QuickBooks Credit Card Reconciliation

Credit Card Reconciliation In QuickBooks

QuickBooks accounting software showcases so many potential features that eases business management. The reconcile utility of QuickBooks program helps you to reconcile the credit card account of your business with the paper statement of the card. The reconciliation feature is an integral part of the when you go to the banking menu and it opens in a different window. The reconciliation of the credit card account helps you to identify improper, wrong or missed out transactions in the paper document you receive. With the reconciliation feature the software has can open the bill payment option automatically, once the reconciliation process completes.

QuickBooks Credit Card Reconciliation Process

How to Reconcile bank credit card
How to Reconcile bank credit card
  • Go to and sign in to QuickBooks application
  • Choose reconcile in the banking section on the QuickBooks Home page
  • Open the Begin Reconciliation window
  • Click the account menu
  • Select the credit card account under Credit Cards
  • Enter the date of the credit card statement in the Statement Date fieldTea
    • Ensure the beginning balance on the credit card statement matches the amount in the program’s Beginning Balance field. In case there is a mismatch in the opening balances edit the opening balance in the credit card account.
    • Open the Lists menu
    • Select Chart of Accounts
    • Choose the credit card account
    • Enter the correct opening balance or edit the transactions in the register to correct the mistakes
  • Enter the ending balance from the credit card statement in the Ending Balance field.
  • In case there are certain charges enter the fields in the Enter Any Finance Charge section.
  • Click Continue to open the Reconcile window -> Choose the Hide Transactions After the Statement’s End Date” check box.
  • Click the individual transaction in the window that appears on the credit card statement.
  • Click the Reconcile Now to open the Make Payment window.
  • Select a Payment radio button as in Write a Check For Payment Now -> Click OK.
  • The action window opens such as the Write Checks window to pay the credit card bill.
  • The Select Reconciliation Report window opens automatically.
  • Choose the radio button on the Select Reconciliation Report window to see the kind of reconciliation report (like the Summary report).
  • Click Display to view the report -> click the Print button to print it.
  • Click Close to close the window.

Help to Reconcile Bank CC QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise

For any doubt in the above reconciliation steps or further information you can contact QuickBooks Technical support number. They can be approached via phone support, email and live chat option. Else you can connect with the other third party QuickBooks consulting agencies that are reliable in providing reliable support services through their in house QuickBooks expert team. Call to the toll free phone number Phone Number +1-516-494-3146 and garner immediate services.

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