QuickBooks Contractor 2022

QuickBooks Desktop Contractor 2022 Edition

Let’s discuss the insights of the special edition of QuickBooks premier desktop named QuickBooks contractor. Well! It is obvious that whenever there is a need for an accounting system enriched with tailored-made specific features for the construction industry then the contractor is the best answer. QuickBooks Contractor 2022 has been introduced with enhanced options to organize the budget and efficiently manage the business. MyOnePro exploring all new features of recently launched QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and its related terminologies.

What Are The New Features In QuickBooks Contractor 2022?

Walk-through the below options available in QuickBooks contractor 2022 and how its better than QuickBooks Contractor 2021 Edition.

  • Bill Workflow Approvals: Increase the transparency and manage the cash flow with the new option named bill workflows approval. It allows you to customize bill workflow. In a single dashboard, you can maintain the entire cash flow and monitor bills. Set reminders to notify the employee about approval deadline, simple to set up approval workflows to perform the out of box task more efficiently. Get more details about QuickBooks Reminder Setup in easy steps .
  • Fasten Bill Payments: It contains time-saving options to schedule and pay bills. You can select the funding source, a physical form, or a digital form according to the vendors. The system automatically saves the mark for the paid bills and also sends you a notification regarding sent money.
  • Desktop Mobile App For Bill Automation: You can save your time using QuickBooks automate feature to auto-fill Bill using an email address in QuickBooks Desktop. Also use an image, import, and review button to permit vendors to Send An Email Directly To QuickBooks . The detail gets automatically drafted to automatically reviewed in the future. Moreover, you can link files to the bill transactions for ease of audit trails.
  • Connect Documents To Transactions: Link documents to transactions more quickly by uploading them through QB desktop mobile app. Moreover, you can connect multiple documents simultaneously. This option in turn helps in eliminating the requirement to store physical documents.
  • Bill Payments Stubs Customization: Consistent email communication is an essential task in an organization. This system helps in customizing bill payment stubs to the vendors. It helps in saving time by instant emailing bill payment stubs to different vendors at once. Moreover, simplify logo editing, balance paid to date, and more options within QuickBooks contractor 2022 . Find out more details and information regarding How To Create QuickBooks PayStubs step by step .
  • Get An Option To Select Multiple Email Contacts: You can choose the correct multiple recipients from the customer and vendor contact list to send an email. It helps in decreasing QuickBooks Errors that usually take place while entering manual email addresses. Complete process of Send Bulk Email QuickBooks

explained by team of MyOnePro .

How To Download QuickBooks Contractor 2022 ?

  • Open the QuickBooks official website
  • Locate the page named Download and update
  • Now follow the below-mentioned steps to directly click on a QuickBooks desktop download link:
  • Click Download and updates window
  • Select the country, version, and product you need to download
  • Click Download tab

A Moreover, the team of MyOnePro pointed out all the terms you have to fill for QuickBooks 2022 Download, as well as Canadian users can get a direct link to Download QuickBooks Canada 2022 Edition.

Minimum System Requirements For QuickBooks Contractor 2022

  • Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10, all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows Server 2012, Essentials and Standard
  • Linux: OpenSuse Leap 15.1, 15.2,Fedora 31, 32
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Stable internet connection
  • Minimum 2.4 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM
  • Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution
  • A 4X DVD-ROM drive is needed for physical CD installations

How To Install QuickBooks Contractor 2022 ?

  • Once you have successfully downloaded the file
  • Now check the minimum system requirements to download QB contractor to proceed with the QuickBooks 2022 Installation of the application without any delay
  • Make sure have your license and product number with you
  • Next, you are prepared to start the installation process
  • Search the downloaded file with .exe extension
  • After this follow the instructions that appear on the next window
  • Hit option labeled I accept the license agreement
  • Choose option Next
  • It will appear a Window asking you to enter the product & license number in the fields
  • Fill the field named license number you get when you buy the license of QuickBooks contractor 2022
  • Now Hit the Next tab
  • It displays the below two tabs to proceed with the installation process:
  • Network Install
  • Express Install
  • Here is the list of instructions to follow the express installation if you are using first time-user:
  • Select Express tab
  • Hit Next
  • After the completion of the process then launch QuickBooks
  • For QuickBooks Multi-User Network Setup follow the below instructions:
  • Give a click on the Custom and Network button
  • Choose Next tab
  • Now click on the option describing the usage of QuickBooks
  • Hit the tab labeled “Change the install location
  • Give a click on the Browse option
  • Hit the Next button to proceed with the installation procedure
  • Now wait for fewer minutes till the installation process complete
  • Select Open QuickBooks
  • On-clicking it will start the QuickBooks Desktop activation process
  • Now start the QB activation procedure. Below are the activation steps for QuickBooks contractor 2022:
  • Open QuickBooks
  • Choose the tab named Help
  • Select Activate QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now verify the information displayed on the Window

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Contractor 2022 Version?

