How to Solve QuickBooks Freezing Problem

QuickBooks Freezing Issue

When QuickBooks freezing issue occurs, it will no longer work normally and will begin to exhibit sporadic pauses and malfunctions. QuickBooks cannot be opened or used while it is displaying frozen problems. Furthermore, this only occurs when the storage limit for your corporate file is exceeded and the file becomes unusable due to a storage problem. If your system is old and contains corrupted or destroyed company files, then you can see these problems.

Why Do Quickbooks Keep Freezing?

Understanding the cause of the mistake is essential before attempting to remedy it. We’ve compiled a list of some potential causes for the QuickBooks freezing up problem.

  • If your operating system is incompatible with the version of QuickBooks that you are running, you may have the QuickBooks freezing up error.
  • The error message may also appear if the file you are attempting to access is damaged or corrupted.
  • Quickbooks may begin to freeze if you have activated your system’s user account management option.
  • If the user’s preferences file and the DDF file are corrupted, you may also experience the problem.
  • QuickBooks freezing can also start if the background applications are taking much more space. This way QuickBooks won’t work properly.

Why Does Quickbooks Keep Freezing?

It’s likely that a user experiencing a problem similar to QuickBooks Crashing won’t see any error messages appear on the screen, making it more challenging to diagnose the issue. Please carefully review the symptoms we’ve covered below to make sure you’re experiencing the same QuickBooks Frozen error. 

  • Within a few seconds of opening, QuickBooks Desktop starts to freeze and stops responding correctly.
  • Keyboard and mouse inputs are not recognized by the software.
  • Even before the problem message appears, QuickBooks halts while loading the dashboard.
  • When the user opens the corporate file, the application terminates without displaying a warning or error notice.
  • Due to the error of QuickBooks crashing, other Windows software also begins to respond slowly. Moreover, it may face the Quickbooks freezing issue.

What Are the Points to Consider Before Solving the Quickbooks Freezing Up Issue?

  • Make certain that the QuickBooks Desktop program is up to date.
  • The maximum number of characters in the Company File name, including spaces, should be 35.
  • Before attempting to solve the issue, confirm that you have turned off your antivirus software.
  • Additionally, you must alter the Administrative privileges and sign in using a Windows account that has the necessary permissions.

Steps to Solve Quickbooks Keeps Freezing Issue?

The user who is facing the issue can easily fix the QuickBooks freezing issue. In order to solve the issue, here are the steps mentioned:

Method 1: Use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  • You must download the QuickBooks Tool Hub first. The tool is available for download from Intuit QuickBooks’ official website.
  • On the device, save the downloaded file.
  • On the PC, locate the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file that you downloaded, then double click it to launch the program.
  • To install the Quickbooks software, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Double-click the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon once the application has installed successfully.
  • Choose the Quickbooks clean Install Tool after finding the Installation Issues Tab. 
  • On the desktop, save the file.
  • Once the file has been successfully saved, open QBcleaninstallutility.exe.
  • Select “I accept the license agreement” by tapping on it.
  • After choosing the QB version, touch the Continue button.
  • You must click the OK button in order for the process to be finished. The user can now install the clean version.

Method 2: Use the Install Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks

  • Downloading the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is the first step.
  • Put the file to rest on your system.
  • Make sure you’ve closed any open programs before using the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
  • Please be patient as this process could take some time.
  • Reboot the computer after the software has been installed successfully to make sure the updates are applied.

Method 3: Modify the DDF and DAT files

  • Prior to initiating the process, shut down the Company files on the devices.
  • Locate the business directory file and change the DAT’s name to OldUserPRef.DAT.
  • Every file ending in DDF should be deleted.
  • After opening the company, tap the Confirm option to save the money.
  • To print the data, select the Print option.

Method 4: Disabling the Input Services for Tablet PCs

  • To launch Run Windows, press Windows + R on the keyboard. Type MSC and press OK.
  • To access the handwriting panel service, either touch the keyboard or click on the Tablet PC input service.
  • Once the aforementioned procedures have been precisely followed, select the “stop the service” option.
  • Then tap on the properties under the tablet input service. 
  • The user needs to disable the start-up type and then tap on OK. 
  • Shut down the services menu and then open the QuickBooks to complete the process.

Method 5: End QBW32.exe Procedure

  • You must first choose the Windows taskbar before clicking on the “Start Task Manager” option.
  • Press the tab for Processes.
  • Choose the name of the image.
  • Next, you must locate the All Applications option and choose the file that starts with.qb, Intuit, or QuickBooks.
  • Click the “End process” button to finish the procedure.

