QuickBooks .ND file

What Types Of .ND File Extension QuickBooks

The .ND files (Network Data Files) are basically the configuration files that give accessibility to QuickBooks for a particular company/data file within multi-user mode or on a network. To create .ND File that is used for identifying the Database Server for use of the program, you can make use of the QuickBooks (DBSM) Database Server Manager). Also you can check full list of QuickBooks File Extensions .

What Important Points About .ND files?

Working On QuickBooks .ND File Errors
  • The Company File and The .ND File are created in the same folder and the identification .ND file extensions:
    • qbw.nd and MyCompanyFile.nd
  • Any software which earlier had multi-user mode is now shifted to single-user mode. This will also contain .ND File.
  • The storage size of .ND file is just 1KB. You can open and edit this text file in the Notepad. You can easily identify these files as they exist in the form of Text File.
  • Any information that QuickBooks needs for communicating with the server is available with .ND file: The Port and IP Address can be such information. It can also identify whether the existing company file is in use or not.

Point to be Noted: Press either Ctrl+1 or F2 from your keyboard and you can easily check IP Address and the Server Name under the Product Information head.

Intuit QB .ND File Error

If any .ND File related QuickBooks Error occurs, How to Fix that?

  1. If you have corrupted, incorrect or damaged .ND file, it won’t let the company file open. There may be the situation during Upgrade that .QBW file has been moved without its corresponding .ND File. To get rid of such situations, you have to recreate .ND File. Once, you create that file, the company file will open without any error.
  2. Here, we are enlisting some of the common errors that you need to check
    1. Error -6189, 816
    2. Error Code H101, H202, H303, or H505

What Resolution Methods you need to follow to fix .ND Damaged, Missing, Incorrect or Corrupted file?

  1. Your company file must be there in the XXXXX.ND in your system. You need to search for that file.

Point to be Noted: If it doesn’t exist, try to open the company/data file in your system from the location you have created the file.

  1. Now, either delete or you can rename the file also (.NDOLD)
  2. You need to rescan the folder (s) with the help of Database Server Manager. A new file will be created.

Repair Or Fix .ND File Issues

Although Intuit launched various tools for automatic repair of damages and corruption like QuickBooks Company File Repair etc , but there be situation came when you need an experts help, at MyOnePro you can assist by Intuit Certified Proadvisor on QuickBooks Support Number or your check connect Via Live Chat team for help, Even just fill Report An Error form and lets experts will connect you within the shortest time dial MyOnePro Toll-Free Number +1 800 301 4813 now .


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