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QuickBooks Invoice Printing Issues

Fix QuickBooks Invoice Printer Issue And Problems

Invoices in QuickBooks help to record customer sales transactions. It will help to keep track of the accounts receivable and partial payments. However, users might come across several errors during printing invoices via the QuickBooks Invoice Printing Issues system. For instance, the invoice printing error is one of the basic errors affecting the work. MyOnePro guide contains the troubleshooting guide to fix the printing issues in QuickBooks with its causes also you can refer basic problem QuickBooks Printer Not Activated while Email Invoice .


Fix QuickBooks Invoice Printing Issues

All printers are different thus need particular knowledge related to the printer setup and its configuration. The failure in printing will cause several errors.  Make sure the QuickBooks is active on an Updated Version QuickBooks and compatible with the printer you are using to print. Here is the list of troubleshooting steps you need to follow:

Use the Printer As An Initial Step to Find out That the Error Does Not Lie with the Same

  • Turn off the printer before turning off the computer. Once your computer restarts, turn on the printer.
  • Open Control Panel from Windows Start.
  • Make sure the printer is online by double-clicking it and then right-clicking it.
  • Printing files can be canceled by double-clicking the printer.
  • After closing the window, right-click on the printer and click “Printer Properties”.
  • Select properties and click on “Print Test Page”

Verify QuickBooks Printer Setup

Verify the Printer:

Use the notepad to check the printer can print the documents outside of the QuickBooks Invoice Printing Issues Desktop. Next here is the below instructions:

  • Choose Start button
  • Search the Notepad
  • Write text
  • Click File button
  • Hit Print tab
  • Now click on the right printer
  • Choose “Print”
  • If the printer failed to work then here are the instructions:
  • First of all switch off the printer
  • Now restart the system
  • Ensure the printer is loaded correctly
  • Choose the button named Windows Start
  • Search to the Control Panel
  • Now double-click on the tab named Printers and Faxes
  • If the printer sets Offline and gives a right-click on the printer
  • Choose Use Printer Online
  • Next double-click on the printer
  • It will display print jobs
  • Select Printer button
  • Click Cancel All Documents tab
  • Next, close the page
  • Now give a right-click on the Printer
  • Hit Properties button
  • Choose Print Test Window
  • If still does not work then here are the steps:
  • Make sure you have the advanced printer drivers
  • If not then locate the manufacturer’s website
  • Start download and installation of the advanced version of the drivers

MyOnePro also provides information about common reasons when QuickBooks Unable To Print and user guide to fix the issue.

QuickBooks Invoice Not Printing Borders

QuickBooks provides various features in printing invoices. There are several settings in QB that allows you to print with or without borders across fields.  Below are the steps:

  • Locate the File button
  • Choose the Printer Setup tab
  • Click on the drop-down named Form
  • Hit the suitable form
  • Click on the section named print on
  • Choose the Blank paper button
  • Unselect the tab which says Do-not print lines around each field
  • Hit OK option

Due to printer setup issues users may receive a variety of warnings or errors like QuickBooks Unable To Save AS PDF or even QuickBooks Freezes While Printing anything reports, invoice etc.

QuickBooks Invoice Not Printing Lines

When the invoices are unable to print lines then check the settings and unmark them. It will let you print the invoice items at no cost. Here are the things you need to do:

  • Hit on the menu named Edit at the top of the screen
  • Select Preferences tab
  • Click the Sales & Customers option
  • Select the Company preferences tab
  • Now clear the check-mark named don’t print items with zero amount while invoice converting
  • Hit OK
  • If the error persists then here are the steps:
  • First Download & install the QuickBooks Tool Hub tool
  • Now close the QuickBooks
  • Select the QuickBooks Tool Hub advanced version
  • Next, save it
  • Open the downloaded file named QuickBooksToolHub.exe
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen to install
  • Now agree to the terms & conditions option
  • Once installation completes then double-click on the Windows desktop icon
  • It will launch the tool hub
  • After this start using the QuickBooks Tool Hub tool
  • Choose the Company file issues option
  • It will launch the Quick Fix my file & QB file doctor utility
  • Click on the Network issues option if you having an issue with the network on the system
  • Hit the Program problems button for fixing the performance error
  • Choose Installation issues
  • Click on the Password Reset button if you require a password reset
  • Choose an advanced tool for basic windows to shortcut to fix the basic QuickBooks Invoice Printing Issues errors
  • If the issue is not resolved then follow the next resolution

You can use the same process while fixing QuickBooks Printing Small Font issue or problem.
File rename:

  • You can change the file with the invoice
  • Search the QBPrint.qbp
  • If you are using Windows 8, 8.1, 10 follow the link:C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20xx
  • Check the hidden files & folders. To search the steps:
  • Locate the QBprint.qbp file and give a right-click on it
  • Choose Rename button
  • Now embed the old word to the file name
  • Launch the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the File button
  • Choose Printer Setup
  • Click on the transaction in the list named Form name
  • Hit OK button
  • It will generate a new QBprint.qbp file
  • Again launch QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click File option
  • Choose the Printer Setup tab
  • Click on any transaction in the list named Form Name
  • Hit OK button
  • Next check the printer is the right one
  • If not then here are the steps:
  • Click on the menu named File
  • Choose the Printer Setup option
  • Click on the form you need to print
  • Check the right setup of the printer
  • Click on the Help button to export more about the settings