Method 6: Make Use of the Data Rebuild Tool

Make Use of the Data Rebuild Tool
  • The user may open the File Menu by going to the Utilities tab.
  • Click on the Rebuild Data option. 
  • After doing a search for the QuickBooks Information, click OK.
  • Save the backup by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Until it receives a repair, the above step may take some time to finish. If the mouse pointer moves correctly when you try to move it, the tool is working flawlessly.
  • The user must select the OK option.
  • Try clicking on the Utilities option when the File Menu appears.
  • Select the option to Verify Data.
  • Now, the tool will examine each file to see whether the data has any errors.

Method 7: Uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop

If none of the aforementioned approaches work for you to solve the issue, then take the actions listed below.

  • Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard at the same time to launch Run Windows.
  • To proceed, tap the Control Panel and then click the OK button.
  • Navigate to the Programs and Features option.
  • Select “Uninstall a Program” by tapping on it.
  • Next, search for QuickBooks in the list of programs and choose to uninstall or modify it.
  • Observe the guidelines displayed on the screen.

Method 8: Clear the Temporary Internet File and Browsing Cache

The Internet Explorer cache may also be the cause of QuickBooks problems when it opens. Try clearing the Internet Explorer’s history, cache, and cookies as a result. You only need to access them in order to delete the temporary internet file and surfing cache.

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Why do Quickbooks Freeze When Sending Email?

Outdated Software issue: QuickBooks freezing issue usually occur when sending email because you might be using outdated software. When you use an outdated version of QuickBooks, it can lead to compatibility issues with your operating system. Due to this, your software might crash. 
Email Settings issue: Incorrect email settings can also lead to freezing of QuickBooks. Due to an unsupported email client can easily lead to QuickBooks from sending invoices successfully.

Why Does Freezing Direct Deposit in Quickbooks?

Software Update: Verify that the update is accurate and comprehensive. Software that is out of date might cause issues with compatibility and functionality. 
Service Activation: Verify that QuickBooks Payroll is operational by checking the service activation. If the services aren’t turned on, QuickBooks Direct Deposit could not function.

Why do Quickbooks Freeze During Export?

  • QuickBooks software issues such as outdated versions or corrupt installations could lead to malfunctions.
  • QuickBooks accounting software is prone to becoming damaged or corrupted.
  • The file registry function is impaired, resulting in improper functioning.

Why Does Quickbooks 2022 Crash After Login?

There are two potential reasons why QuickBooks 2022 r5 might crash when you open a company file:

  • The company file you are using contains errors.
  • The QBWuser.ini file is corrupted or damaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you unfreeze QuickBooks?

To resolve the QuickBooks freezing issue:
1. In the File menu, select the Utilities option.
2. Tap on Rebuild Data and confirm by clicking OK.
3. Return to the File menu, navigate to Utilities, and select Verify Data.
4. You will be prompted to either Rebuild Now or View Errors.
5. Click OK to complete the process and resolve the freezing issue

Why is QuickBooks freezing when printing pdf files?

QuickBooks may freeze while printing PDF files due to several reasons.

Potential causes include:
1. Corrupted QuickBooks file.
2. Outdated or incompatible printer driver.
3. Incorrect printer settings.

Why does QuickBooks desktop keeps freezing slow in “employee center”?

To resolve installation issues caused by outdated Windows updates, you must upgrade your QuickBooks. This can be done by following these steps:
1. Restart your workstation.
2. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
3. Open QuickBooks and go to the Help menu.
4. Select “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
6. Once the update is complete, restart your workstation again.

How to restart Quickbooks Desktop after it freezes up?

1. To begin, close the QuickBooks desktop software.
2. Next, download the QuickBooks Refresher tool.
3. After the download is complete, save the file on the desktop.
4. Then, run the QBRefresher tool.
5. Finally, re-open QuickBooks Desktop and check if the error has been resolved.

How to close QuickBooks when frozen?

In the event that QuickBooks becomes unresponsive and freezes, it can be a frustrating experience that disrupts your workflow. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to effectively close QuickBooks when it’s frozen.

To begin, try pressing the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” key combination to launch the Task Manager. Once the Task Manager is open, locate QuickBooks in the list of running programs, select it, and click the “End Task” button. If this method doesn’t resolve the issue, you can proceed to restart your computer.

In the unfortunate case that QuickBooks remains frozen even after a restart, you might need to consider uninstalling and reinstalling the software. To do this, access the Control Panel and select “Add or Remove Programs.” 

1. Locate QuickBooks in the listed programs, click on it, and choose the “Uninstall” option. 
2. Once the uninstallation process is complete, you can download the latest version of QuickBooks from the Intuit website and reinstall it.


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