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QuickBooks New Computer Transfer

How To Transfer Quickbooks From Old Computer To New Computer

Once you successfully install the same or newer version of QuickBooks Old Computer to New Computer you can transfer a backup of your old computer’s QuickBooks file. Once the back-up process has completed, you can continue to keep track of rent, schedule payments to vendors and keep record of all your business expenses and income. On top of that if you aren’t creating regular backups of your QuickBooks files, you update your account files to ensure you don’t lose valuable financial data. Loss of data during re-install QuickBooks to New Computer is quite common. Even the same thing should be taken care if you convert file QuickBooks Windows to Mac.


QuickBooks Migration to Upgrade New Computer

Create the Backup File

Step 1: Connect a portable storage device such as a USB or external hard drive to your old computer.
Step 2: Launch QuickBooks on your old computer and open the company file you want to transfer.
Step 3: Click the “File” menu and then select “Create Backup.”
Step 4: Select “Local Backup” and click “Options.” Locate your personal storage device and select it as the location for your backup. Click “Next.”
Step 5: Select “Save It Now” and “Next.”
Step 6: Click “Save” and wait for the backup file to be created.

You can read more about Quickbooks Backup Support

Restore the Backup File
Step 1: Insert your personal storage device into the new computer and open QuickBooks. If you haven’t already installed QuickBooks on the new computer, do this first.
Step 2: Click the “File” menu and select “Restore Company.”
Step 3: Select “Restore a Backup Copy” then click “Next.”
Step 4: Select “Local Backup” as the location for your backup file.
Step 5: Navigate to your personal storage device and click on the QuickBooks backup file. Click “Open” and then “Next.”
Step 6: Confirm that you want to restore the backup file and select “Save” to initiate the restore process.

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6 thoughts on “QuickBooks New Computer Transfer”

  1. have Quickbooks for mac 2015 just uploaded all my files to the new computer running Monterey and Quickbooks 2015 isn’t showing up

  2. I have Version 2014 and I want to move it to a new computer with Windows 10,4 or 5 year ago I installed in my laptop just when Win 10 came up and it is working there., I remember I had to do something after installation I just don’t remember what, I’m just reading before I go and install it on my new desktop, I think it was something about “run in compatibility mode”, I am planning in upgrading, will the new version be only cloud or can be local in my desktop?,is it a subscription ?, Am I going to be able to upgrade my data form the 2022 version? Will I be able to upgrade my data from V 2014
    ,It is not too old?,I had that problem before I went form V 2005 to V 2014 and I wasn’t able to upgrade, I had to start I new company I had all the company history in one version and had to enter all my customers manually because I was not even able to export anything., do you know what do I need to do to run V 2014 in Win 10?

  3. I’m trying to figure out if I can install QB Enterprise 2015 on a new computer. Seeing posts that Intuit is making it impossible to do.

  4. We are a new childcare company, we have quickbooks on a laptop and I’m trying to move it over to my desktop instead. On my laptop, its the 2022 version on destop, its 2021. But then it won’t let me transfer my files because of the version difference. I’m trying to download 2022 but it’s a cost

  5. i need to transfer my current QB product from my old computer to my new one , its Premier Contractor Edition 2016 , I was hoping to get it over to the new computer then possibly upgrade

  6. My boss has done his payroll on a lap top for years. Now he is wanting to put the Quickbooks on a computer with monitor, which he has already done and wants the Payroll to be transferred each week from the lap top to computer until he know that the computer is working fine. I believe it was probably used. I have no idea how to transfer the data to the Qucickbooks from lap top to computer or vice versa. I think he wants to keep payroll in both systems? they just updated it through the Quickbooks download System., no I am not working right now. Will go in later. I can check back when there.

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