QuickBooks Transfer Data To New Company

How To Transfer QB Company File Data To New Company

Owners of every organization need to streamline accounting overheads. Hence, they require the migration of one system to another system in many scenarios for better results. Migration includes transferring data like the Chart of accounts, customer list, Company EiN, and Other to the new Company. In this blog, we will discuss the procedure of QuickBooks Transfer Data To New Company, transferring Chart of accounts, transfer customer list to a new company and QuickBooks transfer company EIN and Other to new Company. You can follow the instruction mentioned here by MyOnePro team To Transfer QuickBooks From Old Computer To New Computer step by step.

Transfer Customer List From One QB Company To Another QuickBooks Company

If you need to transfer customer list and accounts from an existing company file to a new Company file, then follow the below steps:

Before Proceeding, make sure there is an active subscription

Step 1: Apply right changes:

Here are some causes you require making a new company file:

  • The Company modified from the type of business
  • You require combining different company files in a single file
  • You need to modify tracking inventory

QuickBooks Accountant File Transfer is a very simple process, but sometime mismatch in QB versions caused behind accountnat copy will not open .

Step 2- Make account balance copy:

  • Check if you have not saved the account balance’s copy, then save it and then use it in the future to write the beginning balances.
  • Ensure your accounting books are up-to-date
  • Locate Reports option
  • Choose the Report you need to keep a copy of the below items:
  • Account Balances:

Follow the steps:

  • Click Company and Financial option
  • Hit Balance Sheet Detail
  • Customer Balances:
  • Choose Customers and Receivables
  • Click Customer Balance detail
  • Vendor Balances:

Hit Vendors & payables option and then hit Vendor Balance Details

  • If you need, you can easily perform reports customization suitable to your requirements
  • It will display a report window; click the drop-down named Print
  • Click Print if you want to keep a physical report copy
  • Hit Save as PDF for a digital copy

Find out why QuickBooks Could Not Open Data File to fix import and export error .

Step 3- Proceed to export customer lists from the existing company file:

Now you don’t require manual entry of the lists; you can use export features to export the customer lists from the old company file and hand them over to the new system.

Step 4- Make a new company file:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop
  • It will display No company Open Window
  • Click on Crete, a new company
  • It will appear two setup buttons:
  • Choose Express Start if you need to get started right now; simply write the business name, type, industry and click Create company file to make the Company.
  • Choose Detailed Start if you need to proceed with a complete setup to start the info from the beginning.
  • After this, follow the steps that appear on the screen to complete the setup. Make sure the existing company file is given a unique name to prove data overwriting
  • Click Start working

Step 5- List importing and fill the beginning balances:

Once you have a new file, you can start importing files and write the accounts beginning balances

Step 6- Online banking or other services setup:

You can reset the features and QuickBooks services for better accounting management. It includes setting up bank accounts, account balance tracking via class Tracking feature, etc.

QuickBooks Transfer Chart of Accounts:

In QB, the Chart of accounts contains entire accounts data for accounts organization. During company file setup, you don’t need to enter data manually; instead, QuickBooks does this customization. The Spreadsheet with a chart of accounts you can easily import from the existing company file. Follow the below steps:

Upload Existing QuickBooks Company Data To Another QB Company

Step 1- Spreadsheet format:

Use a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, Excel, or a CSV file to import the Chart of accounts. Below is the spreadsheet format you can use to import to QuickBooks:

  • Open the existing accounts spreadsheet or make a new one
  • Click on the Export your chart of accounts button from another QuickBooks company
  • Ensure you have below mentioned in the Spreadsheet:
  • Type
  • Account Name
  • Detail Type
  • In case you don’t know detail types in QuickBooks, you need to keep fields blank and integrate them later.
  • If you manage accounts by number, you need to enter the Account Number column.
  • In case you have a sub-account, you can add it in the column which says Account Name. The format is Main account:sub-account.
  • If it is accurate, save the Spreadsheet in CSV, Google Sheets, or Excel format.

