QuickBooks Multiple User Mode

QuickBooks Company File Hosting in Multi User Mode

QuickBooks accounting software privileges the user to host the company file data in multi user mode. QuickBooks allows two choices in the way different people can work on your company file: single user mode and multiuser mode. Single user mode means keep waiting for your turn. When QuickBooks software is running in single-user mode, multiple users can work on the file, but not at the same time. The single user mode is recommended mode to send payroll. Before you switch to single-user mode, all other users must log out of QuickBooks. You can switch back to multi-user mode when you have finished working in single-user mode. Having licenses for multiple users will allow you to switch either single-user or multiple users.

Multiple User Mode: All at the same time

Switching From Single User Mode to multi-user mode In QuickBooks
Switching From Single User Mode to multi-user mode In QuickBooks

If QuickBooks is running in multiuser mode, multiple users can access the same company file at the same time from different computers. During the time of installation QuickBooks, Software whether you want to install single user mode or multiple user mode , So a single user can access software on multiple system or multiple user can access on different system .

Every QB user should have to buy and use valid license during installation & setup. While user installs Database Server Manager on the server and authorized two or more computers to access company file, then only those users can login and access software those having the permission only.

When the installation is done, It’s a job of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to scan the system on a regular basis to check updates also apply all updates with proper configuration, So data will be safe during updates.Also, QuickBooks Database Server Manager after updating QB will synchronized company file to another system within the network, those having permission to access QB

To switch single-user or multiuser mode follow the following steps:

After checking no user is currently working on QuickBooks user can switch to multi user mode. If they are, you will need to ask them to sign out.
Choose File -> Switch to Single-user Mode or File -> Switch to Multi-user Mode.
Follow the instructions mentioned to switch, and then log in again.
If you want to switch to Multi-user Mode once your work is done
Choose file -> Switch user mode or file -> Switch to multi-user mode.

Note: If you are not able to switch to multi user mode verify all users are logged out of QuickBooks.
If you encounter any technical or functional query regarding QuickBooks Multiple User Mode immediately report the problem to QuickBooks customer support.

Help & Technical Support for QuickBooks Set up multi-user or Network

At QuickBooks Technical Support Number We have Intuit QuickBooks managed professionals having depth experience to handle all technical & foundational issues.Also the customer can discuss advance tips to manage their business with our experts.For More information, dial Toll Free Number 📞 +1-516-494-3146.


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