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QuickBooks Registration Error


Many users might encounter errors during their installation and activation of QuickBooks. “Quickbooks registration error” or “QuickBooks activation not working” error message usually appears because of incorrect license information. Sometimes using your activation code or product key and going through the error fixing steps resolves the issue. The user will not able to create or open QuickBooks company files before registration. Sometimes, however, more issues arise, such as “We’re sorry, but your activation was interrupted” or “The validation code is incorrect,” which can be solved by following troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this article.


Why you Encounter Errors QuickBooks Desktop Registering on a Windows Computer:

There are several reasons why you may not be able to register QuickBooks on Windows. Down below, we have listed all the causes of registration errors.

  • QuickBooks requires an active internet connection to verify registration information. If your Windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks from connecting with the internet, then QuickBooks will display errors when you try to activate or export information.
  • There are a few QuickBooks products that are exclusive to Intuit. You can register those products only through clicking the link in the error message when you try to register a version of QuickBooks that is no longer supported.
  • Keep in mind that the product code and license number are two of the most common reasons to get errors while activating or registering QuickBooks.
  • Incorrect data and time settings on your computer can make it harder to activate QuickBooks.
  • A problem in Microsoft XML Core Services is one of the reasons that can cause problems with activation.

Here are some Important Things to Consider Before You Install QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Close all of your open QuickBooks windows and processes, close the taskbar, and try to register QuickBooks again before taking the troubleshooting steps.
  • Ensure that the date and time on your Windows is correct or if not, set it to the correct date and time settings.
  • Confirm the product code and license number that was given with the product on QuickBooks. It must match what you enter on the QuickBooks registration page.
  • Activate QuickBooks with a Windows admin account.

In case user facing QuickBooks Error 3371 “Could not initialize license properties” than they have to follow steps mentioned on resource .

QuickBooks Mac on a Mac Computer Registration

  • Choose the QuickBooks and choose Register QuickBooks.
  • Enter the Product Number and License Number and click on Next.
  • Select Register Online and follow all instructions for your registration.

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    Causes of Quickbooks Registration Error

    While registration, if the user encountered some error with QuickBooks Registration.

    • QuickBooks Error 1904 failed to register occurs while installing QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Due to damaged component of Microsoft Visual C++.

    Resolution of Quickbooks Registration Issues

    Solution -1 Configure the Windows Firewall

    • Open the Windows Start menu, search for the Windows Firewall, and click Open.
    • Click Windows Firewall from the list of Programs and then click Advanced Settings.
    • Now right click the Inbound Rules and select New Rule.
    • Choose the Port and then click Next.
    • Confirm that the TCP is selected and then click ‘Next’.
    • Select Allow the Connections and hit Next again.
    • Ensure that all the profiles are selected.
    • Type in a name for the rule, then click next.
    • Hit Finish and try to sign-in to QuickBooks.

    Solution 2: Give administrative rights to the user account

    • Go to the Settings menu from the Control Panel.
    • From the Accounts menu, select Family and Other Users.
    • Create a user account and assign the administrative rights.
    • Select Administrator in the Account Type section to change account type.
    • Change your account type, or sign in once again by clicking Account and then Change Account Type.
    • If you are still having trouble activating QuickBooks after creating an administrator account, then this troubleshooting step will help.

    Solution 3: Download and Run QuickBooks File Doctor

    For detailed instructions on resolving an error, follow our article on How to Fix Damaged Company file or Network using QuickBooks File Doctor?

    Solution 4: Register MSXML Files

    • Press Window + R keys on your keyboard and type “cmd.exe” in the run window.
    • Click OK to continue. Type cd windows syswow64 in the black color command prompt window.
    • Hit regsvr32 MSXML4.dll and enter.
    • Run the command regsvr32 msxml6.dll and hit Enter again.

    Troubleshooting Registration Problem QuickBooks Pro, Premier , Enterprise , Contractor

    QuickBooks Support Number working 24/7 to resolve common and critical issue related to QB Software.
    If the user still faces the same error during registration, they can contact us for further assistance. They can contact us through the phone support, email support, or live chat option. We are available 24*7. If the user wants, they can approach reliable third party companies that have top most QuickBooks highly qualified professionals who have good knowledge and vast experience. They also give assurance of quick and suitable solutions in a short duration.

    User Can Face Following Unexpected Situation When Going to Register QuickBooks Desktop Software.

    • Damaged Or Corruption in EntitlementDataStore.ecml
    • Unable to Activate QuickBooks
    • During Registration “QuickBooks has stopped working”
    • Registration failure on New PC or Laptop
    • Unable to Register QB After Re-Installing QuickBooks
    • Unrecoverable Error While Trying to Activate or register QuickBooks
    • QuickBooks Desktop failed to register
    • Unable to activate the product Due to 176103 Error
    • QuickBooks Error Registration File
    • QuickBooks Registration.dat Error
    • QuickBooks Registration Proxy Error
    • QuickBooks Registration Cookie Error

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    1. i have to install quickbooks accountant 2016 but it does not want to register so i cant open my files, It just tell me cant register now try again later which i did nothing works

    2. I installed my 2017 on my new computer and it will not allow me to register it. Please help, no it installed just fine. I have been using it but didn’t take the time to register. It is pas the 30 days and it will not allow me to register it. ,i work and don’t have the abiltity to do this during the day,I paid for the program I have everything when I originally registerd it, yea right I tried they want to sell me someiting more and not help or make me pay to do it. This is stealing. I already paid for it. I have been using it,i thought I found someone here that can help by bypass their stupid registration I have already done and paid fotr, Holding my account and my business hostage for a fee

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