Step 2- Spreadsheet Uploading:

  • Sign In to QuickBooks Online
  • Choose Settings option
  • Click Import Data
  • Give a click on the Chart of Accounts button
  • To upload a file from the system, click on Browse and then select the file
  • Click Open
  • Choose Connect to sign in to the Google Account to proceed with uploading from Google Sheets.
  • Select the right file and then give a click on the Select option
  • Click Next

For any issue contact QuickBooks 24/7 Support Number anytime .

Step 3- Mapping fields of both software:

Once you do spreadsheet uploading, then you need to map the account for a correct importing. Follow the steps:

  • Locate the Field column, choose the small arrow icon, and then start matching the names to the fields in the QuickBooks, for example, Detail, Account number, Account Name, or Type.
  • You can choose the No Match button if there’s a field that does not match the Spreadsheet.
  • Click on the Next button

Step 4- Chart of Accounts importing:

Verify everything once you start importing accounts. Here are the steps:

  • In case you have not done verification, make sure you are adding types and detail types
  • If you view a field updated in red color, then click on it to view what you require to fix
  • Unselect the account you don’t need to save
  • In case everything looks perfect, then give a click on the Import button

Step 5- Enter accounts opening balance:

Once all the accounts in QuickBooks, you require entering the opening balances for a credit card, bank, and other accounts.  An opening balance is an initial point for the account you enter in QuickBooks. Follow the steps:

  • Locate the Settings button
  • Click on the Charts of Accounts option
  • Enter your bank or credit card account
  • In action named column, click the small arrow icon
  • Choose to Edit option
  • Click on the icon named small arrow below; when do you need to begin tracking your finances from the account in QuickBooks? Then give a click on the date you need to start tracking finances for the account
  • Click on the field named Account Balance field, write the account balance for the date you choose
  • Click Save and Close option

Step 6- Download Transactions to QuickBooks:

You need to connect the bank or credit card accounts to download the transactions. It will download & categorize so you can check and approve them.

Import Payroll Items From One QuickBooks Company File To Other

QuickBooks Transfer a Customer list to another:

The Payroll item list includes company EiN, customer list, and the Account ID columns. At the time, you modify the Employer Identification Number in the Window named Company Information. You can modify the EIN in the Payroll Item list; Federal Liability checks anytime if needed. While migrating, you can easily transfer the EIM of the Company and other items to a new company. Here is a Procedure to Transfer a Customer list to another:

  • Firstly hit on the Customers button.
  • Choose the Customer Center tab; here, you have to give a name to the Customer transaction.
  • Go to the Transaction button; you can double-click on the transaction, which has to be altered.
  • Give a customer name to which the transaction needs to be transferred
  • Hit Save and Close button

Still confused? Connect QuickBooks USA Support to explore more or do a live chat to talk to the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to fix the EIN error in the payroll item list & Federal liability check?

    1. Locate Company tab
    2. Click on My Company
    3. Hit the edit icon that appears at the upper right of the screen
    4. Select the company identification option on the left
    5. Modify the Federal Employer Identification No
    6. Hit OK
    7. Open My company Window
    8. Change the FEI number to the original number
    9. Hit OK
    10. Go to the Lists button, choose Payroll item list
    11. Make sure there is a correct Account ID

  2. How can I modify the EIN in QuickBooks?

    1. Click on Company in the My company section
    2. It will display a company information window
    3. Click on the Edit button
    4. Choose the menu option on the left side of the Window
    5. Click Company Information
    6. Locate the field named Federal Employer identification No and write the new EIN
    8. After this, choose OK

  3. How can I pull up the Report of the Customer contact list in QuickBooks?

    1. Click on the Report appears on the left menu.
    2. Choose Customer Contact list below Sales and Customer button.
    3. Give a click on the open button to view details.

  4. How can I export the list reports to Excel in QuickBooks?

    1. Firstly sign in to the account with lists
    2. Click on reports
    3. According to the need select the Report like Customer Contact list, Product/Service list report.
    5. Customize columns of the Report
    6. Choose reports and check the columns
    7. Save the Report and then export it

  5. What are the fields in the Customer List report?

    1. Customer
    2. Company name
    3. Email
    4. Phone
    5. Billing Postal Code
    6. Billing Country
    7. Billing City
    8. Billing Province
    9. Website
    10. Billing Street


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