QuickBooks Backup Error 2277


Backup is an important task to protect data. However, when using QuickBooks To Create A Backup of company files, there might take place backup errors. In which backup error message 2277 is one of the frequently seen errors. This article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide of QuickBooks backup error 2277, its reasons, and resolutions. A Moreover, team of MyOnePro will help you to any backup and restore problem, you can connect QuickBooks USA Support .

What Is QuickBooks Error 2277 and When Its Occurred ?

This Backup error happens while attempting to set the backup with the company information files. It prompts an incorrect or ineffective backup of the files and folders. QB error 2277 slows down the computer, QuickBooks Freezes for a short time frame, or sometimes delays the mouse responses. Thus, there are a few prospects that the QB files or company files can get damaged. Let’s explore in detail in the below sections and find out how to get rid of Can’t Backup QuickBooks Company File issue.

What Are The Primary Causes & Reason Of QuickBooks Backup Error 2277?

Here are significant reasons behind QuickBooks backup errors:

  • Incomplete file backup
  • Damaged QuickBooks /Company data files
  • Virus in the system which makes the system slow or freezes

How To Fix Error 2277 QuickBooks While Taking Backup

How to rectify QuickBooks backup error 2277?

Walkthrough the below troubleshooting resolutions to fix the backup issues:

Step 1- Run Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Utility

Method 2- Execute the IDP Diagnostic tool:

Intuit Data Protect

Here are the steps:

  • The initial step is to give a right-click on the icon named Intuit Data protection appears at the bottom of the desktop screen.
  • Find the About Intuit Data Protect button
  • It will launch the tool
  • Now you need to Press Ctrl+F2 from the Keyboard
  • Afterward, click the Run Diagnostics button
  • It requires reconfiguration of the software /Hardware to let access to Intuit Data Protect files
  • If the tool discovers a firewall or any third-party security program issues, then you need to verify the manufacturer website accordingly
  • It will assist you in giving details about software configurations.
  • Now you need to embed the below files for exceptions from the folder with link C:\Program Files(X86)\Common Files\Intuit\Data Protect
    • IntuitDataProtect.exe
    • QBIDPServices.exe.
    • • IbuEnghost.exe

Step 2- Adding Windows Firewall Ports QuickBooks

Firewall Setup QB

Follow the below instructions:

  • Initially, Click on the Start option
  • Enter Control Panel into the search box
  • Click on the System and Security button
  • After this, hit the Windows Firewall tab and then hit Advanced Settings
  • Choose “Inbound Rules” appears on the left corner of the Window which Advanced Settings
  • Afterward, you are supposed to click on the New Rule option located on the right side of the same window.
  • Write the port numbers and then Hit the Next button
  • Incoming Port =80
  • Outgoing Ports=16841,443
  • After this, you require to follow the instructions on the prompts.

MyOnePro also write about and QuickBooks Firewall Blocking problem, usually faced during Install, Update or upgrade QB .

Step 3: Check and adding Trusted Site on the Internet Explorer

IE Trusted site
  • Initially, you require open Internet Explorer
  • Click to Tools button
  • Choose to Internet Options
  • Go to the Security button and unselect the box which says Enable Protected Mode.
  • Once you are done with this, hit Trusted Sites and hit Sites
  • After this, unselect the needed server verification(https:) associated with the sites in the zone box
  • Click on add: *.intuit.com, *.backup.com, and *.intuit.net
  • Now Hit the Close button
  • Locate Privacy tab
  • Choose “Sites”
  • Now write the Address of the Website field you require adding the below websites:*intuit.com and*.quickbooks.com
  • Afterward, select Allow each time you entered the web addresses
  • Hit on OK

Step 4- Delete the Cookies, Cache, Temporary File, and SSL window:

Follow the steps:

  • Initially, you need to open the Internet Explorer
  • Locate Tools menu
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Make sure you are now unable to discover the Tools on the Browser
  • Hit Alt once to display hidden tabs
  • Locate General option
  • Choose Delete button
  • Below the Browsing History option
  • Afterward, you need to hit on the below-mentioned boxes:
  • Form data
  • Cookies & website data
  • Temporary Internet files & website files
  • Private filtering
  • Unselect the preserve Favorites and data box named website
  • Hit Delete to delete the items
  • Click on the content button
  • Afterward, select Clear SSL state
  • Hit OK

Help 2277 Error Troubleshooting QB Windows 11,10,8 , MAC

That’s all about QuickBooks Backup Error 2277 Hopefully, the information is beneficial to sort out the backup issue. If you cannot fix the error, you need to reach out to QuickBooks Support . There is an experienced team sitting for you to provide you immediate assistance. You don’t need to trouble for the issue and waste time; simply give a call and get the best advice from the experts for QuickBooks Errors and issues .

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is Intuit Data Protect?

    It is a backup service in QuickBooks used to back up the files and folders in the accounting software. You need to set up the Intuit Data Protect to backup data every day. You can access free this service in all QuickBooks versions, including QuickBooks Desktop pro plus, Enterprise subscriptions, and premier plus.

  2. What Are The Basic Requirements To Run Intuit Data Protect Service In QuickBooks?

    1. It is compatible with Windows system in which the Windows should be natively installed
    2. Make sure you are not running on the Virtual Environments/Windows Parallel
    3. Ensure that the system does not turn onto Hibernation mode
    4. A system with company file
    5. The computer requires sign-in as the Windows user to setup Intuit Data Protect

    Check out common causes when QuickBooks Backup Not Working issue .

  3. How To Backup Files With Intuit Data Protect Service?

    Here are the steps to backup files manually:

    1. Firstly give a right-click on the icon which says Intuit Data Protect; The icon appears in green color like windows toolbar.
    2. Choose Open Intuit Data Protect
    3. Click on the files and folder you need to Backup
    4. Hit Continue button
    5. Click Backup now
    6. It will display the Backup is successful
    7. Hit OK

  4. How To Set Up Intuit Data Protect Service In QuickBooks ?

    1. Open QuickBooks
    2. Locate File menu
    3. Choose Backup Company
    4. Click on Setup/Activate Online Backup
    5. Fill the credentials
    6. After successful setup process, hit on Continue button
    7. Click on the QuickBooks company file
    8. Choose Continue button
    9. Click on the Backup local selected document checkbox, then click on the Continue tab
    10. If you need to schedule daily Backup and notification settings, then click on the Continue button accordingly.


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