “Other” category.
Note: You can click on the Income and Expense pie charts to “drill down” to more detailed reports.
🔵 The next set of boxes are Previous Year Income and Expense Comparison charts.  These charts have been added to allow you to compare income and/or expenses from year to year.  You can click on the chart itself to see a the detailed data used to make up the chart you see in this section.
🔵 The bottom-left box lists all the Customers who owe you money and their current open balance amount.
🔵 The bottom-right box shows all the Vendors/Suppliers you owe money to and your current open balance with them.
🔵 In the top-right corner of each box is a Print icon. Click the icon to view the Print Preview page for the chart in that box. To print, click the Print button in the top-left corner of the Print Preview page.

If you’d like to do some comparison reporting between your company and others in your industry, you can use the Scorecard, also located in the Reports tab.

Because of the unique nature of this report, you will notice the following limitations:
🔴 No customization.
🔴 No ability to export to Excel, PowerPoint, or to copy and paste into other applications.
🔴 This QuickBooks online feature is only available in Essentials and Plus. 

How to Customize the Company Snapshot in QuickBooks With Information & Graphic Reports

One of the reasons QuickBooks is so popular is the ease in which you can get reports of your financial activity. On summary reports you can “drill down” on a specific number in a report to see the underlying transactions; taking out the guess work of where a number came from.

In Chapter 14 of  Laura Madeira’s QuickBooks 2013 In Depth you will learn about the many ways you can access, modify, and memorize often-used reports.

The Company Snapshot (see below) is one convenient place to review company information and perform important tasks. The QuickBooks Company Snapshot offers a real-time view of your company’s critical information. The Company Snapshot provides insight into your business using a variety of analytic and performance indicators readymade for your use.

Customizing the QB Company Snapshot

QuickBooks offers the capability to customize the snapshot information on both a user and company-file specific basis, which can be helpful in multiuser environments. To customize your Company Snapshot, follow these steps:
🔷 From the menu bar, select Company, Company Snapshot to view the default graphs and reports.
🔷 Click Add Content to view and select from additional graphs and reports, as shown here:
🔷 Click the + Add button next to a graph or report to add it to your Company Snapshot.
🔷 Click Restore Default to remove any graphs or reports you added.
🔷 Click Done to view your modified Company Snapshot.

To rearrange the order or placement of a graph and report, click and hold your left mouse button (a four-pointed arrow displays) drag the item to a new location, and release the button.

If you wish to print the details of the snapshot, select one of the following options from the Print menu in the upper-right corner to print your snapshot, or prepare it for printing: Print, Print Preview, or Set Orientation.
Get an immediate view of the bottom line of your business with these reports available on the QuickBooks Company Snapshot:

🔰 Account Balances—View Balance Sheet accounts by default is shown. You can add any other account type to this view by clicking the Select Accounts link.
🔰 Previous Year Income Comparison—View how much money you are making this year compared to previous years for any or all accounts. You can view monthly, quarterly, weekly, or yearly comparisons.
🔰 Income Breakdown—View your company’s largest sources of income.
🔰 Previous Year Expense Comparison—Compare how much money you are spending this year to previous years for any or all accounts. You can view monthly, quarterly, weekly, or yearly comparisons.
🔰 Expense Breakdown—View your company’s biggest expenses.
🔰 Income and Expense Trend Graph—View where the money goes in and out of your business.
🔰 Top Customers by Sales—Easily report on who your top five customers are based on sales for a given period of time.
🔰 Best Selling Items—Know which items and services customers are buying the most during a given period of time. You can view the data by amount or by units.
🔰 Customers Who Owe Money—Review those customers who owe your company money. Overdue items are shown in red. To sort any of the columns, click the column header in any of the panes. The Due Date shown is the earliest due date for all invoices or statement charges for that customer.
🔰 Top Vendors by Expense—View your top five vendors based on expenses for a given period of time.
🔰 Vendors to Pay—Skip running the aged payable report by adding this section to your Company Snapshot. Amounts shown in red are past due. To sort any of the columns, click the column header. The Due Date shown is the earliest due date that the vendor bills are due. The Amt Due column is the total ending balance for that vendor.
🔰 Reminders—Never forget important tasks. Include these critical reminders on your Company Snapshot. Click the Set Preferences link in the Reminders box to customize what information you want displayed.

Help & Technical Support Intuit QB Company Snapshot

In case you need further assistance you can connect with QuickBooks 24/7 support Phone Number. You can approach the team through email, phone and live chat option. Alternatively you can call to the reliable support agencies like MyOnePro that hires competent QB experts who assure quick resolution.

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