QuickBooks Invoice Not Printing Correctly

Printing invoices is a common task in QuickBooks after QuickBooks Email Invoice Setup . However, if you failed to print the QuickBooks invoice then here are troubleshooting steps:

  • Check XPS services are turned on:
  • Hit on the Windows key +E to display the Explorer page
  • Choose the Computer button in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click Uninstall/Change a program below the system group
  • Hit on the option labeled Turn Windows Features on or off
  • Now scroll down the window to ensure the XPS Viewer & XPS services are selected
  • If none of them are enabled then simply mark a tick on the fields
  • Next Hit OK
  • If both the services are enabled then reinstall the XPS printer

Method 1- Set Windows user permissions:

  • Sign in with admin credentials to modify these permissions
  • Now hit on the Printers control panel to open it
  • Locate Microsoft XPS Document writer and give a right-click on it
  • Select the Printer properties button
  • Click Security tab
  • Hit on the user group named Everyone
  • Click on the Print button in the Allow column
  • Choose OK
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Locate C:\Windows\System32\spool
  • Click Printers
  • Select Properties button
  • Hit Security tab
  • Click Edit button
  • Choose Edit tab
  • Click Add option
  • Hit Add button
  • Enter Local service
  • Hit Enter button
  • Ensure that local service is set in Full control
  • Choose OK

Method 2- Check There is a Correct Printer:

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click File button
  • Hit tab named Printer Setup
  • Choose the suitable form and then reprint the same
  • Click on the Printer Setup tab in the system
  • Locate Help button

QuickBooks Invoice Not Available To Print

If the QB invoice failed to print then here are the causes:

  • The error may be triggered if the printer switches off
  • It may occur with an empty paper tray
  • Inactivated or offline printer
  • Incorrect printer installation
  • Change in the default printer
  • Not logged in with administrator rights

Fix No Invoice Available To Print

Below are the resolutions to tackle the situation when QuickBooks invoices are not available to print:

Check the printer functioning:

  • Use the notepad editor to verify the functional printer externally
  • If everything goes alright then restart the system
  • After this again turn on the printer
  • Make sure the printer is loaded with paper correctly
  • Locate the Windows start tab
  • Click Control Panel Window
  • Choose a tab named Printers & Faxes
  • If the printer is offline then hit on the icon named printer
  • Select the option named Use Printer Online
  • Hit on the Printer tab
  • Choose the tab labeled Printer
  • Click the option which says “Cancel All Documents”
  • Close the active windows
  • Next, give a right-click on the printer
  • Choose the tab named Properties
  • Click the option labeled Print Test Page
  • If the error persists then here are the steps:
  • Check the advanced printer driver
  • Ensure that there are no issue lights displays on the printer

QuickBooks Compatible Printer To Print Invoices

Buying a printer for printing invoices varies with the business requirement. However, it might be hard to find the appropriate printer. Thus you need to explore the types of printers compatible with QuickBooks to prevent printing errors. The QuickBooks Invoice Printing Issues Desktop is supportable to a variety of receipt printers. It includes Thermal printer types such as Star TSP100ECO, Star TSP600, Dell T200, and more. Choose Hp LaserJet Pro M404dw Monochrome laser printer if you need high-quality prints. Or if you are in search of an affordable printer for the office then buy an HP printer for QuickBooks invoice print. The advantage is it is supportable with every ink type. Check the hardware and printer compatibility to avoid any QuickBooks Error Message during print.

Moreover below is popular Printer Brands for QuickBooks

Cannon EpsonFujitsu

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Would I Fix The Error Local Printer Or Connect To A Network?

    Check the network settings. For the local printer check, there is a correct connection established between the printer and the system

  2. What Are The Print Issues I May Get In QuickBooks?

    1. Desktop not responding
    2. Unable to print via printer.
    3. QB application is unable to save the form or reports as a .pdf.
    4. While reconciling the accounts, the QuickBooks application freezes frequently.
    5. Fail to reconcile the accounts/email in PDF files
    6. Receiving error or nothing happens while trying to create, the QB application closes the email
    7. QB PDF Converter Activation Error Code -20, -30, or -41.
    8. Print Driver host fails to run across 32 –bit applications.

  3. How Can I Check The Drivers Of The Printer To Fix Errors?

    1. Click Start button
    2. Choose Settings tab
    3. Select Devices
    4. Click the Printers and Scanners option
    5. Choose Print server properties
    6. Click on the tab named Drivers
    7. Check the list with printers.

  4. How Would I Fix The Printing Error If Invoices Have Text Problems?

    1. First of all open the invoice
    2. Locate Formatting option
    3. Choose Customize Data layout tab
    4. Click Properties button
    5. Hit Font
    6. Adjust the font size
    7. Click OK
    8. Now save the invoice in a PDF format

  5. How Can I Create A New Template Of The Invoice While Fixing The Error?

    1. Click creating new templates button
    2. Modify the invoice template
    3. Start creating PDF

  6. What If I Need To Check Printer Connectivity?

    1. For this open QuickBooks Desktop
    2. Hit File button
    3. Select the Printer setup tab
    4. Choose any transaction to print
    5. Check the name of the printer with the printer name
    6. Verify whether it matches or not

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