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When your employees get paid on time, it brings a different level of communication and growth in the business. As a business owner, it is your duty to make your employees feel secure. Among all various things, completing your own small business bookkeeping requires knowing how to print pay stubs in QuickBooks Online. Whether an employee has asked for their most recent pay stubs in order to obtain a loan or social security benefits, or you simply need to print QuickBooks paystubs for your staff.

What is a QuickBooks Pay stubs?

A pay stub usually contains information that can help an employee keep strict track of their income, and easily budget their expenses. Moreover, it also helps in verifying the accuracy of their payroll records. A QuickBooks pay stub is quite an important aspect that helps you in growing your business.

QuickBooks PayStubs Example

In case you own a small-scale business and it does not offer you many benefits, your employees’ pay stub will look quite simple and plain. Here is an example for what simple QuickBooks paystubs might look:

Pay stub example

How to Print QuickBooks Pay Stub?

Once you’ve selected your preferences, printing QuickBooks paystubs Online is a very easy process that will just take a few minutes each time. If you require more help than what is offered in this tutorial, a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor can offer QuickBooks Online training.

Step 1: Activate QuickBooks Online Payroll

You must have access to QuickBooks Payroll in order to print pay stubs. QuickBooks Online does not come pre-installed with the QuickBooks employee payroll service. Please be aware that before recruiting staff, you must apply for an employer identification number.

Hover your cursor over the arrow on the Workers tab in the left sidebar and select Employees to activate QuickBooks Payroll. A green “Get Started” button ought to be visible to your right. To activate QuickBooks Payroll and sign up for your subscription, follow these steps.

Step 2: Configure Payroll Preferences

After enabling QuickBooks Payroll and entering the names of the employees and their payment information, select Payroll Settings by clicking on the Gear symbol.

Click the pencil next to Printing in Payroll Settings, or Paycheck Printing under Preferences, depending on which version of QuickBooks Online you are using. A few printing options should appear, such as:

  • Check stock – one stub
  • Check stock – two stubs
  • Plain paper stubs

Choose the check material type that corresponds with your checkbook and one or two stubs if you plan to print paychecks. Choose Plain paper stubs if the pay stub is just being used for information (“pay stub details”). With this configuration, an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF will print at the appropriate scale. After selecting your preferences, click Save and then Proceed.

Important Note: Pay stubs should be printed on plain paper for workers who receive direct deposit rather than a paper paycheck. By adding the phrase “pay stub detail,” this setting will stop shrewd workers from cashing their paychecks more than once.

Step 3: Proceed to the Paycheck List and Choose the Employees’ Names

Click Home, type “paycheck list” into the search bar, or select the Workers tab, then Employees, to print pay stubs in QuickBooks. You can use the Active, Inactive, or All Employees filters to narrow down the list and locate the specific pay stub you’re looking for. Next, select the Paycheck List.

To locate the pay date you’re searching for, use the drop-down box to select the appropriate date range. The most recent payroll run’s checks will show up automatically. To print QuickBooks pay stubs for a specific employee, check the box next to their name. To print all of the pay stubs from a certain date at once, you can also check the box next to Pay Date.

Step 4: Print Pay Stubs from QuickBooks

A Print button will appear in place of the filter box after you have chosen one or more employees. A PDF opens when you click this button. To print the pay stubs, click Print.

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How to Get Pay Stubs from QuickBooks?

  • First, go to file, then select Print forms.
  • Now select Pay Stubs.
  • Select your payroll bank account.
  • After this, Enter the date range that includes the pay date of the pay stubs.
  • Now select the QuickBooks pay stubs you want to print.
  • Select the preferences to choose the company and employee information that prints on the pay stubs.

How to View Pay Stubs in Quickbooks?

  • In the QuickBooks Workforce App, tap on money.
  • In order to view or download your current pay stub, from the latest Paycheck, tap and view details.
  • In order to view other pay stubs, from all paychecks, tap and view details.
  • Now tap and view my paystub QuickBooks you want.

How to Reprint Paystubs in QuickBooks?

  • Replicate QuickBooks paystubs or paychecks
  • Navigate to Employees, then Payroll.
  • Choose from the Paycheck list below. Make payroll.
  • Choose which paycheck to print. To modify the Employee or Date range, choose Filter.
  • Click Print in the Action column.
  • The pay slip or paycheck preview appears. To print, select the printer icon.

How to Email Paystubs from Quickbooks?

  • Step 1: First, configure your email preferences. Setting up email settings is the first step in emailing QuickBooks paystubs Online. This will guarantee that pay stubs are delivered quickly and efficiently using the online platform.
  • Step 2: Establishing Employee Preferences.
  • Step 3: Pay Stub Creation and Submission.

How do Employees Access Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop?

  • In the menu at the left at the bottom, click payroll.
  • Now go to the employees menu.
  • Locate your employees.
  • In the personal information section, then Select Resend next to “invite this employee to view their pay stubs and W 2-s online.
  • Then select Done.

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