QuickBooks Reports Printing Small

QuickBooks Reports Printing Too Small

QuickBooks small business software is one of the most preferred program that is employed to small and medium sized businesses. The software is stuffed with rich features that simplifies the accounting and financial operations of the business. It saves time and money that can be used for other business priorities. At times, QuickBooks users face problems while handling the software.

How to Fix Small Font Printing QB Problem
How to Fix Small Font Printing QB Problem

There are many issues that users report to QuickBooks customer support. Out of those the printing of reports in small font size is one of them. When the reports printed is in the wrong font size that the required font size. Before moving ahead you have to read why QuickBooks Unable to Print .

Why QuickBooks Reports Printing Small fonts

If you are looking how to increase the font size while printing a report as the font size is very small but using the same printer with another computer QuickBooks prints the normally. Also attempting to print a report only to show transactions in one page instead of summarizing into two pages. To fix the issue you need to:

🖨 Go to the reports
🖨 Right click on the data
🖨 Then change the font size

Also connect QuickBooks US Support in case printer shows driver need to be upgrade message .

What to Do if the reports are printing with small font?

In case you wish to change the font size of your reports the following steps are recommended by Intuit. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

🖨 Go to Reports menu
🖨 Open up any particular report
🖨 Then go to the left corner of the report
🖨 Click on Customize Report
🖨 Go to Fonts & Numbers tab
🖨 Change your report information font

Get Help to Fix QB Small Printing Problem

For more information on the same you need to contact QuickBooks Technical support. The team is easily approachable through different channels: Phone, email and live chat option. Or else you can connect with third party companies like MyOnePro. The company hires highly qualified and efficient QuickBooks professionals who are capable of assisting the errors. Even you are receiving QuickBooks Freezes when printing problem .
They assure round the clock support to the users through the toll free phone number +1-516-494-3146.


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