Here is the list of instructions to upgrade the QB contractor older version to 2022:

  • Open the QuickBooks software
  • Hit Help option
  • Choose the tab named Update QuickBooks
  • It will display window
  • Click on the Update now button
  • You require to unselect the unrequired data
  • Unselect it and then hit on the “Check Update
  • Choose the “Get update” tab
  • Now wait for the update procedure to begin
  • Accept the option named “I accept all terms & conditions
  • Hit Continue tab
  • Once the procedure completes then restart the system
  • Launch the QuickBooks

Do you want to learn How To Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop with complete details of data conversion and migration, then check out a small study by MyOnePro .

Buy 2022 QB Contractor With Payroll Subscription

QuickBooks contractor with payroll permits the tasks to ensure 1099 Independent Contractors and temporary W2 Workers are paid on time. The Contractor payroll services assist you in onboarding independent contractors and gathering the forms you’ll require for tax reporting at end-of-year. Here is the list of benefits in QuickBooks contractor with payroll:

  • Low-cost contractor payroll services
  • Simplify time data imports
  • Direct integration
  • Efficient payment processing
  • Self-service portal to update the personal information and then download the tax forms
  • Automated payment rates and taxes
  • Ease of paying checks, automatic electronic tax filing, W-2s & direct deposit
  • 20+ reporting tabs including EEO, Certified payroll, and new hire
  • Unlimited payroll support and live construction payroll experts
  • Manages complex construction payroll errors
  • Integration with accounting system, fringe & plus HR management services

You many surprised when you will know that you can e-File Payroll Tax Without QuickBooks Payroll Subscription, Yeah sure! Find the full details and guide by MyOnePro .

Enterprise Vs Premier Contractor Edition QuickBooks 2022

Enterprise contractor editionPremier contractor edition
Up to 40 active usersUp to 5 users
Editions serve several industry-based contractor featuresIt also serves industry-specific options
It contains Fixed Asset Tracking & Manager, QuickBooks statement writerQB statement writer & fixed asset tracking and Manager are limited to Accountants only
Run more than 150 reportsRun more than 200 reports
Bar code capabilities without any additional add-onAdditional add-on required to add Bar code capabilities

Enterprise contractor edition allows managing multiple tasks to run the contract business. The QuickBooks premier contractor edition contains the powerful bookkeeping features of QuickBooks Premier to track the cost of the subcontractor and evaluate performance. You need to purchase the QuickBooks premier to purchase the QB premier contractor edition.

Before performing the download process of the QuickBooks contractor edition you will be asked to select an industry-specific edition with no extra cost. Hit Contractor edition. The premier edition of Contractor contains integrated payroll capabilities with some extra fees. If you are a single user then buying QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is an affordable decision. However, if you have more than 10 users then QB enterprise is best. More information connect now QuickBooks Support team of MyOnePro .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I Say QuickBooks Enterprise Is One Of The Industry-specific Editions?

    Yes, QuickBooks enterprise comes in the list of industry-specific editions of QuickBooks.

  2. What Features Do I Get In QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum?

    1. Invoicing
    2. Track income& expenses
    3. Advanced inventory management
    4. Run reports
    5. Manage bills and accounts payable
    6. Up to 30 users
    7. Enhanced payroll and more

  3. What Options Do I Opt With QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond?

    1. Invoicing
    2. Run reports
    3. Advanced Inventory* management
    4. Manage bills and accounts payable
    5. Industry-specific features
    6. Track income and expenses
    7. Manage job costing
    8. Up to 40 users
    9. Assisted Payroll with extra fees
    10. With monthly subscription use Salesforce CRM connector
    11. QB Time Elite

    More subscription like Gold and Platinum version consult with experts on QuickBooks USA Support team .

  4. Can I Edit A Contractor Email In QB?

    1. Locate Employee option
    2. Click Contractor button
    3. Hit contractor name
    4. Modify the field named email
    5. Hit Save

  5. Can I Run QuickBooks Contractor 2022 In The 32-bit Operating System?

    No, it won’t run when you try to install it on a 32-bit Operating system. Hence make sure that your system is installed with a 64-bit OS.


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