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If you run a business and use Apple computers, you’ll want to find a payroll software solution for your company. Mac-compatible payroll software offers comprehensive support for multiple devices, so that your employees can be paid accurately and securely—sometimes even with just an iPhone or iPad.

This guide surveyed the most popular payroll software for Mac, and on just 12 options we came up with the nine best.

  • Gusto: Best payroll software for Mac
  • QuickBooks Payroll: Best for small business QuickBooks users
  • Paychex: Best for solo entrepreneurs and startups seeking a dedicated payroll specialist
  • Square Payroll: Square is the best option for small restaurants and retailers already using or planning to use Square POS.
  • OnPay: Best Solutions gives you all the benefits of an affordable payroll software with robust system permissions.
  • Paycor: Best for companies that want to plan and administer their payrolls.
  • Rippling: Companies that rely on technology, international pay processing tools and online support.
  • ADP Run: Our plans are a great option for companies that need to expand their business.
  • Sure Payroll: We help microbusiness owners stay profitable by offering payroll software.

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Software for MAC User

QuickBooks accounting software can be used by companies of different industry depending on the version of QuickBooks software. The growth of the business determines on the best QuickBooks software implemented to your business. QuickBooks for Mac can be used if you operate your business by using Mac system. QuickBooks for Mac offers all of the potential features of QuickBooks Pro for Windows only restricting the users to create an accountant copy. The QB for Mc version offers many features specific to Mac users such as: syncing with Mac OS address books and iCal. Also the users have access to a free online magazine published especially for QuickBooks for Mac users. Even you need to learn how you can get QuickBooks Desktop 2021 With Payroll Subscription online .

Is Free Payroll Software Available for MAC

Yes if you want to check the funcionality of QB Payroll software , you can get Free Trail of software for 30 days with upto 50% discount on subscription base service, to Know more about contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number and ask any questions .

QuickBooks software for Mac users does not have a built-in payroll service like the Windows version. You need to click on the Payroll link that will direct you to an external website for processing employee checks. As QuickBooks fails to accord built-in method for manually tracking payroll, the employers who wish to track payroll for employees in QuickBooks must subscribe and pay a monthly fee to access the online QuickBooks Payroll for Mac service. Prior enrolling in the QuickBooks payroll system, verify the spellings of each employee’s, it should be exactly similar to the spellings in paychecks. The slightest mismatch of the data between QuickBooks and QuickBooks payroll will result to the failure in functioning of the program. Also user can find some useful information QuickBooks Pro with Payroll software .

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    Key Features of QuickBooks Payroll for Mac

    • Paychecks instantly
    • Payments to employees and contractors
    • Calculation of taxes automatically
    • Access to federal and state tax forms
    • Access payroll software on the go
    • Notifications when tax forms are due
    • Quick export of payroll data
    • E-filing and tax payment
    • Easily print year end W-2s
    • Live support from payroll experts free of cost

    QuickBooks for Mac involves less time and is cost-effective. This helps you to focus on building business strategies. You can make employees payment by entering working hours you can get instantly print paychecks or can use free direct deposit feature. With QuickBooks for Mac calculation of federal and state payroll taxes becomes easy also keeping a track what and when to pay. Go to e-pay and pay payroll taxes easily. With the payroll for Mac software the latest federal and state tax forms are automatically filled. You just have to click e-file your tax forms.
    The QB for Mac comes in free trail for 30 days. You can use the free version to determine the authenticity of software features and then make your final purchase.

    Common Payroll Issues

    • Issue in Payroll tax table update
    • Error Code PS032
    • Error Code PS077
    • Error Code PS034 are error during downloading payroll updates

    How to Set up Payroll in QuickBooks for Mac?

    QuickBooks for Mac payroll storage is a secure and easy way to track your company’s money. It stores data on Intuit’s server not your computer.

    Setting up of QuickBooks for Mac Account for the Payroll Data

    You can set up a payroll account in QuickBooks from within the program. If you need to import data in QuickBooks for the first time, however, Intuit will set up your payroll account. There are only two options: “Import and match” or “Replace”. When you choose either of these options, it’s important to enter the payroll account name and any tax IDs that apply.

    If you already have an account in QuickBooks, you only have to choose it from the list of Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks. If you want to add a new account, enter the name of the account into the Account field and follow the instructions. Your account will be set up automatically in QuickBooks.

