How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=43?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=43

What is QuickBooks Error Code C=43?

This error indicates that QuickBooks encountered a serious problem when trying to access records in your company data. The error is often the result of a loss of power or loss of network connection during a previous QB session. QuickBooks Data Recovery team will help you in case user lose their data due to a C=43 bug.
When the QuickBooks error code C = 43 occurs you have three options:

  • Your company data has been recovered. The recovery for C=43 errors is very high. Restore from your last good backup and rekey some data. Start over by creating your company data anew.

Why QuickBooks Error Code C=43 Occurs?

C=43 error is caused by data file corruption. For users who encounter a QuickBooks Error Code C=43 error, it is recommended to restore their previous backup file. After restoring the file, they can perform data file maintenance to ensure that the set of data is in good condition.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks C=43 Error Code

The error can be elaborated as an error in reading a transaction or memorized transaction. This occurs while QB attempts to navigate a report or report-like data, or by data damage. If restarting the QB application and repeating the action causes the error again, it is probably damaged data. Then rebuild data utility process is followed.
QuickBooks Error Code C=43 also occurs when printing 1099 and W2 forms (V6.OD R1 [M=1477, L5203, C=43, V=2(2)). If the font looks like Russian letters it often relates to losing the OCR-A font by installing TurboTax (also from Intuit). You must delete all OCR-A fonts and reinstall QuickBooks.

Still, Facing an Issue With QuickBooks Error C=43?

If you fail to perform the data rebuild utility or have any query regarding the QuickBooks Error code C = 43, you must immediately contact to QuickBooks Help Desk Phone Number. They assure quick resolution and answer all your queries. Alternatively, you can connect with QB247, a trustworthy QuickBooks consulting agency that caters Help Desk services to QuickBooks users. Call the toll-free phone number +1-800-983-3079 and fetch instant resolution for QuickBooks errors.

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