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QuickBooks Connect 2018

Get Ready for QuickBooks Connect 2018 Event

An Event to Serve the Purpose of Dreamers and Doers

The biggest event in the accounting world has made its registry in the calendar for November 5–7 in San Jose, CA

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The Event is specifically aimed to provide an Experience that can help you understand the important aspects of your business to boost its growth.

  1. The Industrial Experts lead a workshop to provide valuable insight into business
  2. You get real advice as per your business requirements to mark your presence in the market.
  3. Get valuable feedback from entrepreneurs and know their journey of success.

QuickBooks Connect is Technically and Professionally a different Accounting Event than any other events. This is specifically devoted to everyone who is related to QuickBooks: from individuals to Accountants, ProAdvisor or Bookkeepers so that they can enhance their expertise on the professional front. These are the three audiences that it is aimed at. It also put pressure on Cloud-based apps.

Past Experience

This Event is particularly about the relationship you build with people and friendship.

If you are travelling alone, this is the best way to get connected with your ProAdvisor. It is very busy to share and build your links. Say Hello to the one sitting beside you, exchange your business card and follow them on social platforms.

Sam Rotberg shares his experience at QuickBooks Connect in 2015. He said that when he had gone there, he was neither acquainted with anyone nor were anyone with him. He also said that it was very important to realize that time that they all were sailing in the same boat.

Everyone bears a great knowledge of one’s industry and the learning process hasn’t yet stopped, we continue to learn a lot in different areas. No need to make yourself feel inferior to anyone else. Just make yourself comfortable with the one sitting next to you. Talk to them, make yourself comfortable and stay assured they’ll also do the same with you.

The Talks You Should Not Miss

It is the right platform for self-employed individuals: following creative passion, freelancers or involved in sideline work to improve net earnings, QuickBooks Connect has something special for you as well. There is always lot more around you from who started small and now en-route to making a growing organization.

It is not about something innovative and amazing only for developers, everyone will have something to learn here. For Developers, it is best for them to know how developers are performing and applying schemes for enhancing, exploring and increasing the capabilities of the QuickBooks and its features. The best they can get at QuickBooks Connect 2018 is different app and software ideas from many potential users (from accountants to business owners)

This event opens a large platform of opportunities for Bookkeepers, Accountants and ProAdvisor to go beyond their knowledge through breakout sessions with industry experts. It will also help them understand the trend to be focused on to register great success. They will also get the opportunity to meet owners of small-scale industries as well as developers to understand each other’s needs and requirements.

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