    Follow the following steps in order to create account:

    • Click on “Chart of Accounts” at the menu bar to view a chart of accounts.
    • Get the name of the bank your company uses for how employees wages are paid and how employer payroll taxes are paid, as well as the bank that is used to help with employee tax deductions.
    • To create sub-category or sub-account, use a colon to separate the category name from the sub-category name.

    Setting up of QuickBooks Classes

    In this next stage you will be setting up the classes in your payroll data. Once that is done, you can write them into QuickBooks or highlight them or print out the data you use for your payroll.

    Turn on Class Tracking in QuickBooks

    Follow the following steps in order to track classes in QuickBooks for Mac.

    • Select your country from the on-site menu.
    • Click on the Show tab and select transaction from the drop down menu.
    • Click on “Use class tracking” in order to find the option under the settings tab of your transaction section.
    • Click the button at the bottom to apply your changes.

    Use the following steps to track the classes in QuickBooks.

    • Select the preferences from the QuickBooks menu.
    • In the transaction menu, click on the water flow.
    • There is a pop-up box that lets you choose which of the class tracks to use.

    Signing up for an Intuit online payroll account

    • Open Setup.
    • Click on the preferences under the export heading.
    • From the software drop-down list, click on QuickBooks for Mac.
    • You can enter the name of your bank account from the list or you can also enter it as a checking account on this website.
    • Click on the customize tab to enter your QuickBooks account settings.

    Keep these factors in mind when customizing

    • First, make sure you read the description of your account type. Then select the appropriate option to enter your information. Next, choose expense for the wage and tax categories. Finally, make sure you select the Liability account for QuickBooks users
    • Visit our site to receive payroll data. Our site will show you what deductions to make for your cash advance or employee loan.
    • If different employees have different QuickBooks accounts, you’ll need to select a different account in order to choose the correct tax and payroll settings.
    • If you need to use a different account for different types of wages and/or taxes, then select this option under the “Wages or Taxes” tab in order to enter different account type for each. Now you have to specify that you will use classes or not in QuickBooks.
    • Now click OK in order to save the changes.

    You can Export Payroll Data From Intuit Server’s to your SClick on “Preferences” in your account settings.ystem.

    • Click on the Pay Day tab, from your Intuit online payroll account.
    • Select Export to QuickBooks option from the account.
    • Now you have to select the checks and payments which you want to export in QuickBooks.
    • After you click on the ‘export all’ button, you can guarantee that your data is safe and sound.
    • If you want to add the data in your system, a wizard will ask you to confirm it. If you are not sure, click Cancel otherwise OK.

    Setting of Preferences in Payroll QuickBooks for Mac

    There are many payroll solutions, and you need to choose the one that will make it easy for you to update your payroll data in QuickBooks. You can compare features here or read this article if you want to learn more.

    • Click on “Preferences” in your account settings.
    • Now, click on the “Preferences” tab from the left navigation bar.
    • In the payroll option, select the menu item for payroll and go to it.
    • There are two options in payroll dropdown menu, you have to choose one from it, options are:
      • Select the option for downloading the QuickBooks payroll for Mac. If you are on a Windows computer, select the option to download QuickBooks.
      • Click on the option “Payroll” when you go to Aatrix. You’ll need to choose this option if you want to make changes to your payroll.
    • Make sure you close the preferences window before clicking on anything else.

    Intuit QB MAC Payroll Software Help & Technical Support

    You can follow the solutions recommended by Intuit to resolve the Payroll issues. If the error persists you can immediately contact MyOnePro to fetch expert resolution services from our in-house trained technicians who are available round the clock. We consider the urgency of our customers and assist their needs and requirements from our esteemed customers. We offer 24*7 services with complete resolution guarantee within stipulated time period. You can connect with through QuickBooks toll free number +1-516-494-3146 and converse with our customer support team who will diagnose the cause of your issue and provide feasible solution.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you do payroll on QuickBooks for Mac?

      QuickBooks Mac Plus can’t access payroll software from within the accounting software, but it can exchange information with QuickBooks Online.

    2. Can you download QuickBooks on a Mac?

      Mac users can download QuickBooks online that will automatically save all of your online data in the Applications folder on your computer. It’s easy to access and sign-in to QuickBooks online!

    3. Is QuickBooks discontinuing payroll?

      QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assist is no longer available. Intuit will no longer be responsible for filing payroll tax returns and W2s from 2022. Paycheck tax calculations will be incorrect and the payroll service will be canceled


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