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Multiple Invoicing Using QB POS

Last modified on November 23rd, 2022 at 10:14 am

QB user often want to send same purchase order or invoices to Multiple Invoicing Using QB POS, because sending invoice to each customer is time taking process So user want to batch processing of Invoices . Lets MyOnePro will describe complete process of entering multiple payments, sending many invoices and Batch Invoicing process while using QuickBooks Point of Sale.

QuickBooks Point of Sale system has appeared to be a necessary tool for small, medium, and large enterprises. This is because it has made so many functions easy to be carried out by users. More detail user can get in touch with QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number anytime.

While using the software application, however, there are difficulties that arise with invoicing. Creating invoices is one of the most important functions of the QB POS system. But many users are unaware that they are open to multiple invoicing using QB POS. You can connect with our MyOnePro USA QuickBooks Support team to know the benefits and procedure to be followed to do the same.

QB Point of Sale Batch Invoicing – Benefits

With the evolution of your business sphere, the number of clients, vendors, and customers increase with which increases your need to prepare and print multiple invoices. QuickBooks Point of Sale makes it easy for users to print multiple invoices.

In case when there some blocking issue on server than there be a chance QuickBooks Will not send Email Invoices and user need to be fixed, but its advisable to all users to first send a test invoice to yourself to check whether all settings are correct or not.

Rather than printing one invoice for one client/vendor/customer one-by-one, you can go for multiple printing of invoices. It saves your time and effort. You can utilize the time saved to attract more leads.

QB POS Multiple Invoicing – Scenarios

There may be two scenarios when it comes to multiple invoicing:

  • One invoice, multiple customers: This is the case when a set of products and services sold to multiple consumers is the same. This type falls under batch invoicing where QuickBooks software creates one invoice for multiple customers as selected by users.
  • One customer, multiple invoices: When you sell a varied range of products and services, you may have the same customer purchasing different products and services from you. Here one customer needs to be sent multiple invoices depending on the products he has bought.

Want to know Can email invoices from QuickBooks desktop? the answer is yes MyOnePro gives the complete instruction also find the process of Send QuickBooks Email All Customers .

QB POS Multiple Invoicing – How to print?

Step 1: Flag Invoices

  1. Click the (+) sign beside Invoice
  2. Complete the invoice as usual
  3. Include customer email id if you’re planning to send an email to them
  4. You can now either tick the Send later checkbox or Print or Review and then Print later
  5. Click Save . This will save the invoice
  6. Repeat the same for all invoices you aim at printing

Step 2: Print multiple invoices at once

  1. Browse to QuickBooks dashboard
  2. Choose Sales
  3. Click All Sales
  4. Select Filter drop-down menu
  5. Now enter the invoice details
  6. Select the boxes that appear beside the transactions to be printed
  7. Select all invoices one-by-one to line them for multiple invoice printing
  8. Choose Batch Actions from the drop-down list after you have added the invoices to be printed
  9. Select Print Transactions
  10. The software will print the invoices

To make sure the invoices reach the inbox of customers, you can choose Send Transactions rather than Print Transactions from the Batch Actions list available in the drop-down menu.

To know more about the process, you can contact MyOnePro QB helpdesk and they will let you know whatever you want to know. Even a case if you want to learn How To Recover Deleted Invoices QuickBooks contact us .

Get Experts Help QB Multi Invoice Setup Issues QuickBooks POS

Even setting up batch invoice process in quite simple and user can do easily by the process mentioned above. But there is a chance or something went wrong Call MyOnePro QuickBooks Support Number for expert guidance, either just ping agents with QuickBooks Chat Support or you can dial toll free number +1-516-494-3146.

All the details that you want to be included in the invoicing are stored and used in the company file. Being an owner, having a 24/7-access to the company data file is necessary. To enjoy the access, therefore, you can opt for the cloud hosting services for QuickBooks. This will enable you to monitor the file from anywhere at any time via any device.

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